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even-even soccer equipment network Adidas launched after Mexico's home court Jersey, and immediately released away. These are for the 2015 Canadian women's football World Cup. Away Jersey in red color, gradient color stripe design from Jersey down the front of Adidas's New Jersey template: Campeon 15. The stadium shirt also has a magnified V collar design. and Male Football Jersey, behind Mexico away female football suit collar also has a traditional Mexico Aztec writing "MEXICO". The original address:The official website of NFL | beast mystery: why every time Lynch touchdown after football teammate | handshake Author: all lustre strong Marshawn Lynch, an increasingly elusive player, his behavior seems to be summed up in one sentence: tough life without explanation. For example, the general gesture handshake, often seen in the business setting, from the beginning of 13 years, has become the Seattle Seaha cheap nfl jerseys free shipping wks ace running back touchdowns standard way to celebrate the. ???????????????????????????????????????????Richard Sherman?????????????????????Marshawn??????????????????????????????|??????????????? , some players will carefully design their own celebrations after reaching the stage -- usually dancing or a short imitation show, and other players will show themselves after reaching the goal. But these are not Lynch style, as a scoring style fierce and formidable star running back, touchdown, expression of Marshawn Lynch was celebrated with his image very different -- simple and calm and his hands. Saint Louis rams linebacker James Laurinaitis said: I love playing Lynch style, the red when the ball extremely aggressive. I personally think he has a defender's mentality and what to say, when he comes on, he is always ready to hit each other. And I love to see the celebrations in his post, and he will shake hands with the attacking players and make me amuse every time. for Lynch, the celebration of the handshake originated in the 2013 NBA championship final. The first half of 3-10 to 49 people behind the Seahawks, in the third quarter, Lynch one time for 40 yards and 49 touchdowns, let the Seahawks leveled the score of people. But this touchdown after Lynch and did not like the past and begin to embrace teammate pat helmet as a celebration on a different scene: turning into the end zone, Lynch stood up, then the proximal Luke Willson front over and hugged him. But before the next step of the celebration, Lynch reached out his right hand and then shook hands with every teammate who came to him, like a businessman. first, James Carpenter, the head of the sea hawk at the time, thought it was an insult... Why? He thought. Is Marshawn Lynch no longer willing to celebrate with them, hugging, clapping their helmets and meeting their heads, as they used to be? Why is ? Marshawn Lynch from no pair.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?According to sales data of Dick sporting goods, the sales of No. 6 jersey of Cleveland Brown quarterback Brian Hoyer ( Hoyer) exceeded the US idol Jonny Jonny (Johnny Manziel) for the first time this week. Data from Dick sports in the past 7 days statistics, Heuer's jersey sales in all offensive players ranked fifth, while Manzel's jersey ranked seventh. The Associated Press Tom withers reports, this is Heuer's jersey sales over Manzel for the first time. As of Thursday night, Clif Browns Jersey sales overall rose 12%, ranked in the Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia hawks ranked third. Dick sports data show that last week Heuer's shirt sales accounted for 46% of Brown's shirt sales, accounting for 3% of the total sales of NFL shirts. Heuer, who has served as a substitute for the new England patriots, has entered the League for sixth years. In the 5 games of the season, the pass rate was 60%, with 1224 and 7 passes, and the quarterback scored 99.5 points. From the beginning of the season, he defeated Manzel and served as the first quarterback of the team. At the moment, he passed the number of passing passes to the top of the league. At the same time, he led Brown to reverse the Tennessee Titan team in the biggest 25 points of October 5th in the history of creativity alliance. Brown team is currently 3 wins and 2 losses ranked third North American League, leading the Pittsburgh steelers. They will face the 6 - war Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

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