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NFL's official website, the Cardinals with high expectations for the five round of football, wo Xiu T.J. Logan Arizona Cardinals array has a running back strength should not be underestimated. They have made this position more impressive through this year's show. they took to the five round pick T.J. Logan (T.J. Logan), the university has worked with Michel Chubisiji (Mitchell Trubisky) and Ryan swits (Ryan Switzer) play together, creating the fastest running back 40 yards this year marks in the test camp (4.37 seconds). It was his speed that favored the general manager, Steve - Caim (Steve Keim). Caim said in a radio show that he could run like a rocket propeller on his butt as long as he had space. T.J. Logan is the player we need to pay attention to. And my coach (Bruce Bruce Arians in the measurement of camp Arians) has been talking about him. In addition to amazing speed and explosive power, his ability to catch the ball also rejoiced us. When watching video, he sh cheap nfl jerseys free shipping owed the vertical speed, the strong explosive force, the ability to return to attack, which we were in need. Logan and three year old running back David Johnson (David Johnson) the backcourt duo, which took more than two years ago to be questioned the feasibility of attack. After Logan, Johnson could be a little easier. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.was the new England patriots zero to win the title in front of the audience, Houston Dezhou quarterback Bullock (Brock Osweiler) - Oslo vhailor criticism. but he said the critique: "to be honest, I think it's ridiculous. The criticism came from a lot of people who didn't know I was intent on that attack. They may never have really participated in the NFL team's offensive meetings in their lives, not to mention the quarterback. " "This is that I don't look at twitter," he said, . That's why I - I don't mean to offend everyone (the media) - I don't look at anything and nothing. " in any case, three games are not enough to evaluate the performance of a quarterback or whether it is worth the contract. Oslo vhailor this season each time the ball 6.4 yards in the qualified ranking in quarterback ranked third. His 59.6% pass rate was ranked twenty-second in the three - game quarterback (28), and his 231.7 yard pass was twenty-fourth. Dezhou people's red area attack efficiency is the lowest, only 14.3% of the red area attack to achieve array. , according to informed sources, coach Bill - Obrien (Bill O'Brien) took over the spot tactics work will next, this may help Oswald Villar's performance. Obrien did this job in the first year of the new England patriot as an offensive coordinator and as the chief manager of the Dezhou. Attack coordinator George Godesi (George Godsey) was responsible for the first three games of the season and the first season of the season. This season Dezhou in scoring (14 points) tied for the League minimum, they currently only 3 touchdowns.Even even football equipment network as the biggest game in world football this year - the World Cup host, Brazil national team in a World Cup host South Africa national team fans in a special way to show their new away kit. in the chest badge on the back, the shirt inside, is a Flag of Brazil from the velvet glove pattern, the pattern is the phrase "Nascido para jogar futebol (born football) surrounded by". In addition, Nike is also working with the Brazil designer Bruno Big, in each shirt inside at the nape of his neck with a unique design of the national flag. Jersey triangle tag shows from the flag in the Southern Cross constellation, the stars in the Republic of Brazil was founded in 1889 over Rio De Janeiro. each shirt name and number is carefully designed, with a tiny sweat and cooling hole, and has the fluorescence profile, improved visibility. The style of the name and number is inspired by the handmade street poster of hand - made in Brazil. Every player and the shirt sold in Brazil are made in Brazil. simple and classic tailoring design makes new white shorts more slim, new tailoring can also help maintain a comfortable movement. The middle and rear of the shorts have a Nike laser port to help keep the temperature and humidity. The blue passenger hosiery finished the last part of the classic Brazil appearance. during the course of the game players to effectively adjust the temperature so as to improve the performance of the field, is the focus of the work of Nike design team. With the combination of Nike Dri-FIT technology, burning mesh and laser cutting air circulation technology, Nike designers can achieve the most desired dry effect of athletes.Chicago's Football StationFootball fans, we have you covered! Tune into ESPN Chicago 1000 for complete Bears coverage, including the latest reports from Jeff Dickerson. Schedule ?Bears Blog ?ESPN 1000 Schedule ?ESPN Images

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