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The official website of NFL | Seahawks running back Michael will be traded to the cowboy | football Dallas Cowboys added a young runner in the array. ????????????????????-???????Christine Michael???????????????????|????????2016???????? According to reports, the cowboy still traded a conditional to the Seahawks seventh round pick. running back Fred - in the signing of veteran Jackson (Fred Jackson), the Seahawks have been touting Michael. For the three people running back cowboy group Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden), Joseph Randall (Joseph Randle) and Lance Dunbar (Lance Dunbar) has been unwavering confidence. But team owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) did say a few weeks ago that the cowboy would seek to add another young runner. And Michael is this man. 24 year old Michael in the past two seasons make scouts drool with envy. He has both stature, strength and speed, which is very rare. But he was never able to show these features in effect when the Seahawks get a chance in cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the regular season, he struggled, but his performance in the preseason and stunning enough, it is difficult to ensure that the team will continue to retain him. was initially considered to be the final replacement of Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). Michael's disappointing performance in Seattle may surprise an excellent player for the cowboy. Although he will run out of time sharing and other health, Michael may finally be one of the best offensive lines in the League behind Mcfadden and Randall and partnerThe official website of NFL | Houston Dezhou cut | football running back Forster Houston Dezhou have cut off one of the greatest players in the history of the team. Dezhou announced Thursday that in rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, averaged rushing yardage and non kicker total score which several data were ranked first in team history the Forster (Arian Foster) will not continue to stay in the team. , 29, of , has an incredible career in Dezhou. Good understanding of the former undrafted by virtue of their all-round skills and for the regional cover system to punch the ball in the team to gain a foothold in the period from 2010 to 2012, a total of 4264 yards and 41 touchdowns. During this time, he also completed more than 100 times the ball 1438 yards and 6 touchdowns. unfortunately, Forster was suffering from injuries as well as many of the running guards. He received a lumbar disc excision that ended the 2013 season after 8 games. Back in the 2014 season, 1246 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns, in his last season because of a torn Achilles tendon season, played only 4 games. A week ago, Rick Smith, the Dezhou general manager, said that if the team decided to cut Forster, it would not be because of his annual salary. Forster had been paid $6 million 500 thousand in the next season. seems to be the biggest cause of health. According to reports he may lead to Forster being played, the biggest reason cut. Rapoport also informed people according to the sources that Forster is now recovering and can sign any team, but the team may want to see him running at full speed before signing him, so he may not be able to find a new club until the mini training camp starts in June.Green Bay Packers officially announced that team coach Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) will not participate in the professional bowl competition this weekend at Hawaii due to stomach trouble. He would have instruced all the teams to finish the game as a coach. related sources revealed that the doctor advised Mccarthy not to take a long flight, and the latter chose to follow the doctor's advice. As a result, the assistant coach and coach Winston - Moss (Winston Moss) will replace Mccarthy's work this week instead of Mccarthy. The career bowl has always been seen as a chicken ribs, and Mccarthy does not have to risk his health for the game. At the same time, Moss will get a rare opportunity, which will be an important event in his coach's career.The official website of NFL | Panthers defensive players complain victory football | time is too short last Sunday, the fourth competition of the Carolina Panthers against Atlanta falcons. Ron Rivera, a black panther coach, let many early players take a rest in advance, because the leopard has already led a big lead. , but the Charles Johnson of the black leopard recently complained about not playing enough time on his twitter. Charles wrote: "a good match, but we are a team." (Charles) The best punching hand should be in the four race. But he took the initiative to remove the twitter. Jackson was absent from the 8 week of the season until the 12 week of return to the Dallas cowboy. Maybe that's why he won't play. , coach Rivera said on Monday: "I know this. It's emotional. I respect him. I want him to be an influential player, so his complaint is nothing, because he did what he needed to do in the match. only 1 quarterback escapement in Jackson's 6 games this season, maybe that's where his pressure is.

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