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The new Nike network equipment even-even football jersey with 2015 Kashima antlers and elegant design, a shirt sponsor by LIXIL (building materials and equipment suppliers) and YellowHat (auto parts supplier) won the Kashima antlers ranked third in the league in 2014 J. The new Nike The design of The new NikeDoug - Wiley (Doug Whaley) wants to say goodbye to Buffalo. The general manager Bill the entire offseason status is not optimistic, now he is also optimistic: Bill Wiley sacked officials announced Sunday. "after a thorough review of our Rugby operation over the past few months, I and Kim Pegula decided t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o start a new direction." Terry Pegula, Bill's boss, said, "we enjoy the time with Doug. He is a good man, and we thank him for his contribution to Bill. But I made the decision, and I believe it was the right step for Buffalo Bill. We will soon start looking for the new general manager. " Since Bill hired Sean Mcdermott (Sean McDermott) as the manager of Bill, Mcdermott and Wiley did not stop to see the bad rumors. According to the news, Pegula will be given the right to Mcdermott in the draft. not only that, they have cleared up other staff, including personnel director Jim Jim (Monos) and Kelvin Fisher (Kelvin Fisher). ?????????e??1??-?????Jim Overdorf??????????????recently New York jet fans have been calling for "we want Vicker to come back!" There are more and more slogans like this. But when Geno Smith led the team to defeat the lions in Detroit on Sunday, the fans' aspirations failed. The jet coach said after the game, "I'm at ease with keno. If he stays healthy, he will be the first." I'm not going to change him. He's playing well. He's a firm and brave young man, and we'll win more. , but a bad scene was captured by WCBS reporter. When Smith left the field, he shouted at a fan and was recorded by many multimedia reporters. After the game, Smith apologized for his lack of cool performance. Smith now has a lot of power to choose his own tactics, and also shows the performance of the game. But it was not very stable in the performance of the pass. The defensive team said, "if he makes a mistake, we can have a different progress, and I believe he won't make the same mistake." The jet should have played better than the present 1 - 3, but life won't be better than bad. The next three weeks they will face San Diego, Denver and new England, which is two games away.Houston Dezhou wide receiver Andre Johnson (Andre Johnson) Tuesday morning to take the kids to the R Us shopping carnival. just 80 seconds, Johnson let the children as much as possible to get what you can see things, until the shelf is empty now, eventually this carnival spent $16266.26 for R US sales this year but sales. Houston chronicle reporter said: "the day ahead of Christmas, we thank Andre Johnson, the children you just walked into the store and then pick your love as you can, then you choose what is your money, by Johnson!" The NFL alliance likes to take advantage of such holiday moments, attract people's attention and arouse people's feelings, just like this event.

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