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Houston Dezhou people may be glad no one willing to pay in exchange for later to pick up chips - original draft jade Wayne clowney (Jadeveon Clowney) sign champion. national audience for the first time noticed that the first day of this year's top show Klauni was the first day of the 2013 season, and he almost brought down the head of a University of Michigan race guard. Last week, he completed a similar defense in the backcourt (except the Cardinals Cardinals running back helmet not fly out). This is the only bright spot in the first game of the Dezhou people's pre - season. At 's first home show on Saturday night local time, Klauni made two consecutive defensive performances in the early stages of the game. , first of all, when the falcons used the fake fax running tactics (draw), he rushed from the outside to the Falcon backyard unobstruct, and threw the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping runner Anthony Smith Antone Smith from the quarterback to the ground. (reminder: offensive coordinator if you don't stop clowney don't use fake fax, running attack). After , in the next defense, the falcons tried to block Klauni. They can't do that. He roared past the left front Sam Beck (Sam Baker) and captured the quarterback Matt - Ryan (Matt Ryan). yes, it's still the pre - season. But his technology showed his power in college.The official website of NFL | Carolina Panthers cut 7 years playing football defender | Carolina Panthers announced that they cut back Charles Godwin, veteran defense (Charles Godfrey). The 28 year old veteran has spent all 7 years in the black panther, the team's 2008 show's three round show. It's difficult for to make this decision, because Charles has been making great contributions to our achievements since I came to the team 4 years ago, and coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) said in a statement. He has been trying to accomplish every task we have asked him to complete and work very hard. He is an excellent young man, and we wish him all well. , the tour guard, has played 72 games in the first five seasons. He missed most of the game because of a hamstring injury in the 2013 season and off-season this year to accept a pay cut. The Panthers in the offseason, as trying to make Godwin groove angle guard, but eventually at the start of the season or let him back to safety position. The team moved him to the corner again in the fifth week. Godfrey was on the pitch in the game against Green Bay Packers in the game, but it was bad. (Pro Football Focus) gives his performance score of -5.5) Godwin, in order to fill the vacancy left, the team from the training group promoted guard Chris - Scott (Chris Scott) into the first team.The official website of Macallan NFL |AJ- this weekend in May is a wrist sprain | football Cincinnati tiger quarterback AJ- Macallan (AJ McCarron) was injured in the 17-20 defeat to Denver Mustang Monday night competition, which may be more serious than initially predicted. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported a severe sprain on Macallan's left hand wrist on Monday. But, because this is not his passing hand, he hopes to be able to continue the game. The tigers are not sure until later this week whether he will start the game in the next game. The three quarterback of the tigers was the two grade player, Keith Wenning, who had never played in the game. and the main quarterback of the team, Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton), is reported that it will take weeks to return to the match. The tigers are trying to speed up the recovery, but the bone is not yet fully recovered. That means he will be in the playoff final week at least. Unless the Mustang in the last week to the San Diego lightning, tigers may be played wild card playoff week. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????63%?????200??1?|???? But now that Dalton can't play at least until the playoffs final week, if Macallan can't play well in the playoffs, tigers with patience will not easily forgive him.To celebrate the successful Olympic bid 2nd Anniversary | shuttlecock held in | Shuttlecock Association in Chaoyang Park in Beijing July 13, 2003, celebrating the success of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing 2nd anniversary, Beijing held a grand commemoration. This is the shuttlecock performances in Beijing Chaoyang Park Primary school. (Photo by Sun Wenzhi)

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