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The official website of NFL | Panthers main defensive tackle football | fracture Carolina Black Panther has received a lot of damage recently. According to their reports, Starr Lotulelei Star has suffered a leg fracture and will be absent from the playoffs. last week against the Arizona Cardinals in the wild card race on to Trevor hurt his ankle in November, had also hurt. The 320 - pound player has contributed 67 in 2 seasons so far, of which 25 are completed in the 2014 season and 5 quarterback. lack of his Panther defense will not be able to pressure the pockets, which will give Russell - Wilson (Russell Wilson) more opportunities. Panther had to let 34 year old Colin K cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ohler (Colin Cole) and 33 year old Edwards dervan (Dwan Edwards) to replace the position of rotation.NFL's official website, the crow said general manager may sign a free agent before the draft, football nest Wednesday, Nick Goddard Manchester Center (Nick Mangold) and crow interviews, but did not reach a contract. But Baltimore doesn't seem to give up yet. at a news conference Wednesday, crow general manager Ozzy Newsome (Ozzie Newsome) asked whether the crow sign a free agent before the draft. niusuomu replied: in our efforts, our efforts in a high possibility, yes. Although niusuomu is for all free players answer, but Mangod seems highly likely. ??????????쨴??????-??????Jeremy Zuttah??????????????49????????????|??????? There are few good goods in the free market, but this week the ram just picked up John Sullivan (John Sullivan). The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.kkansas chief's attack team seemed to have been affected by injuries. The team in the new issue of the injury report, will run Weichakandelike - West (Charcandrick West) and near end Travis - Cares (Travis Kelce) are classified as "open". West injured a hamstring during a game last week, Kells is in local time on Friday with an ankle injury in the team training. manager Andy Reed (Andy Reid) said in an interview that Cares's injuries were not in a big way and West was gradually recovering. Cares this season before, three weeks before the game to get together 244 yards with 2 touchdowns, but then failed to get a hundred yards in single field. West's performance as a substitute for Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles) is gratifying. If he didn't play, Spencer Vail (Spencer Ware) is expected to start, he came off the bench in last week's game, 96 yards, 8.73 yards to size.Oakland Raiders victory Saturday is so bitter, although they are locked in the first round of the playoffs bye break, but they lost their most important player. team star quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) fractured her right leg in the match, and the season was reimbursed, the quarterback is still in the best season of career, and even can hit MVP's candidate. his injury was a huge blow to the team, and even a huge blow to the entire league. , but he has a very calm mental attitude. Later on Saturday, he sent the most sincere reply to the fans who sent him the blessing. He wrote on his Twitter: "thank you! Joshua 1:9 " Carle vowed that he would return as soon as possible, and hope the fans don't have to worry about themselves. This season's Raiders are well staffed, and their future is likely to hit the super bowl, but this season may have a slim chance.

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