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It is reported that Nike Uruguay Football Association issued 7 year $24 million contract, while Puma only 7 years of $5 million, two made against. But the initiative is still in the hands of Uruguay Football Association. Tonight they will have a vote of 19 people to decide whether to choose Nike or PUMA.Seattle Seahawks is likely to be Maxwell in the offseason and cornerback Byron (Byron Maxwell) part company each going his own way. In this regard, the Seahawks naturally want to find a suitable replacement. Kaili Williams (Cary Williams), which was cut off by the Philadelphia hawks ear cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lier this week, might be the right choice. According to the official NFL Visit 1. before the eagle rushed military Trent Cole (Trent Cole) has been to the Tampa Bay and the pirates meet. Whether to use the 4-3 defensive formation will be the main consideration for Cole. 3. former Miami dolphins wide receiver Blaine Hart Ryan (Brian Hartline) and the Houston Dezhou people very close, there were reports that the two sides or in the near future will be signed.The official website of NFL | Titans receiver Hunter again injured | football Tennessee Titan lost the game this week. In the game of losing the Carolina black panther, the young foreign player Justin Hunter (Justin Hunter) ankle fracture will miss the rest of the 2015 season. According to , according to the NFL official, Hunter will experience a long recovery, the second serious injury he suffered after a kidney injury. Hunter finished 4 times, pushing 47 yards, before the game was left out of the game. As the team's number 4 catcher, Hunter grasps the main chance of injury, this season has completed 22 receptions for 264 yards with a touchdown. As the two round of the 2013 season in the 2013 season, Hunter has yet to finish a full season. He was willing to give him more time and opportunity because of his excellent physical condition.The official website of NFL | pirate offensive tackle: we hate to lose | football home court 's position in Tampa Bay's pirate attack, DeMar Doston (Demar Doston), makes him not too much open to speak. This is the attack front, they do a lot, but little attention. But in the pirate's locker room, Doston is an honest person, he is often on the team's mind. This week, he was finally waiting for an opportunity to be interviewed. When was asked about the team's home losing streak on Wednesday local time, Doston said, "I am very reluctant to think about this problem. This feeling is terrible. This season, the pirates in Raymond James Stadium - home court has 5 game losing streak, so far have not won. Doston says the pirate fans are always doing well and are very supportive of the team. They should have got more return. Doston said: it's hard, I know the fans want to see a victory, and we don't. We don't lack excellent players, and the problem is whether we can do it well. We need to be together and make some changes on the ground.

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