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The official website of NFL | ace running back Murray joined the Philadelphia hawks rugby | forty million Philadelphia hawk announced on Thursday that last season's league leader DeMarco Murray has reached an agreement with the Hawks for a 5 year contract worth 42 million dollars, which guarantees 21 million yuan in salary. The day before the hawks just signed former San Diego lightning team running back Ryan Mathews (Ryan Mathews), now in the position of the eagles running back depth is excellent. ????????????????????????????????????????????392?|????????1845??13?|???? In the press conference, the Hawks coach kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) on his last season, a huge offensive burden did not worry too much, and that Mathews will share part of the red ball task. with the Seattle Seahawks signed Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch), for the Dallas Cowboys for as so cheap nfl jerseys free shipping on as possible to find a can bear the main responsibility to punch the ball running back, will be before once spread Adrian Peterson raise a Babel of criticism of (Adrian Peterson)?The official website of NFL | lost the first game | football quarterback NFL in 3 countries EJ Manuel (EJ Manuel) completed a record on Sunday in the United States, a record that no one had ever had to do before. , with Buffalo Bill losing 31 to 34 to Jacksonville Jaguar, Manuel became the first quarterback to lose in 3 countries. He also lost to Atlanta falcons in the Canadian series. if the NFL alliance has developed well in Europe, I think it is necessary for Bill to avoid a game in a country.NFL official website, NFL, who wonder woman football nest not all football matches are won on the court. These 15 women are the proof of this sentence. This group of pioneers used their own way to build NFL into today's elite system. Martha Firestone Ford is a respected boss. Amy Trask is the executive of a Super Bowl team. Sarah Thomas is a full-time referee. Beth Mowins will be a nationally broadcast commentator. Charean Williams is a candidate for a rugby journalist and a hall of fame. From the office to the stadium, these amazing women have made great progress in the way to the most popular sports in the US, and opened the door for those who follow their dreams and their footsteps. Look at their contribution to American football. Kim Pegula Kim Pegula quickly became one of the greatest names in Buffalo's sports history. As the chief executive of Pegula sports and entertainment, she and her husband became the second owner of Bill's history in 2014. In addition, she is also the franchise of the NHL buffalo army knife team and two other local teams. Pegula has done a lot of work for Bill. She is also a member of the Super Bowl Committee and a member of the National Football League Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the life of rugby players. Amy Trask As the first female executive of the NFL team, is well known both inside and outside the circle of the American National Rugby League (NFL). In 1997, she became the chief executive of the Oakland Raider and held the post until 2013. She was originally an intern at college as a raider, and was later hired by the team's law department in 1987. She is currently an CBS football analyst. As BIG3's new 3 to 3 Basketball League CEO, recently she released a new book: "like a girl to negotiate" recalled the past events in NFL. Dee Haslam Haslam and her husband Jimmy are Cleveland Brown's boss. She is also involved in many Dakelifulan areas and other areas of organizational activities. Haslam also owns part of the Pilot Flying J, Haslams home truck parking service. She is also the CEO of RIVR media, and is the director of the rock and Roll Hall of fame, the university hospital system and the joint Avenue. 〉The official website of NFL | Miller MVP Award: San Francisco VIP Club seats | football Denver wild horse's line guard Miller (Von Miller) won the fiftieth session of the Super Bowl MVP. Not long after 's honor, he appeared on the VIP seat in a San Francisco nightclub. Miller is standing next to lear - Wayne (Lil Wayne), he was the Club performing rapper, according to TMZ news of the party is to celebrate the victory celebration party mustang. is reported that the Miller entourage included cornerback AKI Budd Taleb (Aqib Talib) and some of his teammates.

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