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automatic play switch automatic play shock to see not understand also to see the 2015 season NFL regular season ten good rush array is loading... proved that three people were very happy after their innocence Tencent sports news in September 2nd for Al Jazeera reported NFL players use doping investigation, NFL announced the Green Bay Packers linebacker clay Mathews (Clay Matthews) and Julius (Julius Peppers) - peipers and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison (James Harrison) did not use any drugs or get. The Alliance said in a statement on Wednesday: to conduct a comprehensive inspection in the production by Al Jazeera USA documentary made after allegations that NFL did not find any credible evidence of drug Pittsburgh Steelers - James Harrison and the Green Bay Packers Craig - Mathews and Julius - peipers obtained or used by the NFL-NFL players union to improve the performance of drug prohibition ordinance. three players participated in an interview last week. The survey, which started this month, was led by the NFL security and legal team, with the support of expert consultants and other athletes. The survey includes intervi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ews with witnesses, review of past records and other materials, electronic search, laboratory analysis and review.The official website of NFL |2015 season in the National League West looking | football impression in the National League West, the defense is the tradition of welcoming sanguinariness. After 7 wins and 2010 season with division champions, 2013 season sweep of the league, and the Seahawks Dynasty started to take shape, the NL West to this year, but tasted the life change radically, they will usher in the new season of ups and downs? Seattle Seahawks is confident: the Seahawks star's personal characteristics and ability has no need to repeat, but we can talk about their team building strategy. The team should look like is: one, general manager and coach the same direction but do not interfere with each other, Peter Carol and John Schneider had unbelievable understanding in the selection, Schneider never join Carol on the tactical point. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-????????????-??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Three, very united, the Seahawks are always willing to choose some college players as leaders to ensure the dressing room, the locker room last year cut Percy HARVIN showed cancer - Seahawks determination. Four, become an independent school system, the Seahawks cornerback model to lead the whole alliance trend, lead to a cornerback talent worth soared, but the other team never looks in and quietly dongshixiaopin, the Seahawks in the three or four round pick nobodies, plug and play. In view of this, have a good team building strategy is still the Seahawks league's most stable team, most close to the new dynasty after the patriot. : carp, worrying when Russell Okun was injured smooth edges, Marx Angell was sent to the South as part of J.R., Ipswich and Justin Britt proved that the Seahawks in draft does not always do the right decision, the Seahawks once encountered defensive front tough team, both in the road passing or attack could the oppressed. But it's just a fault. After all, the earth knows that Wilson and Lynch are not too dependent on the offensive front. unknown factors: the clock back seven months, the annals of the super bowl, steals the Seattle people heartbroken, Carol made a tactical choice of career is the worst, but if Werwilson pass goal is not Ricardo Locket, but a reliable red kill? Almost immediately to rob the Seahawks traded for Jimmy Graham. The Seahawks lacked receivers and lack of proximal Feng, Graham is the two decathlon. With the same style of Doug Baldwin Jermaine - the gentle, generous to put it in recent Haiying Kevin Norwood to Panther poverty, but the fact is really so? Baldwin is not the Superman and gifted, and most Wilson familiarity will allow them to complete the match, but Graham just.New Orleans saints added a kicker. veteran Josh - Kobe (Josh Scobee) announced on his face book that he had signed a sign with the saints. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the NFL official, reported the contract for one year, and Kobe would get a bottom salary for the old man. Rapoport also said that Kobe's injured buttocks have recovered completely. Kobe, Pittsburgh Steelers through the transaction after the introduction of spent 4 games disaster in 2015, in his 10 free kick shot missed 4 times, also shot missed 1 additional touchdowns in 7, after he was laid off the steelers. Kobe's career as a free kick was 80.1%, with only 60% last season. The saints' kicker position in last season was also a mess, and the team cut Zach - Kerr (Zach Hocker) in the middle of the season. Take out Kai forbath (Kai Forbath) is currently a free agent. Can look forward to the next will be increased to the saints kicker in the offseason competition through the selection of the best.The official website of NFL | Kansas chief Weitanba - Harry | line termination veteran football recently sources said Kansas chiefs have been with their line Weitanba - Harry (Tamba Hali) termination, Harry last season for the team to play their own salaries again. The did not disclose any details because the team did not allow the details of the contract discussion to be published. Harry's previous contract contained a 4 year contract which could be revoked. Therefore, the cancellation team can avoid paying him the signing fee and create enough salary space. suffered from knee injuries last season, and completed 6.5 quarterback games. But he still appeared on the list of professional bowl for fifth consecutive years. In November this year, the veteran is going to be 33 years old.

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