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, Japan's J1 league teams have released their new season Jersey, Japan football website Qoly selected the 2018 season J League Yan highest 7 Jersey, sparked a lively discussion of many fans. At the beginning of the year, all the clubs in the J League will be flourishing, believing that they will remind domestic fans of Nike's "packaged" jerseys for Chinese Super teams in recent years. 2017 at the end of the year, according to the China football Institute for "three" posted on the Sina micro-blog news, Nike and China in the company's contract expires after the end of the 2018 season, Nike and super company contract for 10 years, which means that the superior team kit is likely to continue to be "package" to 2029. , though the news has not yet been officially confirmed, has been a hot topic for the fans. for a long time for a long time, Nike has always been too strong for the super design of the shirt. Often "not only for the super Nike Zhuangshan" phenomenon of the equipment provided, in addition to some of the team jersey and even badge and advertising is almost no difference. At the moment, teams may need to wait 10 years or longer to make their own shirts. So when the news is released, it will cause widespread cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fans' strong tuckus on the Internet. Liaoning, Hebei Hongyun China Tianjin happiness and the right to health shirt design details basic as like as two peas in recent years, the news of China super "explosion buying" has been constantly shocked the world football arena, and its influence in the world is bigger and bigger. However, the design of ball games is far less than that of Japan's J League, also from Asia. as everyone knows, J League jerseys have been making styles rich beyond the reach of other leagues. In addition to the club can find the shirt sponsor, J League foot of the last century in 90s, in the Japanese design industry trend at that time, the shirt design is the use of BOLD contrast colors and geometric patterns and other unique elements, and become the team's tradition continues today. 2015 J League sponsors Meiji Yasuda life held 52 Club Jersey show In 2017, the sponsors of 18 clubs in the J1 League included not only the famous brands of sporting goods, such as the two giants, Nike and Adidas, but also the strong brands of their domestic brands MIZUNO and Arthur. Among them, Puma (Puma) has become the J1 team sponsored the most (4) of the sports brand. Nike, Adidas and UMBRO (Umbro) sponsor 3, 3, and 2 teams, respectively. brands in the J1 League sponsorship team number sponsored by Puma Kawasaki and Osaka striker Sakura 2 teams for example: 2017 season, the main striker 〉 KawasakiThe official website of NFL | or Sherman will undergo elbow surgery in the offseason | football Although the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) in the first two weeks of the League of nations in the final hand ligament sprain, but he insisted on playing with a full game in the Super Bowl still. According to informed sources, Sherman is likely to be in the offseason to accept Tommy John (Tommy John) operation, namely elbow ligament reconstruction surgery. In a race against Green Bay Packers, collided with his teammates in a run against Sherman and injured his elbow. Since he is not injured, adhere to the training, in the Super Bowl still gives a high level of performance. His grasp and defense are still very robust, and he has not deliberately avoided the use of his left hand. There was a message that Sherman's shoulder was also injured, except for his elbow. However, it is stressed that, if an operation is required, the site will be limited to the elbow. In addition, the lover did not reveal the specific injury and the time for the examination and even the operation. The process of Tommy John operation is basically drilling on the two sides of the elbow joint, then cutting the tendon on the wrist joint, then reconnecting the joint after drilling, and then stitching. After the drilling, the tendon that connects the upper arm bone and the lower arm produces a similar ligament. This operation, similar to the replacement ligament, will help athletes overcome the injury of the elbow now a day for daydreaming for the Losangeles rams who are looking for a new manager. but obviously not the idea of Pitt Carol (Pete Carroll). the Seattle Seahawks coach Tuesday said in an interview about his ram intention that he served as Geoff - Fisher's successor No comment. reports "". Asked if he completely ruled out the possibility of joining the ram, Carol laughed and said, "yes." 65 year old Carol has a contract to let him in the Seahawks until 2019 season and he is jealous of a recent two consecutive years into the Super Bowl team manager. Carol is one of the big coaches associated with the goats for the past 24 hours. The other name of is the director of the University of Michigan, Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh). But according to people close to Harbert, Harbert said Harbert "won't leave Michigan" and "may never leave Michigan." also has a name for the new England patriot attack coordinator Josh Macdaniels (Josh McDaniels). In 2011 he had served as the rams offensive coordinator but at the end of the season. From 2009 to 2010, Macdaniels, the Denver wild horse coach, said in November this year that if he is in the right time for the right team, he will definitely be willing to play the lead again. But when asked the ram job problems, Macdaniels said he never thought of this problem. Fisher continued his contract before the start of the season, and he would have stayed in the 2018 season in the ram. But after teaching 13 games this season, he was fired by the ram. They had previously lost 14-42 to Atlanta falcons, which was the eighth loss in the last 9 games. This is the 165th defeat of Fisher's career and the first in NFL shirt collar after proud to display in the Gail language writing country name "É ire (Ireland)," social network label "lead in #COYBIG" is the slogan of the Irish fans cheer acronym, meaning "come on, boy in green! (Come on You Boys in Green!) ". NB Dry the

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