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The official website of NFL | campaign | thirty-six meter Rugby Football The campaign, on the surface of a nail is scolded B, refers to the East called West, but as a military strategy, its significance is more profound. It is a combat command with shajijinghou Qiaoshanzhenhu, the most effective means that, in order to overcome subordinates, set up the leadership authority. In the NFL game, a variety of unintelligible code is one of the most adept at the use of meet the eye everywhere, the spot sign is the Broncos quarterback Payton Manning - active. NFL in a common attack process is this: the coach group through the wireless headset to quarterback tactical layout, center will attack the group in the off line 5 yards together to form a group to prevent opponents hear say tactical tactics, quarterback password, each player called Break! To understand the tactical intention, each drop, the quarterback yelled the kick-off password, the center forward the crotch to the quarterback, start an attack. what about Payton Manning's attack? The coach team will give him a suggestion. The center will call up the quarterback, the tactics are all very similar. When everyone drops, Manning will start his personal talk show: Take 35! Check, Check! Change 96 double, 96 double! On the flyer.Set hut hut! After second hut yelling, the center finally opened the ball. Almost nobody understands wha cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t he says, except his teammates. Simple speculation, Take 35 is on the side of the running back said, mean stop number 35, note that Check is the unit, I have something to say, Change 96 is the replacement of the On the flyer tactics, and ran Wei said, let him change the position, finally Set is the unit in place, according to the tactical arrangement call 2 hut password is. In recent years, Manning has created a new word, Omaha, who has been shouting 101 times in a game, but so far nobody has deciphered the specific meaning. When people felt that he was Yonding out the time to shout, he had arranged all the tactics. He changed tactics is a privilege, which means there are other defensive ability of quarterback strong and deep understanding of the attack. says: "and then decline, done in one vigorous effort, three and exhaust. The same is the same in NFL, the defensive team should be active and aggressive, while the offensive team should try to make less mistakes and keep the mind clear. The spot sign not only helps the team to take the lead in the attack and defense, but also can kill the defensive team. Just imagine, has to be both offensive and defensive battle, suddenly the offensive re deploy defensive attack group had to follow the new system to make corresponding adjustments, not only defensive tactics may have to be changed, and thinking will be less concentrated. football is a game of wits, when both sides have a 〉quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) finally agreed to renew the contract with the Seattle seahawks. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said the two sides signed a contract for a period of 4 years, the value of 87 million 600 thousand dollars. The contract includes a $31 million signature bonus, with a guaranteed income of $60 million. the two sides renewed over the offseason deadlock between the two sides since the beginning, after the two sides set the Seahawks started Friday morning training on the end of negotiating deadline. Over the past few weeks, both sides have been in order to form the contract amount and income security disputes. Wilson renewal annual salary of $21 million 900 thousand only slightly lower than that of the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) the average annual salary of $22 million, at least in the Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Clark (Andrew Luck) - Rodgers will be a renewal of the previous league's highest paid quarterback. The $60 million guaranteed income and earlier in the offseason to contract with the team for 5 years, four Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) to protect the amount obtained at the same level. only signed a four year extension contract, which means Wilson is only 30 when he entered the last year of the new contract, which gave him the chance to pursue another big contract. 's career opening in the third round of the 2012 draft was one of the most impressive of all the NFL quarterback. In the 3 seasons, he was ranked first in the total number of games (42 games), the number of games in the playoffs (6 games) and the first number of Super Bowl starters (2 times). He ranked second in the quarterback score (98.5), and ranked fourth in the number of passes (84). Since the entry into the league in 2012, the number of winning attacks he led was the most (15) of all quarterback. The trump quarterback is the most valuable asset of all professional sports. The Seahawks know they have an ace this. Now they have to get his salary to the same level.The official website of NFL, the Broncos coach Kubiak will return on Monday, football nest Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) will be scheduled on Monday morning to return to the team. The team official told ESPN Saturday Kubiak has informed his team ready to return. Interim coach Joe de milis (Joe DeCamillis) has said Friday he knew Kubiak plan on Monday morning to return. Kubiak all last week at home, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Denver on Sunday night after the game against Atlanta falcons. Kurac stayed in the hospital that night, and he was diagnosed with complex migraine he had been examined further in the last few days, and the doctor tried to judge what caused a headache. in the past week, the Broncos special teams coordinator Deca Millis served as the team's interim coach, led the team to play the game including the San Diego lightning. Mustang coach and the coach said they in the past this week, most of the time not to contact Kubiak, trying to give him a chance of rehabilitation. But Deca Millis said he did call Kubiak a few hours before the game. Kubiak and his son watched the game of the wild horse. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Not every club of the Premier League can earn extra income by selling the cuff advertisement. At least two teams in the Premier League will not be able to add their sleeves to advertising because they are in agreement with the current advertisers. Nowadays many countries League has begun to commercial advertisements from Jersey to sell clothes, even playing socks idea, the Premier League is also seeking new a way of earning money. But we still hope that football can be pure, not excessive commercialization, or as the Brazil League, the players of the chest, back, buttocks and even all India was full of brightly coloured advertising, this is really a bit spicy eyes.

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