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NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?keno Smith (Geno Smith) will return to the game. On Wednesday, the New York jet quarterback participated in the training of the team, which was one month after he was injured in the clash with his former teammates. After two weeks before his absence, Todd Bowers (Todd Bowles), the head coach of the jet, said Smith was expected to be activated this week. earlier this week, Bowers has publicly announced that even if Smith is restored to health, the team's current first half quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) will also continue to serve as a shampoo. Bowers said, "Ryan is our first hair, and we are in a good situation." Even if Smith returns, Ryan w cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ill still be the first. " as far as it is, Smith's future in the team is not clear. If Mr Patricia continue, that Smith will be relegated to the bench, can not even get the opportunity to play in this season. It was undeniable that Fitzpatrick did well in the first two games, and he was also recognized and supported by the fans. At present, the jet has already made two consecutive wins, and the team is hoping to make a breakthrough this season., if you have the chance to spend only 25 dollars on a cowboy match against Houston and Dezhou people at the AT& T center of Dallas cowboy, will you be willing to play? such a good thing really happened. According to this game all profits will be donated to the "United Way of Greater Houston Relief foundation, the foundation aims to help the affected by Hurricane Harvey destroyed the people in the affected areas. this match is also the fourth match of the pre-season match, originally planned to be held at NRG stadium, but due to the influence of the hurricane near the stadium, it had to adjust the venue. this is a $25 ticket that fans can sit at random and believe it will be a good chance for a close contact with the NFL team.The official website of NFL | Payton - Manning - chapter second: growth path | Rugby Author: Fang Ling, NFL Chinese official network columnist speaks of the name of Payton. More people will think of Payton. Chicago Xiong Weida's running guard Walter Payton (Walter Payton) and NBA Seattle supersonic famous guard Gary Payton (Gary Payton) are all the surnames. This is Payton Payton, the reason why the Public opinions are divergent. the name Peyton, that is the most reliable, then the Manning boss has a son, and a daughter Olivia wanted, she was particularly love coincides with a TV series in the world "" the well-being of the heroine named Peyton, so in before Payton was born that name has been set, but unfortunately it didn't work. may be the early death of his father let Archie cherish and children get along time, so when Cooper and Payton were very little, Archie was willing to accompany them to play in the living room. He is always willing to bend, playing football and the children living room, while Cooper and Payton are always the same as a defensive player who swooped to archie. Archie said: when children are very young I have been quietly to their video. I bought a variety of sports equipment and Olivia to them, I tried to make them love fishing, but they have no interest in. I have never deliberately made them touch rugby, but they are very excited about it. New Orleans, Loyola street, not all families were like Manning's house this condition or fighting, looting, shooting, even murder, not only to protect the family It is often seen., Archie's safety, also to the maximum extent to avoid their children learn bad, go the wrong, not only Cooper and Payton what kind of friends or do they want to go out to play what Archie, are very concerned, virtually, football became Cooper and Payton only for love. Payton said, "there was a video at my family at the age of three, and dad always said I was in touch with rugby too early." In fact, Archie does not allow children and neighborhood children playing rugby tackle, Archie's worry is a reason for the nature, engaged in football career for many years, well aware of the danger of Archie grapple style, hudu heart can only be forbidden. But the young curious Payton and Cooper always secretly carrying his father playing tackle, at that time at home to Archie cop to accompany the children to play, but also play the bad strict discipline. When Payton grew older, Archie and Olivia have added a new worry, because these guys really love slapstick, even really started a fight, living room, kitchen, bedroom, can let the home whenever and wherever possible into the WWE arena. Payton confessed: in fact, in that little time, we knew it was wrong to fight.

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