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Let the line guard Luke Jikeli Carolina West Coast Panthers set (Luke Kuechly) to the team, but he looks on the sidelines watching outside except what can do. Jikeli today did not participate in the training, it obviously means that he will not play against the Seattle Seahawks game because he did not have time to check through concussion process. this is the second consecutive games Jikeli due to concussion absent. He suffered a concussion in the fourth quarter of the November 17th victory over the New Orleans saints. In the past two seasons he has been absent from four games with a concussion. Although Jikeli let Panther have a chance to travel with the team hopes, another purpose they took him to reach: let Jikeli guide line guard friends. "he did really well," the manager, Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera), said after training on Friday. "He talked to the players and kept in touch with them all the time. That's a good thing. "only time will tell us that Derek - Henry (Derek Henry) of Tennessee Titan is the best rookie of the draft. but about cheap nfl jerseys free shipping his figure to the professional team, the 6 - foot, 3 - inch, 250 - pound player looks more like the line guard than the running guard. In fact, his new teammate teammate thought he was a line guard when he first met him. The team offensive line players Ben Jones (Ben Jones) told ESPN that the first time to see Henry himself, he said: "in his first training session of the University of Alabama, just my brother is the team's strength coach, I did not see him as" the linebacker why in this area?" I thought Henry should be only 17 years old, and now he's grown up. " not just Jones has such a reaction, many of the first time to see Henry's players have such a reaction.The officially announced the renewal of all star linebacker Andre de Levi (DeAndre Levy) for four years, the total value of 33 million 720 thousand, which reached 20 million of the contract guarantee part can make effect to 2019 levi. Basic salary Levi had this season only 3 million 500 thousand. He has been in the professional bowl for the past two seasons, with 151 escapement in the last season and second in the 6. According to the site's ranking occupation football focus, all of season 4-3 outside linebacker, Levi's performance after Khalil Mike (Kalil Mack) and von Miller (Von Miller). Levi in rushing and passing are covered in a good defensive performance, and after the Damm hole - en Su to leave, he will assume the defense group leader.today's Super League, the shirt is covered by a hook company, the 16 teams all in the same brand of clothing preparation, competition. However, as the season progresses, the fans and the club in Jersey is more and more big, the design of a template supply can not meet the requirements of all the super team, has been known as the occupation League Super League, even football shirt sponsorship are arranged? in 2009, in order to unify the equipment of the Chinese super team, China super company and a co - signed a contract for up to 10 years. The initial price of the contract is an equipment that can be worth 5 million RMB per team each year, as well as 1 million 500 thousand of the funds. Since 2010, the value of the contract has increased by 10% each year. In 2018, the total amount of the company's annual sponsorship reached US $30 million. (all the contracts signed in that year went in...) from the original price, superior team is undoubtedly got a big contract, but as more and more luxury clubs began to purchase, investment to hundreds of millions of dollars as a unit, the Nike sponsorship contract has been pale into insignificance by comparison. In the 2017 season, the equipment provided by Nike has been increasingly criticized by the outside world. At the end of the contract, the voices of the sponsors in the China super team were all over the ear. (a touch of super red, six teams) had previously announced UMBRO's intention to take over from 2019. However, according to the three leaders of the Chinese Academy of football research, Nike and China super company continued to renew their contract for 10 years, and the shirt package contract was in 2029, ha ha, come and see what your home team shirt looks like in the new season... is still a continuation of the Shenhua team collocation years of blue and dark blue, and decorated with red jersey, is the main part of the three deep blue bars by slash and with transition effects. constant brigade new squad is still red shirt collocation, is the main part of the seven golden fine line. Guoan's new season Jersey continues to decorate the green side with yellow edge. The main part of the Jersey is diagonal stripes. Actually many fans expect Guoan away from yellow shirt. Taishan's new season's jerseys, after a few years, use the blue as decoration. The main part of the Jersey is deep orange, while the sleeves are light orange. Huaxia team shirt... No, the students who did not find their own team shirts, please make up for their own brain. Anyway, all Jersey is to change color, change a name, a logo. yes, the fans will say "you look at the beautiful ADI, Puma ball, a hook will take some of the obsolete template to give in." In fact, the shirts of all the clubs in the world are basically the same.

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