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The official website of NFL | Denver Broncos defensive or group will create | football history Denver wild horse's defense team has a chance to create a new record this season, before the team has done it. they are defensive League first teams in the league, anti pass first, quarterback sacks data alliance first, defense alliance second points, since the quarterback captured and killed the data in 1982, no team defense group completed 4 single season record of first. actually didn't do it even before the quarterback was killed. A lot of teams have been close to these data, the 2013-2014 season of the Seattle Seahawks defensive League first points, at least the team and the best anti transfer team, but their number is behind quarterback sacks. Even the Baltimore field in 2000 were let the opponent crow only scored 11.9, has not been able to complete 4 first. maybe this is going to change this year, and the Mustang may be the first full cheap nfl jerseys free shipping defense team in the league.The official website of NFL | Eric - Berri in the first preseason NFL comeback | Kansas City Star safety Eric Berri (Eric Berry) last November was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, and since then has been in cancer treatment, Berri late last month announced the disease has been cured will return to the court. This Wednesday, when head coach Andy Reid (Andy Reid) said Berri will debut in the preseason game in the first week of the reporter, the chief in this Saturday's game against the Arizona cardinals. , though Berri is going to be out for a long time, it is uncertain at the moment, but at least this is a good start. It shows that he has been ready to return to the match in body and mind. It seems that everything is under plan, and the ultimate goal of the chief is that Berri will be able to restore the original 70%-80% level.the new England patriots in the local time on Saturday announced that the rookie fullback Joey - Yousefa (Joey Iosefa) from the training squad promotion squad. At present, only the James White patriot array (James White) and Blanton Bolden (Brandon Bolden) two genuine running back. earlier this week, the former Denver Broncos patriots running back Monti Bauer (Montee Ball) signed into the training squad, but in comparison with Yousefa, Bill - Bailey (Bill Belichick) or a tendency to choose the team more familiar Yousefa. Yousefa 6 feet tall, 247 pounds, at run inside. The former University of Hawaii's running guard was selected by Tampa Bay pirates in the seventh round of this year's draft. Yousefa University during a total of 512 times to punch the ball for 2218 yards with 21 touchdowns. In addition, he also has the ability to catch the ball, 60 times the ball to push 438 yards with 3 array. If you can get the opportunity to play, the Patriots will play a similar hope Yuyousefa Jules Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) the role of.The official website of NFL | Brady alliance petition for a retrial ban were rejected by the court | football Tom Brady (Tom Brady) to overthrow his four match ban in reducing the chance to continue. the United States Court of Appeals for the second circuit on Wednesday rejected a ban Brady and NFL players union request, which means to overthrow the Brady punishment is the last chance to appeal to the Supreme Court of the United states. The has 90 days to appeal to the Supreme court. According to informed sources Brady's legal team considered indeed will appeal to the Supreme court. If you want to continue to appeal Brady, his legal team may first asked the second circuit court of appeals to temporarily cancel ban on the word, next to the second circuit court of appeals not suspended ban, Brady's lawyers are likely to put forward the request to the Supreme Court, and the judge Ruth Ginsberg (Ruth Ginsburg) will decide whether to agree. If Ginsberg agreed to the request or the Supreme Court decided to hear the case, the Supreme Court of the Brady schedule will almost certainly in the entire 2016 season. If the Supreme Court dismissed the case then Brady have to accept a ban. But legal experts say the Supreme Court has a small chance of accepting the case. in May last year in the League for leak door investigation, Brady was suspended for 4 games alliance. The penalty was then rejected by the U.S. District Court in September last year, but the court of appeal overthrew the district court's decision in April this year. if Brady decided to appeal and the court decided to temporarily cancel the ban, he has a good chance for the game against the Arizona Cardinals in the season opener and continuous in home court against Miami dolphins, Houston Dezhou and Buffalo Bill. If Brady will eventually accept the ban, he will be back in the game against Cleveland Brown in October 9th.

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