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The official website of NFL, Nick Fowles, why not, the cowboy football chiefs signed wo Losangeles rams' draft this summer drove off the team's quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles). for Fowles, he got the chance to attack the free market. Finally, Fowles chose the Kansas chieftain instead of always hoping to get his Dallas cowboy. recently told reporters: when I have time to think about things after I ram you was released, there is always a chance, you just need to respect and care for these opportunities, I choose my rookie coach Reed in the period, we have to keep in touch after I was released and he and I have a lot of communication. Obviously Reed was the main reason for Fowles to make a decision. in fact, Fowles only played 6 matches, 1 wins and 5 defeats under Reed's hands, and completed 6 copies of 5 matches. After Reed left the Philadelphia hawks, Fowles handed out 27 data to 2 times. is now 27 year old Fowles to Alex Smith (Alex Smith) bench.San Francisco 49 people running back Carlos - Hyde (Carlos Hyd cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e) in Pittsburgh with the Steelers game due to a concussion to leave early. Finally, the team lost to 18-43. According to reports, Hyde accepted the concussion test after leaving the field and passed the test, but coach Jim Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) decided to let him rest at the sidelines. Haider held the ball 14 times before he left the field, pushing 43 yards. He said in an interview after the game, "I was hit, and I felt dizzy. When I got back to the field, I felt a lot better and passed the test. I'm ready to go, but the team let me go on. " After Haide left the field, the new rookie Mike Davies (Mike Davis) held the ball 7 times, propelling 14 yards, Jared Heini (Jarryd Hayne) holding the ball 2 times, advancing 3 yards. officials have revealed that the concussion will not affect Hyde's game next week. As Luther college teammate, Steelers linebacker Ryan Sharzer (Ryan Shazier) said the team will be regarded as the number one target at Hyde: "we need to control him, he is the team's top running back."New York jets have not yet given up their season. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that the jet to a change according to the conditions of medium picks (ESPN message for the two round to the four round between the Seattle Seahawks) traded wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin). Fawkes sports reporter Jay Glazer (Jay Glazer) first reported the deal, two teams have not yet officially announced the news, but CBS reporter later confirmed that Halven had been informed that it would be traded. Rapoport on twitter that the Seahawks these last few weeks have been rumors in the transaction seeking HARVIN, while the NFL website reporter Albert - Brill (Albert Breer) on twitter said HARVIN's temper is one of the reasons leading to his being traded. was a shocking news for the players for the two teams. In , the Seahawks spent a lot of time in the offseason to change their tactics to maximize the manual as a catcher and HARVIN unique gifts from the back ball attack. But his performance in the 2014 season was not satisfactory, half of his 22 ball held from the open ball line. He received 6 yards of data every time he received the ball, which was the lowest NFL in the hands of at least 5 hits. However, HARVIN brings real talents to the offensive team of the jets, and he could have proven themselves excellent offensive ability of wide receiver Eric Dirk (Eric Decker) to assume the responsibility of the attack. The Seahawks before the start of last season with a round of shows and two low ranking draft from the Minnesota Vikings to deal after they only saw HARVIN, from jet engines get so surprisingly little return. Brill noted that the next four years, HARVIN's salary will be $41 million 500 thousand (but it is worth noting that Rapoport referred to the end of the season after his salary will no longer contain security income), he stressed that the jets general manager John ezroch (John Idzik) is willing to take a lot of space team salary cap in HARVIN a gamble put in, the Seahawks abandon him before the 2 season he only played 6 regular season games.The official website of NFL | Reggie Wayne due to injury this week will not play football | Indianapolis pony Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) this week will be absent because of injury and Pittsburgh Steelers game. The other running backs Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) is out of doubt. pony coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) told reporters on Friday, Wayne due to the elbow injuries last week against Cincinnati tigers in the game, the game will not play, he has missed all the week before the training. The 35 year old veteran of the season as the team No. two took over, with 38 catches for 434 yards and a touchdown scores. His absence will make the other two other than TY- Hilton (T.Y.Hilton) and Hakim - Nicks (Hakeem Nicks) take more offensive responsibilities. and the team running back Richardson with a hamstring injury missed training on Friday, the team will be marked out into doubt. If he is absent, another runner, Ahmad Bradshaw, will get more chances to get the ball.

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