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Nike recently released a new Color Rush series sweater. Meanwhile, all 32 teams of the National Football League will participate in Nike's monochromatic sportswear Carnival this year. last season, Nike is only "Thursday night football" released 5 "color shock" sportswear, the New York jets and buffalo Beals team in the first match is very memorable, because blind fans can not distinguish between the New York jets in the competition of the whole green uniforms and Buffalo Bill's red shirt. this year, we have never encountered such a problem, ESPN said in a report said: "Nike on Tuesday released a new" color impact "monochrome uniforms for all 32 teams, but they also pointed out that if the team, team color collocation will cause problems for 10 million American blind patients. Some teams will be wearing all white uniforms on Thursday night in game play." ESPN also said that although this season is not the 32 teams will actually wear the "color impact" team uniform game, but it will not be surprising, the 32 sweaters will be listed for consumers to buy. Below is the 32 "color shock" Rugby football team official released by the national rugby league: 1. Chicago bear team 2. Cincinnati tigers 3. buffalo Bill The Denver Broncos 4. 5. Clif Browns 6. Tampa Bay pirate 7.??????????? San Diego team lightning 8. 9. Kansas City chieftain 10. Indianapolis Colts 11. Dallas cowboy 12. Miami dolphin team 13. P cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hiladelphia hawk 14. Atlanta falcons 15. New York giants 16. Jacksonville Jaguar 17. New York jet fleet The Detroit lions 18. 19. San Francisco 49 team 20. Green Bay PackersThe official website of NFL | sixth week review: No. three will win | Rugby Steelers quarterback No. three victory over the Steelers quarterback all the Cardinals of the season undefeated Arizona Cardinals at Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben lack of challenge. The outcome of the game, which looks strong and weak, is somewhat unexpected. In the first quarter by the Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) to finish 1 touchdowns after the game offensive group are not in the state, 3 turnovers in the Steelers defense by ball. The Steelers side in the first half on a free kick to bite the score in the second half of the game starting quarterback Mike Vick (Mike Vick) was injured after Delhi - No. three Janice M. Vidal four Jones (Landry Jones) at play, but his performance led the Steelers reverse. In the first attack after he came on, he finished 8 yards of Mata Weiss Bryant (Martavis Bryant) with the outer hand. In each incident free kick after the Steelers continued stalemate, first with the Cardinals steals fight comeback hopes, then receiver Bryant alone singled out the Cardinals 88 yards touchdown catch defensive line in from Jones's pass. The Cardinals were unable to beat the Cardinals Steelers 25-13. defense again savior Mustang victory over Brown this is another game that does not belong to Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) of the game, he in the game in 3 passes was steals, but has the most powerful defense alliance Mustang, they continue to secure the team unbeaten. Manning passed the ball in the first attack, but then the Mustang first broke the deadlock with a free kick. The Broncos cornerback AKI Budd Talib (Aqib Talib) then steals Brown pass and return touchdown. But at the beginning of the second half Brown is closer to the score, quarterback Josh McKoen (Josh McCown) recently state fiery cross found tight end Gary - Pakistan Nikki (Gary Barnidge) completed a touchdown. After the two sides pitted but couldn't score, the third section near the end of the Broncos defense group captured and killed McCain and caused the ball and your horse right to get the ball back and eventually completed the kick, with a 9 point lead in the fourth quarter. But McCain again soon and Pakistan Nikki completed passing touchdowns, then Manning in the game of second passes were copied by Brown interception return touchdown, Brown instant counter ultra score. Manning then finally reveals character, he passes the ball to receiver Emanuel Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders), the border line in complete touchdown. After Brown levelled the score with a free kick, he passed the Brown's pass again in the wild horse defense group at the last stage of the game, but the attack team failed to grasp the chance to complete the winning attack. Manning's third pass was copied at the beginning of the overtime, and Brown got the right distance from the ball.| German handball Olympic delegation official: 'this is what I have been to the best of the Olympic Village'| hand Association in July 30th, the members of the Estonia delegation were waiting for the entry procedures at the welcome center of the Beijing Olympic village. At 12, more than 90 Olympic teams from countries and regions had stayed in the Beijing Olympic village. Zhang Guojun, a journalist from Xinhua news agency, Xinhua News: Hongkong's Nanhua Morning Post website published an article in July 28th that Beijing Olympic village opened the village on the first day, showing the warm image of Beijing Olympic Games. The Olympic Village residential area is expected to receive 16000 athletes, coaches and officials during the games, but it is basically not allowed to enter the media. However, the vast Olympic Village leisure area has shown the host's warm and hospitable side. The usual supermarkets, churches and information centers in the Olympic Games have also appeared in Beijing. However, the building is also notable standing a massage salon and a Chinese teahouse. To help guests understand Chinese culture better, Westerners usually think Chinese culture is hard to understand. Olympic organizers even set up a temporary classroom to teach basic Chinese through computer-assisted instruction. a volunteer teacher said: " our team has 26 teachers, each time from 6 to 8 teachers on duty, open for 10 hours a day. In addition to teaching basic language knowledge, we can also give Chinese names to foreign athletes according to their names, their native language pronunciation and their characters. " in nail salon, athletes can be painted on their fingernails with Chinese bright colors, even showy Peking opera face patterns. Joerg ·, an official of the German Olympic delegation, Ziegler said: " this is the best Olympic village I've ever visited. I was impressed by the greening, the fountain, the leisure area and the apartment. " (responsibility editor: Zhang Zi)The official website of NFL | ram extension number one wide receiver Britt | football After exchanging the first quarterback with the Hawks, ram left their number one Kenny Kenny Britt with a two-year contract. The details of the contract have not yet been released. 5 former Britt occupation career season with the Titans, last season in a year is about to complete the short ram, 48 receptions for 748 yards and 3 touchdowns. 748 of them are the highest records of the ram since the 08 season of Tori - Holt (Torry Holt). 26 year old Britt occupation career totals 205 receptions for 3198 yards and 22 touchdowns, he will be the next season, Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) is an important helper.

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