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The official website of NFL | Sherman can look forward to being | football teammate Locket although the Seattle Seahawks missed the super bowl, but the team cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) is still in good mood, he is looking forward to the weekend occupation bowl. Sherman was elected to the Erwin team, after he hopes to play in the offensive team, at the same time with the Seahawks teammates. is currently in the Erwin team, where the players are gathered in the field, but Sherman still can play for the offensive team. I hope to block Bobby Wagner in a ground attack. I did a good job, and he was always afraid of me. Wagner had previously said that if Sherman went into the area he defended, he would throw Sherman down. Sherman's other team mate, Taylor Locket (Tyler Lockett), also selected the professional bowl, will be his opponent. Sherman said: cheap nfl jerseys free shipping I will stop him, he know. Although it was Sherman's third career bowl, it was only the first time he had been in the game. Although the job bowl has been criticized by the outside world, Sherman still says he will enjoy the weekend.Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau (Dick LeBeau) - announced last week that left the Steelers, despite rumors that he would retire, but in an interview with Lebeau explicitly denied this. A few days later, the LBO trend once again become the focus of attention. Pittsburgh local media reports, and the Arizona Cardinals have Lebeau coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) contact, he is very able to in the next season to the Cardinals defensive coordinator reappeared on the sidelines. originally Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd (Todd Bowles) - BLS will likely take a head coaching job, which makes the vacancies left by the Cardinals had to start some action in the coach market. The insider said, the Cardinals are very interested in Lebow, he took the initiative to contact A Ryans is to facilitate the conversation. At the same time, the Cardinals are willing to further transform and upgrade the defense strength of the. although both sides of this cooperation is full of interest, but still willing to accept the LBO interview several other teams. Now, the only thing we can be sure is that the LBO will continue as the defensive coordinator for the 2015 season.The official website of NFL | wilfork if at the end of war loss million dollars | football holiday has a week ahead of the Patriots locked AP first position, is likely to be part of the main holiday arrangements in the final round of the match against Bill, but spike wilfork reasons must play the game. The reason for is that in the contract terms of vifco, there is an activation clause worth 1 million 250 thousand of the bonus, which is that weiflock can play in the defensive number of more than 70% of the Patriots and take part in the semi-finals of the Federation. Although the patriots have got the Federation to ensure that the Federation will participate in the first semi-final qualification, but this season, wilfork currently in the Patriot defense played 1031 file 764 file (74.1%), if not the last fight, is likely to drop below 70%, you will not be able to activate the clause. so the Patriot fans are likely to see the leader of the defensive team appearing in the regular season.the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will Jim Winston Metz (Jamies Winston) as the core of the team is the quarterback of the future, compared with the third grade Mike grenon (Mike Glennon) somewhat embarrassing. But grenon in a recent interview that she was pleased to be a pirate force, not because they can not become a starter and trade demand. grenon said: "I love here over the past 2 years, it has become my home. I'm happy to be able to work with the current coach, and I can learn a lot from it. I want to continue to grow and play longer for the pirates. " Grenon was in the second half of the season for rookie first chance. Last season, the team signed veteran Josh - McKoen (Josh McCown), grenon helpless back on the bench. grenon career has made 19 appearances, 29 touchdowns, show some bright spots. The confirmed again came off the bench to start the season, a lot of teams for grenon showed some interest. But grenon said he will not take the initiative to request transaction. In addition, he praised Winston: "he is a clever boy, a talented person, a very good passing level."

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