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The official website of NFL | receiver Gordon until August to re apply for the qualification | playing football , now we know why the Josh Josh (Josh Gordon)'s indefinite ban will last until the summer, which is not good news for Cleveland Brown. had a news report yesterday that Gordon failed to pass a drug test last month. The test found the composition of cannabis and the diluent used to cover the use of hemp. Gordon's agent refused to comment on this, and NFL has not yet made a comment. , who had not passed the drug test, was told by NFL that his application for recovering his qualifications had been rejected until after August 1st. his application was rejected. He can reapply later this year, a coalition spokesman said. We have no further comments. didn't pass the drug test. It doesn't mean Gordon will be banned for second consecutive seasons, but it won't help him return to NFL's efforts. He came out last time in December 21, 2014. NFL President Roger - Goude (Roger Goodell) can make a decision at any time. The 2015 season was Gordon's third consecutive year in violation of drug abuse regulations. Although he was banned in the first two games in the 2013 season, he ranked the first in the number of matches. In February of this year's NFL test in the camp, the team executive vice president Sassy - Brown (Sashi Brown) for Gordon in the team's cautious optimism about the future. You have to wonder if Gor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping don's recent mistake will finally make the team run out of patience.The official website of NFL | cousins four touchdowns, Red Eagle summit in the east to help Rick | football Beijing early December 27th, the eastern region ushered in a competition related to this season's divisional champions. The Washington Red Leather team is away from the Philadelphia hawks. After four fierce battles, the final red skin defeated the eagle with Cousins's four pass. The Eastern National soap opera ended, and the red skin would represent the eastern war playoffs, and the hawks and the Olympic giants were locked out of the playoffs. The score of the whole game is 38:24. first quarter, the eagles took the lead in the home court. Ryan Mathews (Ryan Mathews) in the middle of the road to get the 1 yards of the array. In the middle of this section, the red - skin quarterback, Kirk - Kirk Cousins, returned a 22 - yard pass. The catch is the near end Jordan Reed (Jordan Reed). But dusty Hopki (Dustin Hopkins) the additional play lost. But before the end of the festival, Cousins found Reed again and got second passes. The first section of Harding Park, the Redskins made the 13:7 lead. second games, both sides strengthened the defense. The first hit a free kick after the Redskins on defense Zach ertz manufacturing group (Zach Ertz) the lost ball turnovers and won a free kick. At the end of the half, the red skin still has a 6 point lead. 16:10. third, koxin expanded his score to 23:10 with his third pass. The catch was Chris - Thompson (Chris Thompson). Although DeMarco Murray quickly reduced the score with a 4 yard touchdown array, but the miss of Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) was grabbed by the red skin and the opportunity to return to a touchdown. Red skin, so with a 13 point advantage, went into the last quarter. 30:17. the fourth quarter, cousins thermal reduction, a 13 yard pass to find the region of Pierre (Pierre Garcon) - gaccon took personal game fourth touchdowns! The next 2 points converted his success to the ball to Jamieson - Claude (Jamison Crowder). Red skin got 3 leading edge! 38:17. Left in the game 4 minutes, Bradford finally got a passing touchdown. The catch is Jordan - Mathews (Jordan Matthews). Although the eagle quickly made the red three suspended out and got the ball, but failed to narrow the difference. The end of the red skin was the hawk on the road. The score of the whole game is 38:24. Bennet of the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael (Michael Bennett) appearances this season this time rose sharply, he also has his own interpretation. In an interview this week, Bennet said: "when the team pays you more salary, they naturally hope you can make greater contributions on the field. Playing time is a way of embodiment." in March this year, the Seahawks and Bennet signed a new contract for a period of 4 years, the value of $28 million 500 thousand, of which 16 million security. So far, Bennet has played 83.5% of the team's defensive gear, which was only 57.4% last season. "I like to play," Bennet said. "This amount of work doesn't give me a burden. I will continue to work hard and do the best I can. " Bennet is a defensive striker played Seahawks most time. The number of his appearances is fourth in the whole defensive group, which is only inferior to Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) who takes part in 99.4%. He participated in 98.5% Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) and participated in 95.4% K.J. Wright (K.J. Wright).The official website of NFL | packers will retire the legendary quarterback Favre Jersey No. 4 | football According to ESPN , the Green Bay Packers will be officially retired legendary quarterback Bret faffe team this season (Brett Favre) of the number 4, in addition, will also be officially named Favre packers Hall of fame. It is reported that , packers and faffe on Monday afternoon I will time the United States together held a press conference to announce the news. Unfortunately, I will attend the conference to Favre, he will pass the phone to the majority of the packers fans personally announced the news. just a month ago, the packers President Mark - Murphy (Mark Murphy) had also made it clear that the team will not retire at the end of the season Favre Jersey, he also pointed out that this is my worry Favre fans will cause discontent. The has 20 years of glorious occupation career. He came from the Atlanta falcons, and in two, he came to the Green Bay Packer and started his legendary career. The packers came to Favre in fourth games for the first time the packers starting from the beginning of the game, he occupied the packers starting quarterback position for the 16 season until the 08 season to leave. In the 16 season the packers. Favre will this team became one of the top teams. He led the 8 division champion, won the 5 National League scored 2 NBA Finals, the super bowl, and won thirty-first Super Bowl trophy. In addition, the virtue of their outstanding performance, was elected for three consecutive years of The Associated Press's most valuable player award. No one can break this record so far. The dispute may be in 08-09 before the start of the season, when all the people think will be in the packaging industry Favre retired to perfect the end of his occupation career, the 39 year old faffe has chosen beyond all expectations to New York and joined the New York jets. The jet spent just one season, Favre came to a world of ice and snow Minneapolis, and eventually retired in the vikings. Perhaps, this is the last three years, has become a barrier Favre and the packers fans forever. but in any case, the best their occupation career faffe 16 years of dedication to the Green Bay Packers, and brought a Super Bowl trophy for the town "

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