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The official website of NFL | veteran running back: Bill will not surrender the starting position | football Buffalo Bill coach Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) said last month that he would wait to see his team every game has 50 red ball, the offensive would let Sean run like Weile - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) for third consecutive years of more than 300 single season rushing. what kind of situation would this make Bill - Jackson (Fred Jackson) for years of Bill's run? they said (Mccoy) would be a starting runner, but I won't let him get the place easily, Jackson told reporters on Wednesday. I won't give him the first starter. But Ryan this offseason has poured cold water, he talked about Jackson as a role player in the third attack and Mccoy shared playing time, which will be part of their role. The bottom line is: and C.J., Jackson has to leave Peeler (C.J. Spiller) the number of days are rushing to share gone for cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ever. After getting Mccoy and giving him a contract of 5 years and 40 million dollars, Bill plans to rely on the former Philadelphia hawk star player to take the ball in every competition. in Anthony Dixon (Anthony Dixon) and Brice Brown (Bryce Brown) as the three or four runner, Jackson will not lose the position of runner two, but Bill's attack will become a personal performance. , but until the attack coordinator Greg Roman (Greg Roman) perfected his player's position, Jackson didn't plan to give up. He said on Wednesday: "I'm still playing for Buffalo Bill. Before they give up on me, I will remain in the team.if not because of foul words, the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) would have a first-class match. Three touchdowns the HARVIN referee whistled the Seahawks win just cancel red fouls in the tip of the iceberg. "I think I've never seen such a good performance as HARVIN," the Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) told the Seattle times. "It's supposed to be a phenomenal game, and of course it's still." The score 3 times HARVIN was canceled because of foul (2 have occurred in the continuous attack) is a part of the Seahawks total was whistled for 13 fouls, 7 of which are in the line of chuifa. Russell left Jiefeng - Austria (Russell Okung) to empty 3 fouls ranked first, center Marx Unger (Max Unger) and guard James Carpenter - (James Carpenter) each have 2 fouls. Second fouls Carpenter HARVIN received 1 long let convey a red array come to nothing, he was fined after players overturned in non violent movements in the cover when necessary at the time. "This is a (wrong penalty)," the line coach Tom (Tom Cable) said k-boom. "He's just doing it. I always tell them that as long as you do it to you, you don't have to worry about the question of punishment. If you do it late, if you do something stupid, I don't want such a thing to happen. But this action does not belong to such a category. " admitted that when his third touchdowns HARVIN disallowed when he has some frustration, but his offensive attack his teammates to help the team the ball for 6.3 yards per impulse in the open, it is a dominant performance. "they're really good," he said. "But the problem is that these fouls give you a sense of 'uh, not that good'. But their opponent fly pellmell." They also let the judges again and again to throw out a yellow foul.The new player Patrick · Bauer (Patrick Bauer), Simon · (Simon; Makienok), Markee NOK. Pakistan (El Hadji Haji Ba), members of the old Johnny · Jackson (Johnnie Jackson), Chris · (Chris Solly) and Thorley; Igor · Kohler (Igor Vetokele) Vito attended the conference. The three shirt was displayed at the Old Royal Navy college near the valleys.Bowling |2017 Shanghai Ding Jay bowling in 7 months, playing the perfect 300 points to win the championship yesterday evening, in 2017 Shanghai Dingjie 7 / bowling match in the first game, a 7,8 Lane bowling exchange hit out of 300 points, players in a final three ball suspended the game, and the audience together to witness the perfect moment! Congratulations on Zhang Cheng! At the end of the game, Zhang won the championship with 739 points. Feng Xiaobing won the runner up! Cai Jiebiao won the season! Zhang won 300 points plus a prize! champion Zhang Cheng in July July runner up Feng Xiaobing July season army Cai Jiebiao Ding Jie Jiang Jian July runner up fifth Ren Wei in July single Bureau top award Shen Haizhong The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.

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