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Italy international football club, which just passed its 110 birthday last week, released its 110th anniversary commemorative Jersey on the official website of the Milan international football club. international Milan has set up a 110th anniversary commemorative shirt to be built on the basis of this season's home player version. The front part of the Jersey is added to the signature of the team this season. Behind the Jersey is printed with the number "110" and "INTER" to show the long history of the Italy Centennial club. A club is added to the left sleeve of the Jersey. The 110th anniversary commemorative emblem is set up. The white shield emblem with the golden border and red cross comes from the Milan City badge. The badge is added to the international Milan metropolitan area, with the word "1908-2018" attached. The golden "Centodieci Inter" (International Milan 110th Anniversary) at the top of the badge is a tribute to the glorious history of the 110 years. This envelope type packaging Inte cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rnational Club of Milan established 110th Anniversary jersey with blue black appearance, and limited edition 1908. At present, the commemorative shirt has been sold on the club's official website for 190.80 euros. I wonder if you Neira Zulli are ready to put their income in the bag?The official website of NFL | Oswald vhailor wife to help him learn | football tactics ????????????????N???-???????Brock Osweiler??7200???????????????????????25?????????????????????9????????|????????? ESPN told reporters, a lot of learning tactics Wheeler offseason tactics: learning content including Oswald Wheeler basic tactical team, gather the business instruction, tactical explanation, and the name of a variety of mobile defense terms, most of which is part of Dezhou's various tactical array type, they are up to 18 pages. According to reports, Wheeler believes every day the most effective learning time is 8 to 9 o'clock in the evening, when his wife will help him to learn, he said: my wife will play the role of offensive coordinator in the evening, let her complete quote every tactic, then to implement these tactics, make sure I the implementation of the right, this will help me later in the training business together.The official website of NFL, outside the Steelers had received confirmation over coats's hernia surgery, wo football movement Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Sami (Sammie Coates) coats's last season with several finger fracture pain in the game. And that's not the case. According to informed sources revealed to ESPN , also accepted the motion coats's hernia surgery, which has never been recorded in the Steelers injury report last season. According to reports, which has never let the absence of training and coats's to him more like a thing to worry about. Coats's confirmed Tuesday that he underwent surgery in the groin position. make the event even more complicated, ESPN last month reported surgery for treatment of fractures of the coats's fingers, but now confirmed that the operation was to treat inguinal. The alliance is currently investigating why the Steelers failed to run Weile viand - Baer report (Le'Veon Bell) suffered a similar situation. Baer left the field in the United States Championships for a groin injury, but he had never been mentioned in the team's injury report. Baer, who missed training in personal affairs before the match, told reporters after the game that a groin injury had troubled him for several weeks. we'll soon know what the alliance is thinking. As he finally accepted the treatment of coats's. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | packers Coach: Rodgers is at the peak of | football last month since the Green Bay Packers can be said to be a trend which cannot be halted, they are currently in the League of Nations has tied the record to the Arizona Cardinals, a Super Bowl champion for this trend, and in stark contrast to the downturn at the beginning of the season. The main reason why the packers are hot is no doubt the excellent performance of Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), but now the support for Rodgers to win the most valuable player in the regular season is also increasing. Packaging Manager Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) also has no secret of love for AI. He said in an interview: I have never seen a quarterback reach Rodgers's current level. Many people say that Rodgers is the top 15 player in the 2011 season of the regular season, who is 15 and 1. In my view, he has more leadership than he did at that time. His performance on the field is unprecedented. Rodgers has finished 15 times more than 40 yards this season, which is the first in the league. Since November 9th, 16:0 Rodgers's touchdowns than is amazing, from the end of October since the quarterback had score less than 109 points. Now Rodgers is really in the top state of his own, and I believe that such a Rodgers should not replay the one round trip of the 2011 playoffs.

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