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Water polo | World Championships women's open water: British players Zhaijin | Yanqiao Fang fifteenth Luca thirteenth World Swimming Championships born today women's 10 km open water gold, Britain's Payne (PAYNE KeriAnne) in 2 hours 01 minutes 37 seconds 1 won, the Russian player Ceri Voss Tova (SELIVERSTOVA Ekatarina) and host Italy player Grima Corti (GRIMALDI Martina) won a silver copper, the results were 2 hours and 01 minutes 38 seconds, 2 hours 01 minutes 38 seconds 6. World Championships women's 10 kilometers, a total of 45 people participated. Finally, 43 players completed the competition. Two people returned from the competition, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games champion and Ilchenko Larisa. Beijing Olympic bronze medalist, British girl Penn State well before the game today, half always maintain the leading position, the biggest rival Ilchenko out of the race more make it feel more relaxed, and ultimately to 2 hours 01 minutes 37 seconds 1 first to reach the end point, the silver medal was another Russian contestant Sai Rive Tova picked Grimaldi, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping with second players host 0.6 seconds narrowly to harvest a copper. the Chinese delegation sent Fang Yanqiao and Shi Yu to compete in the open water women's 10 kilometers. Finally, Fang Yanqiao ranked fifteenth in 2 hours, 02 minutes and 04 seconds, and ranked thirty-fourth in terms of time. The score was 2 hours, 02 minutes, 28 seconds 3. (finished)The official website of NFL |JJ w to children social networking advice | football recently Houston, a Dezhou superstar JJ J.J.Watt, gave children advice on social media use in an interview with the famous program. his central idea is: you need to make sure that every time you are ready to send a twitter you have read it 95 times. this is not only a suggestion for young people, but also for anyone. Social media is a good way to express your inner thoughts. But as Watt said, it is easy to cause improper use and even harm. try it 95 times before you try it.Beijing | handball handball team captain Zhang Ji played 18 years | will postpone | hand for the League Association picture is Zhang Ji in the Beijing Olympic Games (Xinhua News) Cleveland March 23rd Beijing electric (reporter Liu Xiangqian) the first China men's handball League kicks off in March 25th, the Beijing handball team captain and coach Zhang Ji today said publicly will postpone retirement time, determined to make this year's handball league. Zhang Ji is currently the leader and coach of the Beijing handball team. He plays the role of Zhong Wei on behalf of the Chinese national team, and has participated in almost all handball games. It is definitely an old qualification handball player. , 33 year old Zhang Ji, will be the oldest player in this year's handball League. Zhang Ji said, "I've been playing handball for 18 years, and I have participated in almost all handball games including the Beijing Olympic Games. I didn't play in the handball League, so I'm looking forward to this year's tournament. I had a retreat before that, but I heard that there was a handball game that decided to postpone retirement and play a good League. Zhang Ji said: as an athlete, thank the center, thank the association let us have their own league matches, and the same group of old players did not catch up with the league, I was very lucky. We will practice our skills, improve our level and bring more wonderful games to us. Zhang Ji also said with deep experience: "no one has been cheering before playing. When training, the mood is very dim. Hopefully, after the league matches, more viewers and media will pay attention to handball events.STATSSEASONTEAMGPGSMINFGM-AFG%3PM-A3P%FTM-AFT%ORDRREBASTBLKSTLPFTOPTS'99-'00823625.54.1-9.2.4490.1-0.6.2042.8-3.6.7741.'00-'01828234.75.5-12.2.4520.2-0.8.2664.6-5.5.8331.'01-'02818137.35.9-12.9.4540.3-1.1.2534.5-5.5.8171.33.44.710.'02-'03808036.44.7-11.6.4060.3-1.4.2133.9-4.9.7951.'03-'04828234.65.2-11.5.4570.1-0.8.1854.2-5.0.8321.'04-'05828234.85.2-10.9.4770.1-0.5.1543.1-3.7.8381.'05-'06828235.84.9-10.6.4630.1-0.3.1853.8-5.2.7381.'06-'07232335.75.1-10.8.4720.2-0.7.2502.7-3.7.7291.'06-'07575637.65.4-11.6.4640.0-0.3.0532.8-3.5.8081.'07-'08828236.86.9-14.1.4920.0-0.4.0883.1-4.1.7721.'08-'09828236.36.0-12.7.4730.2-0.6.2834.1-5.0.8261.'09-'10826630.54.9-11.1.4450.2-1.0.2003.9-4.8.8211.'10-'11818132.74.8-10.4.4600.0-0.5.1083.1-3.6.8531.'11-'1266727.43.7-8.4.4380.3-1.3.2172.1-2.6.8110.'12-'13821126.23.7-7.7.4790.2-0.8.2662.0-2.4.8400.'13-'1430219.02.2-4.8.4580.3-0.6.5001.2-1.6.7450.'13-'1428014.71.4-3.1.4600.1-0.1.6670.9-1.1.8330.'14-'1530020.72.3-4.9.4590.2-0.9.2311.0-1.3.7890.'14-'1551012.41.5-2.8.5420.0-0.2.1250.5-0.8.7180.'15-'1626010.81.4-2.2.6210.0-0.2.2500.6-0.7.7890.'15-'1613413.91.8-3.7.4790.1-0.3.2500.7-1.0.6920. Stats ?

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