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according to reliable sources, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson (Vincent Jackson) on the trading operation of the wave, the Vikings running back Doug Martin brewing (Doug Martin) transactions. has already met the demand of the pirates, and some people in the alliance believe that the pirates want to get Martin out on the Tuesday deadline of 4 p.m. But it's a rather difficult deal. Martin as a 1 round show, the pirates are still using it this season, and can take some additional measures after the deal is completed. One of the reasons for considering Martin is that the next week's three round pick up rookie Charles Simmons (Charles Sims) can be activated and played from the short-term injury reserve list. Martin this season to punch the ball size for 2.9 yards, 48 rushing yards and 1 touchdowns scored 139. The 2012 rookie season best 1454 yards rushing and 11 touchdowns, and played only 6 games will l cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ast season due to injury, but only got 456 yards and 1 touchdowns.The official website of NFL | patriot linebacker Mayo to restructure the contract requirements | football new England patriot guard Jerrod Mayo (Jerod Mayo) will continue to play for the team. According to a reporter on the NFL official network, Mayo and the Patriot have agreed to reorganize the contract. The two sides will sign a 1 - year, $4 million 500 thousand full guarantee contract with a two - year team option. It is reported that the move will save about $6 million in salary space for patriots. last season, Mayo's sixth weeks of injury season reimbursement, which has also cast a shadow on his patriot career. Worse, Mayo also ended the season in sixth weeks in the 2013 season because of a similar injury. Mayo's injuries and recovery have made the team concerned about whether to continue to cooperate with him. After the reorganization of the contract, the Patriots will save a certain amount of salary space, and Mayo will be guaranteed. It is reported that the team will pay the full salary if he chooses to cut him off before his injury. It also means that the patriots are willing to give Mayo enough time and patience to overcome the injury. When is 29 years old, Mayo will be back at the moment, and the experts and the media are skeptical about whether he will be able to recover. But as for patriots, the team still believes that Mayo can come back.The official website of NFL | Fred - Jackson will return ahead of schedule | football Buffalo Bill run Fred - Jackson (Fred Jackson) has been absent for 4 weeks for a groin injury. According to the latest news, he may be back in advance. On Monday, local time, Jackson came to the training ground to take part in the work on the sidelines. According to the plan, he will meet with the team in charge of training on Tuesday, and the two sides will decide whether Jackson will be able to attend regular training on Wednesday. Jackson said in an interview with the team's official website: I feel everything is going well, but I still have to talk to the person in charge. I think I've been able to take part in some training, and I'm going to make a decision together later. Although the team is not eager to get Jackson back, but it looks like he has been eager to have a message that he might even go into battle this week with the Kansas City Chiefs game. , meanwhile, the coach Doug - Malone (Doug Marrone) got another good news. C.J. Peeler (C.J. Spiller), originally thought to be a reimbursement for the season, also said he was in good condition. He is confident that he can return to the Stadium ahead of time and share Jackson's workload.The main Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre pine (Pierre Garcon) this season, poor performance, 10 games only 43 receptions with 464 yards, since third weeks, his single was no more than 6 times the number of passes. As the number one team over the last year, this season in Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) attack system under his position was gradually to join the new DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) to replace. Garzon also for the team's offensive tactics are dissatisfied with interview Gruden on Thursday in the ball when it comes to this said: "we started very much want Garzon involved in the offense, then for some reason he was gradually reduced the number of passes, it will be our offensive tactics arrangement decision." Great pressure of Garzon as an excellent external manuscripts should be and DeShawn Jackson together to the defense group, but the three quarterback so far this season red does not seem to love how to pass to garzon. While Gruden deal with quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) differences, will now begin to deal with gason differences.

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