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Seattle Seahawks may use an old future reinforcing quarterback squad. was interviewed by radio. Carol, Pete Carroll, was asked whether the team would consider signing the big quarterback, Colin. Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) or Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) as a possible substitute. "we're thinking about everyone. We're really here, "Carol said. "We've been tracking everything that's going on, we have a salary cap and a squad, and these problems are to be properly managed. But honestly, yes, we're thinking about everyone. " now as Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) is a group of unsuccessful rookie to substitute players entering the League: Trevo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r von Boykin (Trevone Boykin), Jack (Jake Heaps) - SCHIPs and Schuyler - Howard (Skyler Howard). Wilson never missed the start of his career, but last season was hit after a bad attack attack. last season plagued by injuries and poor in this offseason, no team on his interest. this offseason, the Seahawks has been considered one of Nick's home Capet. Capet Nick was also unpopular after a disputed and Anthem protest in the past two seasons. if Capet joined the Seahawks and Nick had to play it, the Seahawks offensive group can make his ability to play. The Seahawks has the courage signed those bold voice player. The defensive side Michael Bennett (Michael Bennett) said in March that a team should want a leader like Capet Nick to join the team.The official website of NFL | Atlanta Falcon cut veteran running back Jackson | football running Steven - Jackson (Steven Jackson) has gone to the end of his career in the Atlanta falcons. falcons announced on Thursday night that they had cut the old runner for the 2 season for the team. According to NFL news reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the downsizing will help the falcons save $3 million 750 thousand in wage cap space. , 31 years old, signed a falcons with Jackson before 2013 season, when he hoped to revive his career after 9 seasons in Saint Louis rams. But it did not, in the 2 season, Jackson rushed 347 times the ball for 1250 yards (each rushed the ball 3.6 yards) and 12 touchdowns. is about to open in the free agent market, Jackson and Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush), Dean Williams (DeAngelo Williams) - Gloucester, Chris - Johnson (Chris Johnson) and Payton Hillis (Peyton Hillis) has become a growing unemployment run one veteran Wei in the group.even-even soccer equipment network seasonal changes of the ball so that Nike has to make timely adjustments, the arrival of autumn and winter for the world cast a shadow, and it needs a colorful football to arouse people's attention, the new Nike Ordem IV Hi-Vis highlight version games with the ball played a very good role. The new Nike[Photo] Hubei Changjiang electric cup "old bowling tournament, Zhang Quancheng won | Bowling 12 the morning of 2 August, Hubei New Year "Changjiang electric cup" and the December old bowling tournament held in Hubei, the old bowling training base of Hubei University, bowling hall, more than 20 old friends of the ball in the game, Zhang Quancheng won first place in 1215 minutes, won the "Yangtze electric cup", and Cheng Shudong won the two or three high Shanhu name. (Wu Shilin) Deputy Secretary of and Gao Ruike, deputy governor of Gao Ruike, award the award for Zhang Quancheng

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