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In 2014 Chinese youth bowling open | bowling scores in 2014, the Chinese youth bowling open ended successfully at the Lang Mai bowling hall in Shanghai in from July 19th to 20th. The open competition was held by individuals, and there were adult group, youth group and children group. The following are the results of each group and the wonderful moments of the competition: 1, adult team performance two and junior team performance three and children's team performance competition moment and award ceremony: this season's NFL International Series will be held on Sunday. The third and final game will be Kansas City chieftain (2-5), playing at the Wembley Stadium as a "home team" and Detroit lion (1-6). The lions have come to London for second years in a row, and last year they reversed the killing of the falcons in a half - field 0-21 - lag, and they hope this time will also be triumphant. But now they have a bad record, and it's no easy thing to do. The male lion originally expected to focus on building the road attack this season. Unexpectedly, the bad performance of the offensive frontline made the main runner and rookie Amir Abdullah rush out cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of 222 yards. The second ranked player is Staffordshire, the main quarterback player who punches the ball 62 yards. And last week, the offensive coordinator Joe long Bardi and the attacking front coach were also dismissed. In passing, although trapped to the ball Staffordshire ineffective, "only" brush out 1866 yards, but this year full of blood returning "Megatron" Kelvin - Johnson can still achieve excellent performance of 574 yards, two extra receiver Golden Tate and Theo Reddick have backup running back 318 yards and tied for second. The lion was able to play in the playoffs last year and the defense team was able to break out. However, due to the loss of personnel and injuries, lions are only sixth in the defensive season this season, with 392 yards missing, and 4 times more than last year. Take the defensive end has 6 sacks - Kiel under the Ansari is their few bright spots. was compared with the lion who had won the first win of the season, and the chief's record was only a fifty - step smile - two wins. Last week over the Steelers ended slightly decline, hope came to London for the first time to get a good start. In the Jamal Charles because of a knee injury last season, "Liao king" undrafted Kendrick West scored 22 last week to check at 110 yards of 1 outstanding performance matrix. There are 39 pick 531 yards 1 touchdowns scored the number one wide receiver Jeremy Mclean will be absent because of a concussion or a week after the comeback. Chris Conley and Albert Wilson two rookie wide receiver in last week has excellent play, coupled with a new generation of the same No. 87 tight end Travis Kelsey. "The short man Arrakis Smith's arsenal is adequate. But the offensive line will be a new problem, and manager Andy - Reed will be forced to use the fourth different set of attacking frontlines this season. The chief defense group is a galaxy of talents, the new "billion Mr" Justin - Houston scored 4 sacks, however the team captured and killed Wang Juran as "human shields" 3-4 defensive end Allen Bailey (4.5), Houston's partner, Harry also has 3 -. Rookie cornerback Marcus Peters had 3 steals and 10 damage pass, grab the number or the more than 2 team. Long - Parke and Eric - Berri cancer safetys combination also have 1 steals money.Pittsburgh Steelers in local time on Tuesday announced that the team has and kicker Gareth Hartley (Garrett Hartley) signed. According to NFL website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) revealed that the two sides signed a year salary contract. Hartley will replace the season because of injury Sean (Shaun Suisham) - Su wissant became the main Steelers kicker. Hartley is one of the most successful New Orleans saints who can win the championship. He once hit three key shots in the Super Bowl 5 years ago, helping the saints get the first crown of team history. In addition, his success rate in the playoffs was one hundred percent (8 shots in 8). But then, because of Hartley's decline, he was cut off at the end of the 2013 season's regular season. Last year, as a firefighter, he played two games for Brown. Hartley has a total career hit rate of 81.7%, so despite his older age, he is still a spare choice for many teams to give priority to. But his occupation career most of the time is spent in the New Orleans indoor stadium, Pittsburgh came to a poor environment, he will face more severe test.The official website of NFL | Josh Norman still love the Carolina Panthers Football | Washington red skinned new Josh Josh Norman Norman doesn't seem to blame the franchise contract of the black panther. He thinks it can only be regarded as a commercialized operation. recently said in an interview, "do you ask me to stay in Carolina?" Yes, I think, one day, you are a hero there, and they throw stones at you on the second day. This is business. I agree with that. I still love Carolina. Love this place. Black Panther gave Norman privilege tag in the first season, but released his privilege tag when he confirmed that the long term contract was not successful. Then Norman completed the contract of 5 years and 75 million dollars with red skin quickly. Norman explained, "the operation of commercialization has been sent to the University. The commercialization of operation has led me to be selected in the fourth round. The Black Panther has made a business decision. Is it a good decision? Let's wait and see. learned that the last time the Black Panther gave Norman the price of 4 years and 44 million dollars, and Norman preferred to complete the privilege tag 14 million dollars a year, but there was a disagreement. finally said, "I gave me everything to the Carolina Panther for four years in Carolina, including my bloody clothes."

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