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Although NFL has not released an official rule allows the team directly to the Color Rush version of Jersey abandoned, but the League said "give the team more free" Jersey option. In short, the team can now choose to wear the Color Rush shirt. the red skin did not wear the Color Rush shirt in the Thursday night match. Earlier this year, the hawks and dolphins did not choose to wear the Color Rush uniform. now, as long as the color of the shirt and trousers is the same, and the color of the other team is not too close, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping it will not affect the patients with color blindness, so the team can choose not to wear the Nike Color Rush Jersey. The supporters of this policy should not be in the minority.running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) had asked for more ball, and he is the first festival in Minnesota Vikings game against the Arizona Cardinals to help the Vikings lead. in this wave of the Vikings 80 yards scoring offense, Peterson 4 red ball for 38 yards, he eventually break Cardinals defensive player holds 9 yards touchdown. this is his personal occupation career touchdowns and 100th touchdowns, and his ninety-fifth rushing touchdowns. had used the first day Cardinals more than half of the time on the pitch forward, but in the end only through the free kick, this is their first time this season in the first wave of attack to kick over. But after the Vikings reached their array, they soon got the lead.A part of the released during the event, from Rio De Janeiro's Flamengo youth team training center's children will be red in the Rossoneri copperleaf bases -- gavea around the seedlings.Houston Dezhou's Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller) was absent from the final 2 games of the team's regular season due to ankle injuries. But now has confirmed he will return to Oakland Raiders jiqiangkaida wild card battle. Dezhou coach Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) said on Monday: "I think he feels good. I think this is a good thing. His return is very important for the team. He is one of our most successful players this year." Saimile finished the regular season for 1261 yards and 6 touchdowns. He is also the first year with the team. The most serious problem of attack group of Dezhou people or their quarterback, earlier season Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) the bad performance, instead of his quarterback Tom Savage (Tom Savage) and suffered a concussion, the return of Miller obviously is of great help to the team. , that is to say, in the weekend, Dezhou people will probably rely more on Miller to play against the Raiders, because the ground defense of the Raiders is the top 10 in the league.

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