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Northern Ireland Football Business Manager Tracey · Campbell said: "we are very pleased to see the return to the home court Jersey classic green and white, which means a lot of players and fans, through cooperation with Adidas, we can ensure that the New Jersey can get the best design and innovation performance. We want the team to change to a new shirt for the exciting year of 2015, starting tomorrow night from the European Cup in Romania.The official website of NFL | et vendetta: last stop shooting under the Patriot victory over | football seventh week Thursday night race by the new England patriots at Gillette Stadium against the same district rivals New York jets. The same as the former American Eastern civil war, a few weeks before the game, the fans have been fighting. Both teams and players do not need to be mobilized to enter the combat status automatically. The game as Patriots quarterback Tom Brady occupation career 200th games, will load the milepost. At the same time, his 152 victories in 200 games were the most of all the quarterback in history. Although the Patriots 4 wins and 2 defeats occupy the American League East title, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the jets even negative 5 ranked Eastern fourth, but the game is not one-sided. The jets with a strong road to punch the ball to occupy most of the game time, while the Patriots without taking offense under effective control together with leading edge, and in the final on SWAT block jets shot more than 27 to 25 victory over the jets. as patriots running back Stephen Ledley's anterior cruciate ligament tear season, Sean welling starter. Shortly after the opening, catch ability of excellence he ran out of deep line, second-line jets defensive leakage, velim flying received pass from Brady half into the end zone to complete 49 yard touchdown catch, detonated the Gillette stadium. In the next wave of attack, the jets swept five straight games - Smith 3 pass 3 keno, pavement to punch the ball even take 5 minutes after the first attack, advancing to the Patriots before the end, due to the offensive guard Bosh, holding on to Cole, keno touchdown was canceled, the end only to this end an offensive shot. The jets defense group also entered the state, waers a violent tackle directly undermines the three Weilin attack, rushed the ball over the next 5 minutes the jets are basically the first consumption end, while holding the next shot 6 to 7 behind. second and fourteenth minutes, the jet is rolling back. Relying on running Avery, Chris Johnson and keno, the three players continue to rush to the ball, leading the new 6 minute attack, but still lack effective offensive weapons in the red area, and can only finish the attack by shooting. The hand cold for a long time the Brady finally led a wave of efficient attack, 10 attacks took only 3 minutes and 30 seconds to end jet 3 yards, ball type running back to find the gap between virin jets linebacker and safety again, Brady completed screen touchdowns scored, leading again the score. The good play continued, the Patriots opened the ball, and the jet runner Powell took the ball back to 62 yards and pushed directly to the Patriots in the half - court 40 yards. The jet team relied on Avery's 5 shot to get into the red area again, but the red area was only too inefficient to end the attack with fourth shots. The last attack before the half court game, the Patriot slot took over Danny amendora, and was caught by the jet crew's corner guards. The Patriots came to the red zone of the jet fleet instantly, finishing the attack by shooting, leading at the end of 17 to 12.Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist. The season is about to begin, for those rookies smug in the league, ready? Before you go on, let's see what ARodgers says to them. The following is the first round of the new show analysis. 1, Houston: Dezhou jade Wayne (Jadeveon Clowney) - clowney, defensive end, the University of South Carolina in rookie scouting report: : maximum demand draft score actually offensive tackle is not especially free RAM, the market price contract in the case of Saffold Roger. It was very late to sign in and believe that the ram had been dealing with other teams, and it was a small failure of the ram for a long time. Robinson's arrival will push Saffold to the front of the guard, and he is expected to become the first right front cutting player. Such talented players should succeed quickly, and help rams improve their offensive quality in two aspects, namely, pass protection and road coverage. rookie scouting report: advantages: Standard NFL body, hands and knees to become excellent, pavement cover legs keep moving, excellent speed quickly came to the defense of the second layer, the long arm and let the lateral flexibility fix the transmission, unlimited potential at 3, Jacksonville Jaguars: Blake bottos (Blake Bortles), four.despite the fact that this season, Chicago bears quarterback Cutler Jay Cutler has hit a new high in passing success rate, passing score or number of times, but the bear team still cannot win the first attack more. this season Cutler control failure is not good enough, so far there have been 21 interceptions, among the 34 eligible quarterbacks in the bottom fourth, this performance may start to coach Mark Treisman (Marc Trestman) shaken, want to try the backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen (Jimmy Clausen). , "Jay is our quarterback. As long as he is healthy, he will play. He has tried his best in training or competition. We have enough confidence in him. He believes he will lead the team to play well with the New Orleans saints next week." Clausen talked about it earlier in the interview. Cutler signed a $126 million 7 - year contract with the team in January last year, 54 million of which were guaranteed.

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