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The official website of NFL | Titan veteran offensive tackle will undergo surgery may | football season The time of Taylor - Levan (Taylor Lewan) is to be opened in Tennessee. It's faster than expected. Michael Roos, who has been Tennessee Titan's first cutting edge for a long time, said his injured right knee may have to accept Michael's surgery. According to ESPN, he said the knee injury did not tear the anterior cruciate ligament, but he refused to disclose the details. In the 10 season for the Titan, Ruth was absent from 1 Games: he did not play in 1 games after his appendectomy in the 2012 season. This is a big blow to Titan, which is easily injured by the quarterback of the team. As Titan's attack on the frontline, Ruth was a model for steady performance and was selected for 3 times. but Titan is ready to make his substitute. The team overall pick in the draft this year eleventh levain, originally planned to let him instead of the 32 year old ruth. This season is the last year of Ruth and the titans of the contract, so his operation is very likely to mean the end of his career the titan. Levan has not h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ad the first starting experience, but he may start on Sunday to face the Jacksonville Jaguar. Hope that the rookie can protect the Titans quarterback Jack Rock (Jake Locker) (or Charlie - White Hearst (Charlie Whitehurst))., a thrilling offensive battle and a great victory with no suspense, let the Jacksonville Jaguar and the new England patriots arrive in the NFL playoff final of the United States. The two teams played 4 times in the American League playoffs. The Patriots won 3 wins and 1 losses. This is also the second time the two teams meet in the finals of the United States since the 1996 United States finals. In the history of the two teams all played in, the patriots are only lost 1 games for Blackburn, Jaguar, seemingly opportune one can not occupy. the new England patriots after the victory over the Tennessee Titans, the seventh consecutive season in the American League finals, is since 1970 the first team can reach this achievement. At the same time, the Patriot 9 with the American League, NFL is also the most; and in the home court held American League finals, the Patriots also maintained 6 wins and 1 losses record high. In the last week to Titan, Billy Cheik and Brady this mentoring combination, has teamed up with 26 playoff wins, no not sure yet, but is indeed with no predecessors. In the season after winning the playoffs still outside, Brady pass number, the number of passes, passing yards and touchdowns to maintain a record number of absolute leading. The Last Patriot attack group was in full bloom, although the team coaching team was about to change, but there was still no impact. James White and rob Gelon 'turns to the impact Titan touchdown zone, "Marcus" finally got his tenth playoff touchdown, this data is only 22 times behind Jerry rice and 12 John - Starr Voss. Since entering the twenty-first Century, as the most dominant team in the league, the Patriots broke 5 times in the super bowl for the 7 time. Do not know fans hope that the 5 will become 6 this season? NFL Chinese website chief commentator: Zhang Etam (Egg Zhang )The official website of NFL | outside the Seahawks over Baldwin: we will miss Lynch | football Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) a few weeks ago to coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) at the request of next season, don't let the retired running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) once through the No. 24 by using other players. general manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) has said no players will wear the No. 24 shirt in the next season. In an interview with on Thursday, Baldwin explained why he and his teammates would miss Lynch's existence. We picked a lot of running on the draft and we knew we were going to attack the ball again, Baldwin said. But it would be difficult to fill the gap and fill the vacancy left by Ma Sean. he has done everything for us, not only on the field, but also in the dressing room as our chief leader. We're going to miss him. It's hard to play in the absence of him. It was a relaxed twitter, just to show him our gratitude for him and give him a little tribute to him. The running back position configuration Seahawk is good, they Thomas - Rawls (Thomas Rawls) and ball type rookie running back C.J. prosise (C.J. Prosise). Carol has confirmed that Rawls will take the place of Lynch in the start of the season, and in the rookie season, Rawls makes an impressive 5.6 yards.The official website of NFL | Green Bay Packers of Matt Ford | interested in football Matt Ford (Matt Forte) has been one of the most efficient runner in the league in the past 5 seasons, which is bound to attract the attention of many teams. us time on Wednesday will be the beginning of the NFL free market, according to news that Green Bay Packers want to get Ford. packers last season's performance is actually not bad, the field running times and the ground floor push yards are ranked fifth in the league. Their initial runner Eddie Lacy Eddie's performance in the 2015 season is not good, but the latter half is back to Yong. but Ford's performance obviously good than west and substitute James Starks ran Wei (James Starks), and other substitute packers season run guards. Ford completed over 1000 yards of running ball and 7 touchdown last season, which is not ideal for Ford because he missed 3 games this season, maybe because of poor data. Ford's career has completed more than 1000 yards of the ball in 5 seasons, and the 2014 season is ranked first in the league with 102 hits.

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