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Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) - ute said he will play on Sunday against the Green Bay game. Because in the battle of Pittsburgh was his game left knee sprain missed the past three games, his comeback will bring some experience to the players on the field surrounded by injury. "Jonathan looked good," coach Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) said on Wednesday, and said he was looking forward to playing against Stewart ute packers, "we will see him (on Thursday) shows how he did most of the training, but all training is also no problem for him" I'm looking forward to, he can play without reservation, he will be rolling in training." Panthers 521 yard rushing yards ranked 28 in the NFL, but the 107 yards from the four quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) Sunday's match against Cincinnati. Dean Clarke - Williams (DeA cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ngelo Williams), has missed the last two games and is expected to lack of at least two games, he takes the 29 ball down 106 yards led the Carolina running back, Stewart houte ranked second, 29 red ball 88 yards. The Panther will face the Green Bay at the bottom of the runaway league, which allows an opponent to take 154.5 yards.Houston Dezhou's four point guard Sean Watson (Deshaun Watson) weekly pass data continues to refresh the history of NFL. on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks game, his passing again shocked the world. the game with one of his team's top receiver de Andre - Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins) 72 yard touchdowns as his nineteenth touchdowns, also became the first NFL history of occupation career before 7 games to finish 19 touchdowns players, ranked second in the legendary four quarterback Kurt Warner (Kurt Warner) 18 touchdowns. In addition to , Watson has become the first player in history to perform more than 400 yards pass in a single match, more than 4 passes, and personally completed 50 yards or more.a new England patriots fans seem very unhappy, because the quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) for gas discharging door by punishment, he also believes he can for the team in the private fund-raising $1 million fine. so he wrote the following announcement: "obviously we know we're not to raise $1 million, but we think the punishment is shit, we just want to do everything we can to help the team, so both the suspended punishment or we will help the patriot!" , this is really good. A team is assessed by Forbes for 2 billion 600 million dollars, and it can get all the help it wants, including the super quarterback who has signed 3 years' total contract value of 27 million dollars. The generous fans like don't see much in other areas, and hope he can remember to help the homeless people in Boston every year. Then I wish the Patriots can get the money they need.The official website of NFL | pony boss: Mathis may be around October to return | football Robert - Mathis (Robert Mathis) may not be able to finish his goal of returning to the stadium before the first week. The Indianapolis Colts owner Jim - Ilse (Jim Irsay) said on Wednesday that he could return from a torn Achilles tendon linebacker injury in early October and late September. that's hard to say, Ilse told the local media. We want to make sure that the doctor feels he is ready. And make sure that the problem of re - injury is not used. We have already discussed the return of about October. Can he come back faster? After knowing Robert, I felt that anything was possible. I really don't think he's ready to get ready for the season's opening game against buffalo Bill. , the greatest player in the pony's history, has already said he will be ready to play at the beginning of the season after missing the whole 2014 season. He has not been in the game for 19 months, and the days are still going on. He started training camps on the list of injuries that were unable to get on the court. could guess what he could make after the old man finally returned to the game. The ball hit the hand quickly, especially after the Achilles tendon injury that could affect the explosive force. last time we saw him on the court in the 2013 season, he had 19.5 shots. The colt's lack of hardness defender is under the pressure of progress this season, and of course they need such a punching hand.

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