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The official website of NFL, the Seahawks running back Rawls through the examination from the injured list, activate the football nest when the Seattle Seahawks coming in this week ushered in the first preseason game, they run in the guard position have more uncertain factors. will become the main Thomas Seahawks running back Rawls in the new season (Thomas Rawls) by physical examination and on Sunday from the activation cannot play due to injury in the list. Rawls was put on the list since he was still recovering from a fractured ankle in the training camp. Rawls has been saying he has been ready for a few months at the start of the season, and he returns to the big list to support him. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) last month told the media that Rawls and Graham - tight end Jimmy (Jimmy Graham) are all close to return to training. will slowly increase the amount of training the Seahawks for Rawls. He did not take part in Sunday's training. Sean - Lynch last season in the horse (Marshawn Lynch) core muscles injured after Rawls became the new Seahawks to punch the ball threat. In his early season before the end, Rawls in the 13 gam cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e red ball for 830 yards and 4 touchdowns. Rawls can run at full speed again despite the distance there may be a few weeks, his return is a positive signal for the Seahawks preseason schedule.the new England patriots in the offseason and wide receiver Chris Hogan (Chris Hogan) to complete the contract. Hogan confessed that it was expected to be able to break out in the new season and make a contribution to the team. Hogan said: "for me, I am a loser, so every year I have to compete for the position." I may be cut off, and I may be unemployed. I never take anything for granted. Every day is an opportunity. For me, it's a chance to compete. Whether I'm a first or a substitute, or I can't get out at all, I'm ready every day. " last season, Hogan played for the buffalo Bill, he completed 41 receptions for 426 yards with 4 touchdowns. Through his own efforts, Hogan may have had the best chance of his career. He himself is looking forward to what he can do in the new season.The fiftieth NFL super bowl is on the way! The four sets of dialogue are wonderful fiftieth NFL Super Bowl war is at star network news Beijing time on January 25th, NFL semifinal exciting ended their first regular season, Midland League finally reach fiftieth super bowls. A victory, a victory, and ultimately defeat how Mustang Panther enemies dominate the league? Where is the biggest view of the fiftieth Super Bowl? What kind of good play will be played by veteran Manning and Superman Newton? VS a leopard head Denver Broncos legendary quarterback Payton · Manning early in 1998 as a draft entry into the NFL, 18 years a number of NFL passing touchdown record, he came to a total of 539, is 4.6 times the opponent Newton, 71940 yards, 4 times Newton. He was resourceful many players believed to be the most intelligent people in the league game, unparalleled experience he often through "poly business attack" played no opponent defenseless, occupation career 35 director is fully deserve the "turn the tide, mastermind alliance". Carolina Panthers Kamm · Newton is also a quarterback, entered the League to champion the identity of his burly, Wu Yi high, passing the ball as an arrow, starting to run at the foot of the wind, a rookie quarterback season run touchdown record number (14), 3 times in 4 years selected occupation bowl, several times this season with 1 commando, 96 meters and 120 kilograms of flip up front, was a leader of the black panther, "deserved leopard head" title. "veteran" VS "Superman" Denver Broncos scored a total of 8 super bowl, is one of the most experienced in the League finals team, and in 1997 98 years have defended, history has only 4 teams to complete this feat, the Broncos in 2013 with many of the players participated in the super bowl "veteran" and Manning himself there are 3 Super Bowl winning experience and experience. In contrast, Panthers, history of only 12 years ago in a super bowl, eventually defeated the Patriots in front of the team is the core of "90" Newton and Jikeli two genuine 90, attack against each other, is the largest contributor to the Panthers this season best record in team history to record the day. Fearless style of play is the impression of the team's most profound. 1 seed VS 1 seed , this is a duel between the first seed teams of their respective Federations (League of nations and the United States of America), especially the Black Panthers who were not optimistic before the season. They won the best start of team history by winning 13 games in a row.The official website of NFL | Cincinnati tigers | football linebacker Bo Fei Kete activation Cincinnati tigers linebacker Bo Fekete von TAZ (Vontaze Burfict) for the next game of the possibility of greatly increased. The team announced on Saturday that they had already activated the line from the list of injuries that could not be activated. Bofeiketeben weeks through the examination can return to training, NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Friday that he is likely to play against Pittsburgh Steelers game. The activation of Bofeikete means that the tiger is very likely he played. He will test his surgical knee before the match. , 25, had only 5 games in the last season, followed by a minimally invasive surgery, which was usually difficult to recover from the operation. After 10 months of recovery, Bo Fekete looked ready to return to the game. We think the tiger will let him enter the rotation line slowly. if Bo Fekete is close to his professional bowl level in the 2013 season, he will help the team remain unbeaten. news: Tiger linebacker Kurt boffin this week is expected to return

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