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| handball team Lianyungang 30-20 victory over Shanghai | won the seven gold medal | City Women Handball Handball Association Xinhua September 4th Nanchang sports special telegram (reporter Chen Huan). The Seventh National City Games women's handball finals ended on the 4 day in Nanchang University gymnasium. Lianyungang team won the gold medal by 30:20 victory over Shanghai. The seven city women's handball match includes 10 teams from Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong and Macao, and more than 200 athletes. The competition is divided into two stages. In the first stage of the competition, the Lianyungang team won the first place by winning 18 points in 9 wars, and Shanghai ranked second in seven wins, one draw and 15 points. on the day of the finals, the Lianyungang team to continue in good condition, leading the way, the final to win the Shanghai team won the scoring 10 goals. (finished)NFL, 49 guard official website will be out for a month due to a knee problem, football nest tiger August 6th news injury again let the 49 people feel sad for a while. After Malcolm Smith (Malcolm Smith) suffered a severe chest injury, the first round show Joshua Garnett (Joshua Garnett) was also absent for a month. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping According to NBC reported by , Joshua Garnett, the 49 member of nursing front, is troubled by knee problem (ACL is not predicted). She will undergo surgery and will be out for a while. manager Kell - Kyle Shanahan said: I know that his knee is a little problem, although it will take time to recover, it should not be too long. Garnett first started the 11 games last season. After his absence, veteran Zahn - Bidds (Zane Beadles) and Brandon (Brandon Fusco) will be responsible for the junior guard position. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Tim (Tim Tebow) - Seth Tibbott Philadelphia time. p.m. Saturday U.S. time 4 points, Philadelphia Eagles sacked 22 players, including Seth tibbott. In the United States on Friday when the team will quarterback Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley) traded to the Cardinals when people think Seth Tibbott will become the team's third outstanding quarterback, even in the last game against the New York jets preseason, Seth Tibbott was put up. coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) said: "we feel the Seth Tibbott progress, but he is still not enough to meet our standard No. third quarterback." after Seth Tibbott twitter to express their gratitude for this opportunity: "thank the coach Kelly for giving me this precious opportunity, thank you." by Saturday, the total number of hawks was 52, 1 less than the alliance.Water polo | let students learn to swim a'| 'all Jiangyin people's livelihood new sports since July 1st this year, the city officially launched the action plan for all students to learn swimming for three years, primary and secondary school students nine years of compulsory education stage of swimming will enjoy government subsidies, starting just ten days time, student enrollment of more than 10000 people, You Yongjian boom again swept this piece of Jiangyin jiangnan. Let the students in the school, everyone learned to swim, is the Jiangyin municipal government to practice the mass line of practical livelihood, is the innovation of Jiangyin sports deepening of Sunshine Sports Youth, Jiangyin sports promote innovative initiatives of Sunshine Sports Youth, is the practice of deepening the township construction of national swimming, designed to allow students to develop lifelong the benefit of sports lifestyle, enhance physical fitness, shaping the characteristics of Jiangyin rich campus culture swimming, and provide a strong guarantee for the economic construction of strong people rich beautiful environment a higher degree of civilization in new Jiangyin. 1. The leaders pay attention to and strengthen the organization guarantee. The three year action plan for the students to learn to swim is the third three year system project after the construction of the swimming pool in Zhenzhen and the establishment of the National Swimming country. It is safe to swim without small things. The municipal government insisted that the three year action plan for the students to learn to swim rose to the height of the private practice. One is the coordinated deployment of the symposium. The municipal government convened a coordinated promotion meeting to form the summary of the Symposium of "Chengzheng special discipline (2015) No. 15" as a guiding document for the promotion of work. In June 28th, the town street sports cadres, educational cadres, and primary and secondary school principals meeting were reconvened and launched in an all-round way. The two is to promote the implementation of the special institutions. The establishment of municipal work leading group, the municipal government leaders in charge of the head of the government office responsible person in charge of education and Sports Bureau, the bureau is mainly responsible for the deputy head, the Propaganda Department, Finance Bureau, Education Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Health Bureau, Sports Bureau, towns (street), Jiangyin daily media group, responsible person in charge of the crew, a clear division of duties. Three is the detailed implementation of the special program. As the main responsibility department, meaning and effect, the Municipal Sports Bureau to fully understand the activities of the initiative as, dare to play, organized a demonstration of prophase investigation and multiple solutions, making the "Jiangyin students learn the You Yongsan year action plan implementation plan", "Jiangyin City, all students learn to swim training declaration procedures" "Jiangyin city and all students learn to swim training organization and implementation measures", continuously improve the effectiveness and feasibility of the expected plan. two, the intention to benefit the people, and increase the investment. The financial department of the city from the sports lottery every year.

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