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's one night game this year is often considered a "peck chick" game, but in most of the time it can be wonderful. The Monday of the twelfth week goatsucker, will usher in a North American League by the Baltimore civil war, crow away Cleveland Brown, and by historical factors, each time the two teams to play against will bring fierce competition of gunpowder, to add a lot of watch. Brown, the 2 winner of 8, had a bad season. Although the young quarterback "Johnny Football" Jonny Mansel this season the obvious progress, but this is only that skill growth, lace of negative news, he experienced two consecutive weeks starting again after the joy was back to the bench. But the veteran Josh McCain's return to the starting is smooth, the veteran of the season played quite well, 7 games, 1897 yards and 11 touchdowns, while in the two teams this season, the last battle, the veteran one-way 457 yards to break Brown team history single game pass code number record. As a great discovery of Brown this season, the main near end Gary Banich is the most trusted McCain ball, the game McCain strong return, outstanding performance this season will continue to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping own barnidge. This year's three round rookie runner Duke Johnson is another great discovery of Brown this season. He will win the offensive for Brown in the second place of running guard scoring. 3 - 7 Baltimore crow like conditions like brown or not to go. Although the game last week crow scored third rams home court win victory of the season, but paid a heavy price: quarterback Jo Flacco due to a knee injury last season, while the main running back Justin Fawcett because of a broken arm also for the season. So the three main season, Flacco crow offensive Fawcett, Smith has the match reports, and backup quarterback Matt Shao cloth has no original alliance Mawang spirit, another substitute young Jimmy Claussen also great embarrassment, the offensive team will face a hitherto unknown winter crow. Although the offseason released veteran Harodi Natta, but accidentally activates the third grade defensive peak Brandon Williams, as he is in his rookie contract, this season has grown to score the highest League anti runners, a high price. Although the crow's offensive ends are already broken, they will take advantage of their defensively to continue the next game.occupation bowl tight end Vernon - Davies (Vernon Davis) in the last week, losing to the Arizona Cardinals game injured his left ankle and knee, playing in San Francisco, stretching 49 on Wednesday, the start of training, but in the position of training still looks like a spectator. right tackle Anthony Davies (Anthoy Davis), because of a hamstring problem missed the first three games since the season started is the first time to start training, cornerback Bullock (Tramaine Brock) (toe) did not attend the training bench, proximal McDonald's (Vance McDonald) front (right knee) no training. Rookie center Marcus Martin (Marcus Martin), in this season's third weeks with a knee injury, a trainer on the sidelines, defensive end Justin - Smith (Justin Smith), as usual, rest on Wednesday "veterans day of rest", linebacker Patrick Willis (Patrick Willis) in sprint training.The official website of NFL | teams interested in trading with the Seahawks safetys money Eisner | football The plan in the absence of safety. The Seahawks star Kam - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) under the condition for the new season. Other teams are starting to ask whether intentionally shot the Seahawks safety. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the giants and other teams have been in contact with the Seahawks to express their desire to get money Eisner by trading. But Rapoport also said the Seahawks to open any trade talks. ??????????|?????????????쨢???????????o???? Rapoport reported that there was no progress in the negotiations between the two sides. The Seahawks have been a tough stance, rather than in money Eisner 3 years left on his contract with the case he renegotiated contract. He just signed a new contract in 2013. at the same time, the hawk is preparing to cope with the lack of chakle. On Saturday they used a fifth round pick traded to the Kansas City Chiefs safety Kelsey Mccrea (Kelcie McCray), he will strengthen the position of the depth. sounds the Seahawks will test the money Eisner determination. It is more difficult to choose continuing training when the team does not pay the salary of the regular season.The Secretary for home affairs | SAR handball said: Hongkong Asian Games cannot be lightly | hand Co picture: Ceng Decheng , director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Luca Taiwan news, director of the Hongkong SAR of the Home Affairs Bureau Ceng Decheng said recently, hosting the Asian Games is undoubtedly meaningful to Hongkong, due to resource transfer a lot of work, so must be careful. After the success of the East Asian Games held in Hongkong last year, the voice of the Asian Games in 2019 or 2023 was expected by all walks of life in Hongkong. In order to continue hosting the Asian Games recently had Decheng theme, wrote in his online column, essays, pointed out that Hongkong Asian Games can further promote the comprehensive development of local sports, the cohesive force of society, set up the international metropolis image is beneficial. but he said, held in Hongkong East Asian Games obtained remarkable achievements, but the scale of the Asian games than in East Asia will more than double, to transfer the resources such as a lot of work, so must not act rashly, must be necessary to evaluate all the questions, and listen to the views of the community in Hongkong. In the rear can reach a consensus decisions. (finished)

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