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The official website of NFL | and Lakshmi Hilton will be the conference's top football | remote attack combination 's Indianapolis Colts wide receiver TY- Hilton (T.Y.Hilton) last season and played his best season, according to the occupation football website data focusing, Hilton scoring in the league and took over ten. Excellent performance also won him a four year, 65 million yuan (39 million guarantee) renewal contract. He will continue to work with Andrew Luck in the visible future. nearly two years of the Internet in the free market, pony many experienced former star players, the offensive team veteran accounted for a small proportion, and the young Hilton natural to assume defensive arrows and challenge each other to complete the task size advance, but on this point, he has been Iraq effective assistant. Hilton scored 14 passes last year, and he succeeded in catching the ball. He had 528 yards to catch the ball and 5 times to catch the ball, and from Yu Shenyuan to pass the ball. Two of the data were ranked in the top five of the league. lark tried to pass the ball far to 88 times last year, ranked first in the league, and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping as lac is about to enter the contract year, the team will try their best to make Hilton play a more effective role with lac. The two is the basic guarantee to the pony offensive big kill four, they also hope to become the best in the League - wide receiver pass attack combination quarterback.on Sunday with the Detroit Lions District rival game, Green Bay Packers can not play their own good beyond all expectations of the attack, was not lions defensive tightly bound, only scored 7 points, lost away. The biggest problem of packers is the lack of ground attack. Eddie Lacy, the main runner, has had a poor performance this season, and has never been able to recover the strong skills of last season. Eddie, At the same time, the conversion rate is low third, play 10 face three attack only 4 successfully obtained the first file. In the weekly radio program, the team quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) said that the team's current attack rhythm failed to achieve the expected speed. "now we attack still not fast enough, the third conversion is very poor, the whole game we played only 51 offensive, not enough to outlast the defense group strength, coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) in the offseason target averaging 75 offensive, worse now far away. We have a lot of meaningless catches, and I have a lot of bad passes myself. Rodgers said. but Rodgers doesn't worry too much about the wrapper's current plight, and he believes the team will rebound quickly and get back the way it should be. Facing the worries of the fans, Rodgers said, "I only use one word to answer, that is to relax. The team will get better. Don't worry. ran Ben Tate (Ben Tate) again. , according to the record of the player's movement in the league, was later dismissed by the Minnesota Vikings after being abandoned by Cleveland Brown. Tate was only 38 yards out of 13 of the 3 games that had been fired for the Vikings before being cut off. Every 2.9 yards of the ball was even lower than the bad 3.1 yards of his 8 games for Brown. Brown was surprised by Brown's decision to cut the former Houston Dezhou player after eleventh weeks. Tate in less than a month by two teams out is not a good phenomenon. The rumour of his bad attitude in Brown's team was a bit worse, but more worrying was the apparent decline in the 26 year old runner's presence. Tate has been unable to keep fit this season, which has led to his poor performance. If the playoffs to the Indianapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals will not sign him, we think the other team will carry out long wait in the offseason to understand whether it is worth in the Tate to stay in the team during the 2015 season.Shanghai |2015 Bowling bowling season (third season Odense gold league match) the first field open Tuesday competition purpose: to promote bowling, and to improve the level of bowling. All Chinese and foreign people who are interested in bowling movement can enroll. competition: first Tuesday, July 14th, 19:30 second games on Tuesday, July 21st, 19:30 registration fee: the first registration fee is 120 yuan, the second registration fee is 150 yuan, and the registration fee is 220 yuan at one time. competition method: 1, take the best result in two games and repeat the registration. 2, the competition to collect 3 overall score system, exchange road wheel, no foul lights, draw the game to determine the track. 3, over 50 years of age, female players and 16 - year old players, plus 6 points per game, plus 10 points per game over 60 years of age. The actual age is based on the identity card. The added score is 210. 4, the score is based on the computer, such as the transfer of bottles, bottles and other special circumstances, will be replayed by the referee. 5, such as game with points, plus more times, no points in three bureau level difference is small before the column. 6, 10 minutes lateness of the game, automatic waiver, registration fee will not be refunded. When the game is carried out, the result is not included in the record. 7, oil drop standard: A22 oil drop machine, the oil type is published one month before the competition. The game starts at 12:00 the week before the match. reward method: Champion: a prize of 2200 yuan for a runner up: a prize of 1600 yuan for a season: bonus 1000 yuan cup a fourth: bonus 600 yuan fifth: bonus 300 yuan sixth, seventh, eighth: a consumer voucher of 120 yuan : the highest single game night coupons 8 note: 1. the museum has the final right to explain the competition. 2. competition results 〉

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