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Our football equipment network Puma company in Slovakia Football Association (SFZ) in Bratislava announced the Slovakia national team in the 2016 European Cup Home Court New Jersey, national team player Marek · Hamm Sieck, Skrtel, Martin · Vladimir · Weiss mathus and · Khoza participated in the New Jersey palecek promo shoot, the national team will be wearing the New Jersey unveiled in 13 this month, with the Swiss team in a friendly match.Cleveland Brown ended up 0 - 16 in this season. Although in the regular season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback they let this - Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) and run Weile viand - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) the truce, Brown continued to lose 24-28. Although four rookie quarterback Sean de Keyser (DeShone Kizer) completed the season the most excellent passing several times, they are difficult to break through the Steelers defense, which captured and killed Keyser 6 times, and the Steelers bench - four Janice M. Vidal Jones of Delhi (Landry Jones) is the team finished 4 offensive touchdowns. 's victory made Brown a 0 - to 16 - 16 team after the Detroit lion in 2008. Tampa Bay pirates lost all the same season in 1976, but there were only 14 games in the single season. coach Hugh Jackson (Hue Jackson) has won cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 1 wins and 31 defeats in his 2 season of coaching Brown. He is the worst achievement of the manager in 2 years in NFL history, but he will still stay in the team. Team owner Jimmy Haslem (Jimmy Haslam) announced on Sunday that Jackson would be left in office. "I don't think Hugh has lost his magic." Brown has lost only 3 points in 4 games this season, but they have been troubled by one of the worst red zone offense of the league. The team offensive team in all aspects of the performance, the quarterback Keyser's error led to the number of times in the League ranked first in the league. if there is still a sense of hope, that is, in this year's draft, Brown has the champion and the fourth spot pick in the first round. They have 5 draft in the first two rounds. in the previous management in the past 2 years in the draft did not pick Carson (Carson Wentz) - Wentz and DeShawn Watson (DeShaun Watson), almost certainly Brown will pick the quarterback with one of the two first round draft picks them. All aspects of the team's lineup need to be repaired, but they also have some young players who have played the bright side of the season. From the standpoint of achievement, has no more darker reality than 0 wins and 16 losses. You can blame anyone on the top and bottom of Brown. You can even blame the rugby God who didn't bless them when Brown returned to alliance in 1999. This season will not be easily forgotten, and it will be remembered as one of the most embarrassing moments in Brown's history.The 1969 season is the tenth season since the establishment of AFL. Four teams broke into the playoffs. They are Kansas chieftains, New York jets, Houston oil players and Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders and the Houston oil people met in the season, and they all wanted to enter the fourth Super Bowl. Raiders head start on the opening of Fred Biletnikoff (Russian born) with quarterback Daryle Lamonica passing touchdowns made. In transition, the oilers have not yet entered the state, the Raiders safety George Atkinson steals, 57 return yards and touchdowns. A few minutes later, Lamonica passed the ball Rod Sherman again and got the array, and the Russians took the ball again at the end of the first quarter. In the second section, Lamonica has a record of 60 yards. In the first half, the Raiders were already ahead of the 35:0. At the beginning of the third, Lamonica continued to perform his personal performance and the 2 pass. In the whole game, he finished 6 passes. Of course, the perfect protection of the attacking frontline and the defensive team can not stop making the opponent fault. In the last section, each side completed a run of the ball, and the score was finally fixed at 56:7. Since the beginning of this season, Lamonica has been very keen on consciousness, excellent handle and frequent super long code passing. So it is known as "The Mad Bomber" -- mad bomber. The competition itself is a one-sided situation, and the overall outbreak of Lamonica makes the Raiders' fans have a high tide. The game Lamonica only 17 shots, 13 successful passes, 1 steals, the total number of 276 yards, 6 touchdowns. The kicker George Blanda also played the quarterback for a while, but only 5 of the 1, 33 yards, but the light kicked the extra points and saved him 8 points. The substitute quarterback, Blanda, was the first quarterback of the Houston oil man 3 years ago. His story is more exciting than the game. George Blanda was born in 1927, the legendary quarterback and kicker, the history of the 26 season in his career. When he retired, the total score was the most in history, after all, he was passing and shooting. In addition, he still holds the highest record of additional scoring. In 1949, the Chicago bear team signed Blanda, $600. He was asked to be a quarterback and a kicker, but occasionally let him play on the defensive end. Four years later, he gradually emerge, a generation to become a team leader, but genius, an injury ruined his future, recovered only as a kicker. because the bear team coach only lets Blanda be a kicker, Bland〉, 1958The official website of NFL | Seattle Seahawks grab the top seed | Rugby League of Nations with the Seattle Seahawks in 20 to 6 victory over the Saint Louis rams, they ranked in the League of nations top seed position. this season is the Seahawks defensive league's most destructive, in the past six games which opponents finished 3 touchdowns, he became the first team to score at least the team, more than 1969-71 years of the Minnesota vikings. this season - Elvin Bruce Eagle (Bruce Irvin) has become a new weapon in the defensive end, defensive tackle Jordan - the second grade Hill (Jordan Hill) is also a rival headache figure, he finished 5.5 quarterback sacks in the last six weeks. Russell of the game - Wilson (Russell Wilson) by the rams defensive repeatedly clash, 7 times the ball running only every 1.7 yards, but it cannot be considered as a reason to prevent the Seahawks offensive play, because you know, Robert - Quin RAM (Robert Quinn), Aaron Donald (Aaron Donald) and Eric Ogletree (Alec Ogletree) composed of the ram defensive team of the league's most talented, but the playoffs without them.

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