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Beijing time was 8:30 on Tuesday, September 26th, and the third week and one night race of the NFL regular season was on schedule. This week against both from the National League West Arizona Cardinals and the Dallas cowboys from the NL east. In the current 1 Cardinals home court wins 1 negative, they hope to use the home court advantage overcome David - Johnson (David Johnson) because of the unfavorable situation bring, take one in cowboy body. The Dallas cowboys in the first week in the New York giants after second weeks suffered by the Denver Broncos massacre, they also hope to improve the morale of the team with a victory. The two teams last met in the regular season and ninth weeks in the 2014 season, when the Cardinals 28:17 away victory over the cowboys. more ahead of the game, please click here home court combat Arizona Cardinals first ball. At the end of the game, the quarterback, Carson Palmer, passed the pass to find the near end Jermaine Gresham (Jermaine Gresham), pushing 20 yards. After running back Andrea Ellington (Andre Ellington) with short pass in the left sideline, ran 20 yards. Came to the red zone, and took over the Jia Long Brown (Jaron Brown) completed a 25 yard touchdown catch, help the Cardinals lead 7:0 jeans. The Cardinals with a length of 5 minutes and seconds of attack easily built a 7 point lead. Cowboys offensive group d cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ebut, they hope to help run Ezekiel, Ezekiel Elliott, early into the state, but Elliot once inside the ball and a side ball did not get any effect. The cowboy gear out, only punt. The Cardinals offensive team gets the ball again simply ran out of the first day the rest of the time: veteran Larry - Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) for several times with short, forward. The cowboy into half, the Cardinals had four stalls 1 yards hit a failure, but the cowboy into early foul line or to the Cardinals a first attack. After running back Andrea Ellington, again on a single line to eat cowboy Wei, the ball 17 yards. This game has entered the second day, Carson Palmer touchdown pass line is a blocking foul disallowed, the Cardinals can only try a 36 yard free kick, but kicker Phil Dawson (Phil Dawson) shot in. This wave of Cardinals 8 minute attack failed to take a minute. cowboy this game second attack again to three out. The Cardinals side, Larry Fitzgerald won the ball 5 yards after the first attack, the Cardinals quickly punt. When the Cowboys offensive finally had some improvement, Elliot ball has Kiel, tillen - Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu) failed to timely completion of grapple, Elliot rushed 30 yards. But before the free kick, the cowboy four - point guard - Prescott (Dak Prescott) was Chandler Jones (Chandler Jones) 〉the last game this Sunday is very important for the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings, and packers linebacker Jack ray - Mathews (Clay Matthews) feel the need to do to enhance the game. , the 6 professional bowl player thinks he needs to become more influential. He explained: "I need to find a way to make myself more influential on the court, which has nothing to do with my skill and the level of golf course. No matter whether I have 1 or 0 grappling in this game, I should be the most destructive one. " if Mathews had the last time he met the Vikings in Minnesota, he might be able to help the team win the crown of the north. A review of the twelfth week race, Mathews finished 6 grapple online after blocking Adrian Pidesen (Adrian Peterson) 2 times, let Pidesen the game only completed 13 times for 45 yards rushing performance.New York jets announced Monday, the second grade cornerback Dee milliner (Dee Milliner) is placed in the Achilles tendon, injured reserve list for the season. And signed the Josh Thomas (Josh Thomas). was injured as milliner SWAT members on Sunday against the Denver Broncos game was on the defensive at the broncos. He immediately jumped out of the two or three step and fell on the lawn, holding his right leg in pain. This is the third time for the 23 year old young corner guard this season, before he missed three games because of a high ankle sprain and a four - head injury. Milina is the second corner guard that the jet team has been reimbursed for the injured season. The last one is Dexter McDougle, a new rookie, who has been torn up by the anterior cruciate ligament in the training camp and has been reimbursed for the season in. ????????????????-?????????????????? Thomas, the Dallas cowboy, was picked in the fifth round in 2011 and has played for 2 seasons in the Carolina Panther team, starting 10 games. It was cut off by the Panther this season and was picked out by the jet and put on the list last week. and the jets currently 1 wins and 5 losses in the American League East cellar, the Thursday night game, they will be away to partition their new England patriots, face Quebingshaoqiang Ryan, and a weak defensive line, Tom Brady's pass should be relatively easy.In the | softball games softball preliminaries: Guangdong | approximation Jiangsu to ensure that the top two outlet Cleveland March 27 Xishuangbanna Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiangqian) the Twelfth National softball preliminaries today in Yunnan Xishuangbanna Nan Jing Xincheng training base to continue: already qualified for the Jiangsu team with another victory in the championship game, the Guangdong team won the competition for the National Games finals last admission qualification. four Pelosi sends the system in the game, has won the National Games finals of the four teams fighting: Jiangsu team remain undefeated, with 10-1 victory over the Sichuan team, directly into the championship battle, to enter the top two; Beijing team defeated the Shanghai team in 5-1, the Beijing team won the team and Sichuan for another championship tickets qualification. five to eight Pei sends the system two games is directly related to the Twelfth National Games of softball last finals, so the competition is very fierce: Guangdong team with third innings 1 points and fifth consecutive hits bureau with 5 points, the final victory over the Henan team with a total score of 6-4, winning the last national Games ticket to the finals qualification. In another key competition of , Tianjin team decided to win the National Games finals and win eighth of the games with 5-4 victory over the Liberation Army and the liberation army. Tianjin team continued to retain the hope of entering the finals of the National Games. The next Tianjin team and Henan team battle, the loser will miss the final games, the winner will be with the Guangdong team will compete for the final ticket, a national final. The softball preliminaries of the National Games will be all closed in March 28th. With the announcement of the final ticket of the final of the National Games, the ranking of the preliminaries will also be produced. (finished)

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