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The official website of NFL |490 million wage differences hinder the transaction | football Nick Capet The wage gap of less than $5 million is now the full barrier to blocking Colin Kaepernick from the quarterback to join the Denver wild horse. ESPN reported on Sunday that wild horses and 49 people agreed roughly on the trading principles. So what is the obstacle? Insiders say the two sides still have to reach a consensus on who pays the $11 million 900 thousand salary that is fully guaranteed on Friday. The Mustang agreed to pay $7 million and is actively persuading 49 people to pay all their salaries in 2016. The 49 people are not willing to do it now, and Capet Nick is not willing to accept a pay cut. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) previously reported the Mustang has asked Capet cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Nicole will pay to the position between the first and the bench quarterback price - $7 million. This is the salary of Chess Daniel (Chase Daniel) from Philadelphia hawk, which is close to Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III)'s salary from Cleveland Brown (2 years and 15 million dollars). According to reports he may increase the salary cap, the Mustang possible these contracts. Rapoport says the bargaining chip is far less complex. ESPN was told by a senior insider that the team could complete the deal in two seconds and send a midline draft to 49.U. S. time Wednesday, the Carolina Panther's outside hand Kelvin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) left knee ligament tear season reimbursement. Benjamin was injured in the joint training with Miami dolphins. He needed to complete a 1 to 1 route running. When he finished a step, he hurt his knee. , general manager of the Panther, said: "we regret what Benjamin has encountered. He has worked hard in the past year. We believe he will complete the operation and challenge himself again. " Benjamin was the top spot for the Panther last season. The rookie season has completed 73 hits 1008 yards and 9 touchdown.The official website of NFL | giant Pierre Paul refused to help the team coach with | Rugby New York giant wanted to help Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul), but he refused to accept it, which made the team hurt. The team coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) is one of the latest franchise tag defensive end who comment on. Pierre, Paul, who lost a finger in a fireworks accident, did not appear at the start of the training camp. I want to help. I want to help him. But he decided he didn't need our help, he told reporters. He thinks we have an ulterior motive. But all I care about, what any of us care about, what the whole team cares about, is the child's health. The tragedy has happened, and we have all the experts in this city for the job. It is very easy to provide all of these help. as the team boss John Mara (John Mara) earlier this week said, looking for Pierre Paul to the team she was upset at the side of clothes. He said he had a message to Pierre and Paul as soon as he knew the accident. What could I do to help you? But there is no echo. until they were able to establish contact with him, they couldn't determine how to deal with it.The official website of NFL | Josh - Norman: I won't fight with Cousins | Rugby Washington Red Leather. This off-season season has signed the Josh Norman of Carolina black leopard. Recently, a reporter interviewed Norman's view of Kirk Kirk, the new team quarterback, Kirk Cousins (Josh Cousins). because a year ago the Panther offseason training camp, Norman steals the cam - Newton (Cam Newton) of the ball, and then the two together in the scuffle, but this seems to be unpopular situation will not occur. Norman said, "how do I say this? There is something different between Cousins and me. All of these will limit my madness and our relationship will be better. , of course, if Norman really has any complaints, he can bear with him first, because in the future, he can meet the New York giant's Odell Beckham Jr at least 2 times in the future, Odell. finally wanted the koxin training camp not to allow Norman to complete it.

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