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even-even football equipment network Russia's new European Cup Away Jersey reflects the modern culture of the whole country, white coat collocation blue shorts and red socks, consistent with the position of white, blue and red on the Flag of Russia.Bowling |2016 source deep sports center staff bowling friendly tournament 2016 source deep sports center staff bowling friendly 2016 source deep sports center staff bowling friendly in the afternoon of June 22nd, the 2016 yuan deep sports center bowling friendly competition, organized by the trade union of the source deep sports center, was on the first floor of the yuan deep gymnasium. A total of 36 employees from 8 departments were divided into 7 teams. Before the start of the competition, many of the participants have been trying to change their shoes and start the warm-up cheap nfl jerseys free shipping training before the game. ??????????????????????????????????????????????Y????????????????????????????????????????????????????2???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? finally, the gym management department with 541 points won the team title, the stadium management department with 514 points won second place with 499 points, the stadium management department was third. Zhong Lihua with 136 points to win the women first, Sun Xiaoting with 117 points in second, Gan Huiping, Qiu Jie with 99 points tied for third; Kang Jian with 150 points to win the men's title, Wang Qiang won the second place with 135 points, 134 points behind Xin Bin Meng to third. game has ended, but the employees are still significant enough, still immersed in the game both nervous and happy atmosphere. In the second half of the year, the Central Labor Union will continue to organize more staff recreational activities for employees, improve their enthusiasm and efficiency, and further promote the spiritual civilization and staff culture construction.Tom Brady (Tom Brady) occupation career achievement and a few unfinished. Brady will become EA Madden NFL latest cover, above has the G.O.A.T. Edition (the greatest player version of the text). a year ago, Madden curse invasion of the tight end rob Gelon Patriot (Rob Gronkowski), 'let him play 8 games will be declared only reimbursement, on the sidelines watching the Super Bowl 51. The nightmare of new England, however, seems not to be over yet. But doesn't care about the Brady curse, he simply sighed a few words. Brady said: "I grew up in the bay area next to the headquarters of the EA, after joining the football field. Get on the Madden NFL cover is high honor for me. I don't believe what curses, I'm ready to accept the challenge! Madden beat me down!!!" 2016 won fifth gold super bowl ring, Brady is almost accepted G.O.A.T. quarterback. He is a two degree NFL MVP winner, and the number of pass codes (61582) and the number of arrays (456) are all ranked in the history of fourth.Chicago bears have begun the first wave of layoffs. Note: all teams must reduce their team size from 90 to 75 before 4 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday. There is a noticeable name on the list of layoffs. the "Chicago Tribune" reported safety Adrian (Adrian Wilson) - Werwilson team in the first wave of layoffs list. The former 5 time occupation bowl veteran at the age of 35 is no longer flexible, and the team for another safetys Ryan (Ryan Mundy) Mondi to upgrade the position of Qiang Wei optimistic. Werwilson also played at Arizona Cardinals when safety is one of the best players of his generation, 3 had selected the best line-up for a while, but also the history of the League sixth to 25 career sacks 25 steals safetys. In 2013 after he left the cardinals and the new England patriots signed a 3 year contract, unfortunately he is in training camp with the enthesiopathy (Haglund's deformity) and the season. This offseason cut him after the bears and patriots he signed a 1 year non guaranteed income veteran salary contract, but according to the "Chicago Tribune" reported that he had never entered the starting defensive team. We will remember him in the 2008 season of his way into the Cardinals Super Bowl fierce impact and leadership. The layoffs may mean the end of his career.

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