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the new England patriots in the local time on Saturday announced that the rookie fullback Joey - Yousefa (Joey Iosefa) from the training squad promotion squad. At present, only the James White patriot array (James White) and Blanton Bolden (Brandon Bolden) two genuine running back. earlier this week, the former Denver Broncos patriots running back Monti Bauer (Montee Ball) signed into the training squad, but in comparison with Yousefa, Bill - Bailey (Bill Belichick) or a tendency to choose the team more familiar Yousefa. Yousefa 6 feet tall, 247 pounds, at run inside. The former University of Hawaii's running guard was selected by Tampa Bay pirates in the seventh round of this year's draft. Yousefa University during a total of 512 times to punch the ball for 2218 yards with 21 touchdowns. In addition, he also has the ability to catch the ball, 60 times the ball to push 438 yards with 3 array. If you can get the opportunity to play, the Patriots will play a similar hope Yuyousefa Jules Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) the role of.used last season's new England patriots against the Indianapolis Colts in the Champions League competition, which was sold at auction for 43740 dollars. This is one of the highest prices for a rugby. This is the only game ball competition in the third quarter, the new England patriots run Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) after touchdown by wide receiver Brandon Rafael (Brandon LaFell) to ringside audience. Although the ball was inflated to the standard level in the second hal cheap nfl jerseys free shipping f, the "vent door" survey indicated that these balls were actually the balls used in the first half. so though it is not clear how much time the ball used in the auction is used in the first half, it is one of those used balls. , according to a spokesman for the auction site, said the game was 25000 dollars at the start of the game, and it was at the present price after only 5 bids. The chairman of the auction website said last month that he thought the final price of the game could be over $100 thousand. That doesn't happen, but the final mark may still be a record. was auctioned off $40388 last August for a game used in one of the most rugby games in college football history. Even 20000 dollars for a game is rare. In February this year, a 1958 NFL championship game was hit by a ball of $16730. Last December, one by Tom Brady (Tom Brady) signed thirty-sixth Super Bowl game ball was sold for $4915.Squash squash | marshals referee training assessment exams welcome held in Dalian figure: Participants in the three class squash training class participated in the simulation competition. (photography Wu Peng) Luca August 18th 2012 ocean diamond cup Chinese squash Tour Finals held in Dalian. The reporter learned that the Chinese Squash Association held a 2 day referee training class in Dalian two days before the Tour Finals. The reporter interviewed the squash national referee, the training instructor Zhang Wen, Zhang Wen said: to organize training for our referee level as soon as possible with the world, promised to hold a higher level in the domestic competitions show squash, squash Chinese excellent judgment level referee. Zhang Wen said that the Chinese Squash Association held the second session of the referee's training class in Dalian on 16-17 August this year. Hold the referee training class for the purpose of China squash referee work with international standards, improve the level of squash referee business well, the 2013 East Asian Games and the Asian Youth Games and other large events squash preparations project contest, the training and selection of outstanding staff. Zhang Wen said: according to the relevant regulations formulated by the State General Administration of sports on the referee level, all the referees can be divided into three level referees, two level referees, first level referees and national referees. The squash project will change the original A, B, C, D level referee to the cancellation of the D level referee, A, B, C level to one or two, three. This referee training class is divided into two levels of training. Participants who participated in the three level referee training included the original D referees and the new referees. The two level training class was the original B and C referees. Zhang Wen: participate in the two grade class of 22 students, two days of training from the rules of adjudication, including squash 8 guiding principles and squash venues, equipment requirements and detailed review of the college, a detailed explanation of the hinder appearing in the game is to watch the world wall joint confirm the typical examples of video referee, believe that students will have more help in the race for ruling in. Through this training, we have 6 original C judges who will be able to qualify for the country's two level referees after they are examined after the actual referee. Zhang Wen introduced: 38 people participated in the three level referee training class, including some new members. Through yesterday's final exam, some of the trainees will pass the qualification of national three level referees. But in the three level referee students judgment level uneven, we welcome you to attend the referee level at any time of the assessment, I suggest to participate in the new referee training course, before signing up before or to become a qualified squash referee, can have a basic understanding of squash, squash game with simple rules the best, in squash experience, so that they can successfully obtain the qualification of squash. 〉In the base of | killed | Peisikante's dream of resignation of vice chairman of the International Olympic Committee Luca: the Italy government refused to provide financial support for Rome's bid for the 2020 Olympic Games in Italy, capital of Rome's Olympic dream has not departed too soon was nipped in the bud. To this end, as chairman of the bid committee Pescante announced the resignation of vice chairman of the International Olympic Committee. , we can confirm that Mario ·. Pescante (Mario Pescante) has resigned from the position of vice president of International Olympic Committee, a International Olympic Committee official revealed to Reuters reporter. is Italy's most influential sports community leaders, Pescante told reporters that the government of Italy to adhere to the national implementation of the austerity policy, refused to provide financial guarantees for the bid, which resulted in Rome last week, had to give up the bid for the 2020 Olympic Games dream and hope, in this situation, he has been unable to continue as vice chairman of the International Olympic Committee post. , however, Pescante, 73 years old, will continue to represent Italy and become a member of the International Olympic Committee. Before bidding to withdraw from the Olympic Games unexpectedly last week, Rome's bid has been led by Pescante himself. I feel that they have no Yan representing such an early recognition of failed state IOC duties, Pescante also told reporters added that Italy's prime minister Mario · Monti (Mario Monti) until the distance between the bid deadline but a few hours before deciding to abandon the bid, it was too late. , we will still respect Monti's decision, but I have to admit that my managerial role in International Olympic Committee is totally out of proportion to my role. , which is currently bidding for the 2020 Olympic Games, includes Madrid, Tokyo, Istanbul, Doha in Qatar, and Baku in Azerbaijan. The International Olympic Committee plans to elect the host city of the 2020 Olympic Games in September next year. (show)

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