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The official website of NFL | restored Bradford worth looking forward to | football Philadelphia eagles in this offseason traded for conservative injuries quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford), from the current training situation, Bradford good recovery, the competitive state is also very good. The fans in Bradford and pray to God not hurt again, because of health under the state of Bradford has the ability to become leading the team offensive leader. first mentioned is the Bradford good at passing accuracy. In this regard he than with several other team quarterback was much higher. In his occupation career, has not been washed and air pressure from more than 5 yards passing yards, passing success rate of 66%, the bimark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) and Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley) will be 5% higher than Tim Thibault (Tim Tebow) - up to 10%. At cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the time of the pressure, Bradford's precision in more than 5 yards of air pass code is close to 5, a 5% higher than the other quarterback of the hawk. no one expects Bradford to become the league's top quarterback in the spring season, but he really wants to play a high season. The first attack group configuration neat, including Jason Peters (Jason Peters), Jason Cares (Jason Kelce) and blue (Lane Johnson) of Wayne Johnson, attacking the front level among the league leaders, as well as to Demake - Murray (DeMarco Murray) is the first of the top running back, Zach Eerci (Zach Ertz) and Brent (Brent Celek) - cellac proximal front combination, and Jordan - Mathews (Jordan Mathews) and other young receivers, compared to ram period, Bradford's attack pressure to be too young.The official website of NFL | plans to renew or trading four pirates Weigelainong | Rugby of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Mike grenon (Mike Glennon) open team general manager Jason - Ricci (Jason Licht) revealed to decide his future as soon as possible. According to reports, in order to avoid grenon leave as a free agent at the end of his rookie contract, the pirates hope to contract with him, or he will leave the transaction. Ricci said: we are willing to talk to other teams and we have had a connection with some teams. The number of target teams is decreasing, and we are still communicating. He is very important to us and we need to make a decision whether to leave him in the team. If it is possible, we will continue to make an appointment with him at this stage. It's very important for the team to have a sub - quarterback with a first - shot ability. has reported that the pirates have to put forward a grenon for a period of 2 years, $6 million contract. And the size of Bullock grenon Oswald Willard (Brock Osweiler) in the offseason to harvest a big contract, after the news that the New York jets want the young quarterback through the transaction.The French Football Federation President Noel Le Guerra Pieter (No l · Le Gra t) said: "I am very happy to continue to cooperate with Nike, the new agreement of the French national team, amateur football and football commitments, and reflects the value of our football, and we commend the excellent cooperation of the past the relationship between the."The official website of NFL | pony defender Davies on Sunday | return to football Indiana Colts still win the AFC South can occupy the first name, but the good news is their number one cornerback Feng tower - Davies (Vontae Davis) will return against Houston in the Dezhou team in the game. now looks like this. Davies has not yet received the report of concussion symptoms of the team doctors, but he has been training and having no difficulties this week. This Sunday will be the first time he made his debut against the Washington Red Team 2 weeks ago after a concussion on the back of his opponent. Davies told ESPN Network Interview: "this concussion is more serious than when I was in college. I don't want it to happen to anyone. I looked back at the game, because I don't remember what happened. I'm very difficult to sleep now, and it's very difficult all night. and the attention of Davies and the Dezhou people's outside hand Andre - Johnson (Andre Johnson) is able to play the match is still to be observed. Johnson had just passed a concussion study, but he had no training all week.

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