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In 2014 the first session of the Suzhou Yangcheng Lake "Wen Yang crab" cup bowling tournament title | wangdali Bowling news: CpBA occupation Bowling League the evening of October 19, 2014, the first session of 2014 in Suzhou City, "Wen Yang Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs" cup bowling tournament held in Suzhou, a hurricane alley will be the champion, from the north to the king to not vigorously UFO ball won the final victory and harvested forty thousand yuan prize. 2014 the first Suzhou "Wen Yang Yangcheng Lake hairy" cup open total ranking score 1 points number name G1G2G3G4G5G6 king 22221721622320625413382 Chen Wenchang 19423224820622222013223 Liu Yongxian 2262281942461922051813094 to Argentina 16523420820425823713065 A Biao 2132091982232331902412906 ho kin 24519324521020718212827 building 22324422617919721212818 22219117922519425712689 217234195236181202126510 Zhihai history Yi Du Jianchao Wang Shizhen 197211181188259221125711 Zhou Zhaoxuan 203189189269191214125512 21023020321718117927124713 Ai Jing 184235197194219217124614 Qianqi Wu Yi Sun 21319223618919219130124315 233168187216211226124116 Dong Jianzhou 19121120416819124530124017 Jiaxing Zhao Yun Liang 162176226221206247123818 224178204208193226123319 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Wu Bing 19920021517523817729123320 Soviet CIS 175216202233234171123121 tube Tao Kailin 157246212191211214123122 Liu Shaoyi 188202214236177212122924 200223257212168168122825 227234192194181202123023 Han Wei Lin, Gao Shun too 20319016918919823540122426 Zhang Peng 189196225158226227122127 195163225221〉 Mi Zhong Linew England patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) recently left with a huge set of protective shoes, because he had just finished foot surgery, but he should be ready to participate in the team's training camp at this time. , ESPN on Wednesday, ESPN reported Edelman's news: "Edelman has completed foot surgery recently, and now needs to wear protective shoe covers. It is reported that the surgical results are very good, and all the clearance procedures are completed." on the tenth week of the season, Edelman foot fracture, but the playoffs regression, 2 playoff games finished 17 catches for 153 yards, the regular season finished 61 catches for 692 yards and 7 touchdowns. This month Edelman was about 30 years old, he will contract and Patriots to 2017, he was still one of the Patriots offensive team most valuable player, so at least the current team is hoping his feet recover quickly to catch up with the regular season.The official website of NFL | Aaron Rodgers believes the packers offense needs to speed up | football on Sunday with the Detroit Lions District rival game, Green Bay Packers can not play their own good beyond all expectations of the attack, was not lions defensive tightly bound, only scored 7 points, lost away. The biggest problem of packers is the lack of ground attack. Eddie Lacy, the main runner, has had a poor performance this season, and has never been able to recover the strong skills of last season. Eddie, At the same time, the conversion rate is low third, play 10 face three attack only 4 successfully obtained the first file. In the weekly radio program, the team quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) said that the team's current attack rhythm failed to achieve the expected speed. Now we attack still not fast enough, the third conversion is very poor, the whole game we played only 51 offensive, not enough to outlast the defense group strength, coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) in the offseason target averaging 75 offensive, it is worse far away. We have a lot of meaningless catches, and I have a lot of bad passes myself. Rodgers said. but Rodgers doesn't worry too much about the wrapper's current plight, and he believes the team will rebound quickly and get back the way it should be. And in the face of the worries of the fans, Rodgers said, "I only use one word to answer, that is" relax, "the team will be better, not to worry.The official website of NFL | alliance will not punish him, Lynch announced his retirement | football is in everyone's time in the fiftieth Super Bowl game, the Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch), in the fourth quarter, with a no text of twitter announced his retirement news. ??????????Lynch??????????????????? Marshawn Lynch as a NFL player into the League for 9 years, after 6 seasons for the Seahawks, ready to end his career. And this explosive news is also known by him who is not willing to cooperate with the media. He published it in the most suitable way -- no twitter message. on Sunday night, the Super Bowl in the fourth quarter, Lynch posted a picture on twitter, the content is hanging on a wire and his boots with an emoticon Scissorhands (Translation: the symbol in the United States on behalf of peace out hand scissors, or goodbye), a symbol of his with his 9 year NFL career to say goodbye. Lynch tweet in a few minutes by his teammates, the Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman tweeted and confirmed: a tribute to my friend @MoneyLynch...... It's a great honor to fight with you. Lynch's mother, Delisa Lynch, also tweeted: "when one door closes, another opens God better for you, thank you Jesus! The Seahawks quarterback in soon after Russell Wilson tweet wrote: it is a pleasure to have the best ever run who play together, I will miss the time sharing backcourt and No. 24...... Although not officially announced the Lynch Seahawks retired, but the official account on Sunday night also forwarded the tweet Lynch plus #ThankYouBeastMode (thank you beast mode label). On Sunday night, apparently after confirmed with Lynch, Seahawks boss Paul Allen tweeted: Thank you very much @MoneyLynch great career in the Seahawks, there are too many memorable run and shock! #BeastMode! The NFL consortium's insider news also confirmed that Lynch did plan to retire, and the push was just the best way he wanted the world to know the news. Although Lynch will no longer be a Seahawks, but he all these years as the heart and soul of the offensive team, led the Seahawks played in team history best results this section.

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