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The official website of NFL, the Seahawks coach Peter Carol had no intention of becoming a new coach in football Wo RAM is now a day for daydreaming for the Losangeles rams who are looking for a new manager. but obviously not the idea of Pitt Carol (Pete Carroll). the Seattle Seahawks coach Tuesday said in an interview about his ram intention that he served as Geoff - Fisher's successor No comment. reports. When asked if he completely ruled out the possibility of joining the ram, Carol laughed and said yes. 65 year old Carol has a contract to keep him in the Seahawks until 2019 season and he is jealous of a recent two consecutive years into the Super Bowl team manager. Carol is one of the big coaches associated with the goats for the past 24 hours. The other name of is the director of the University of Michigan, Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh). But according to people close to Harbert, Harbert said that Harbert would not leave Michigan and may never leave Michigan. also has a name for the new England patriot attack coordinator Josh Macdaniels (Josh McDaniels). In 2011 he had served as the rams offensive coordinator but at the end of the season. From 2009 to 2010, Macdaniels, the Denver wild horse coach, said in November this year that if he was in the right time for the right team, he cheap nfl jerseys free shipping would be willing to play the lead again. But when asked the ram job problems, Macdaniels said he never thought of this problem. Fisher continued his contract before the start of the season, and he would have stayed in the 2018 season in the ram. But after teaching 13 games this season, he was fired by the ram. They had previously lost 14-42 to Atlanta falcons, which was the eighth loss in the last 9 games. This is the 165th defeat of Fisher's career and the first in NFL history. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Jerry - Jones: I believe that Murray can continue to play football | this week Dallas Cowboys will have the most important match of the season with the Indianapolis pony. What worries fans is that star run De Marco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) is injured in his left hand and the injury is unknown. It is good that the team boss is in time to make the fans feel comfortable. Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) believes Murray will play in this week's game. previously, Jones said the team may give more frequent use of the backup running guard Lance Dunbar (Lance Dunbar) and Joseph Randall (Joseph Randle). Since the season, two people have completed only 60 shots, and Murray has finished 351 times. Although Jones has been worried about Murray's workload, he has been full of confidence in the physical qualities of AAI. Jones revealed that he would not go to the training field to watch the training, because he was sure Murray would be in the next game. Murray himself also expressed the same view in the interview: I am fine, no problem. Murray plans to call the legendary runner Emmet - Smith (Emmitt Smith) to consult the injuries related to the injury, the lover revealed. Smith had suffered the same injuries in his career. Murray believes he and his cowboy can survive. the Patriots player after Brady and his wife, Brazil supermodel Giselle · Kuniomi kiss to celebrate. Xinhua News Agency the Patriot players were celebrating the victory of the game, and the number 12 in the newspaper was Brady. Xinhua News Agency from midfield 3 than 21 huge difference, to the final 19 seconds before the first equaliser created the first overtime game in NFL finals history; from the eyes than his 9 years younger rival was elected NFL player of the year, to single handedly will the Super Bowl fifth times in my arms; from suffering questioned and disputes, to become fully deserve the first person in the history of American football...... Nearly 40 years of the new England Patriots quarterback Tom · Brady, yesterday at the NFL of the Super Bowl played again, the God of victory, with his magical performance in the end of the game, the Patriots in overtime 34 to 28 victory over the previous winner of the Atlanta falcons, again won the NFL the total champion, Brady has no objection to the fourth elected MVP. great startled yesterday is Brady seventh boarded the Super Bowl game, the legend of the Patriots quarterback and not before promising pet, especially in the first half he passes it repeatedly by the Atlanta falcons player to resolve, and even appeared in a rare copy was cut that the opponent back attack score, almost no one can guess and Brady counterattack. Until 5 minutes before the whistle, the falcons are 8 points ahead, historical data show that the probability of their trophy up to 99%. But why is the veteran before the end with a precise cross signs, helping the Patriots made murder, his teammate White completed a touchdown, and successfully get additional points, the game into overtime. overtime, Brady and his teammates continuous connection, finally completed by Blount rushing touchdowns in lore opponents at the same time, also achieved the greatest comeback in American sports history. the championship Jersey was gone in the NFL finals history, also from which no one can do so unbelievable director like Brady shaking reversal. After the game, Brady into the first group of friends and their seats, as the wife of supermodel Giselle · state.Our football equipment network KELME to join the Shenzhen Football Club jointly launched the team's 2018 season in a home and away jersey. The competition suit keeps the original tone, and the designer revolutionized the idea of the shirt, the version and the color system. The red main colors, which are warm, bold, passionate, and fighting, integrate the elements of fault art to further highlight the fashion charm of Shenzhen's young city, showing the determination of the club to open up the future of Shenzhen football. a color with deep red as the main color shirt. Deep red shirt collocation match navy blue shorts, embodied as a coastal opening city, new deep foot adhering to the "Shenzhen spirit" to develop a better future to Shenzhen football. The White main color is used in the passenger field, and the tailoring is more repaired. The use of jacquard on the fabric makes the whole shirt more breathable. The design technique of "fault" art The regional "fight for Shenzhen" double color hot stereo standard process

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