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The campaign, on the surface of a nail is scolded B, refers to the East called West, but as a military strategy, its significance is more profound. It is a command by shajijinghou, Qiaoshanzhenhu "the most effective means that, in order to overcome subordinates, set up the leadership authority. In the NFL game, a variety of unintelligible code is one of the most adept at the use of meet the eye everywhere, the spot sign is the Broncos quarterback Payton Manning - active. NFL in a common attack process is this: the coach group through the wireless headset to quarterback tactical layout, center will attack the group in the off line 5 yards together to form a group to prevent opponents hear say tactical tactics, quarterback password, each player shouted "Break!" To understand the tactical intention, each drop, the quarterback yelled the kick-off password, the center forward the crotch to the quarterback, start an attack. what about Payton Manning's attack? The coach team will give him a suggestion. The center will call up the quarterback, and the tactics are all very similar. When everyone drops, Manning will start his personal talk show: "Take 35!" Check, Check! Change 96 double, 96 double! On the flyer.Set hut hut! " After seco cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nd hut yelling, the center finally opened the ball. Almost nobody understands what he says, except his teammates. Simple speculation, "Take 35" is on the side of the running back said, mean stop number 35, Check is "all units, I have something to say, Change 96 is the replacement of the On the flyer tactics, and ran Wei said, let him change the position, finally Set is the unit in place. According to the tactical layout of 2 hut is called tee password. In recent years, Manning has created a new word, "Omaha," who has been shouting 101 times in a game, but so far nobody has deciphered the specific meaning. When people felt that he was Yonding out the time to shout, he had arranged all the tactics. He changed tactics is a privilege, which means there are other defensive ability of quarterback strong and deep understanding of the attack. says: "and then decline, done in one vigorous effort, three and exhaust. The same is the same in NFL, the defensive team should be active and aggressive, while the offensive team should try to make less mistakes and keep the mind clear. The spot sign not only helps the team to take the lead in the attack and defense, but also can kill the defensive team. Just imagine, has to be both offensive and defensive battle, suddenly the offensive re deploy defensive attack group had to follow the new system to make corresponding adjustments, not only defensive tactics may have to be changed, and thinking will be less concentrated. football is a game of wits, when both sides have certain tactics, the spot sign will do wonders, more importantly, the defender cannot distinguish the quarterback shout out what is casually shouting or really have an ulterior motive. Of course, the defensive team has its own.in the sixth week of the game, Pittsburgh Steelers away with rivals Cleveland district was Brown's head to the 10:31 score defeat. But this is not the first time this season the Steelers field like sleepwalking, the team's collective slump for a long time to let the players is also very worried. is worth mentioning that Brown Hoyer, the quarterback of Blaine, has only made 217 rounds of 17 rounds of 8 rounds, and the 8 successful passes include 51 yards, 41 yards and two times 31 yards, all of which are large yards and Brian. The Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) is also very dissatisfied, he said: "our defense group released too much large number attack, including two passes to Brown completed a total of 100 yards and 14 points. We can't let them play a large number in advance, may put an end to the game." on the ground defense on the Steelers have done is very poor, let Brown the two running backs the Tate (Ben Tate) and Yisaia - Crowell (Isaiah Crowell) out of 158 total yards and 3 touchdowns this season, the first week of the Brown game is to let the code ran out of the 191 grades, two let Brown out of the game a total of 349 yards, ranked second in Steelers history. Steelers defensive end Bret - Kaiser (Brett Keisel) in an interview said Brown is the best team of the season they met, while the Steelers himself is only mediocre team. Teammate Haywood Kamm (Cam Heyward) is that if the Steelers continued to slump down, a lot of people including himself may have to face the risk of unemployment.August 2nd news near - end Lee - Smith (Lee Smith) is very eager to stay in the Raiders, so he agreed to the restructuring of the contract requirements. according to the original contract, Smith's salary for next season is $2 million 750 thousand. The contract now includes a total of $1 million and a 1 million list of bonuses. Another 1 million dollars is based on the number of kick-off he is involved in, and only 60% or more open balls can make him earn 1 million dollars. but money is not the most important for Smith. Davies from the boss Mark (Mark Davis), general manager Reggie Mackenzie (Reggie McKenzie) to coach Jack - Austria (Jack Del Rio) in Delhi at the moment I stepped into the club, gave me meticulous care." Smith said, "when I became a free player in 2015, I wanted to come to the raider, and I still want to stay in the Raider. The attack coordinator Todd - Downing (Todd Downing) and the near - front coach Bobby Johnson (Bobby Johnson) are all my friends. " "and the friendship of the teammates is more than how to say that, I love all the people in the dressing room, especially Derek. He was the first to come and celebrate when I saw me finish the ball. Teammates are my first reasons to stay here.even-even soccer equipment net news England City Club Hull announced the team's 2014-15 season New Jersey home court today, the team made exciting achievements in the last season, in the FA Cup final, so they are eligible to appear in the new season in europe. club logo of amber and black sword of the shirt is one of the world's most unique color combination football, new chest advertising 12BET (following) presents the way to ensure the integrity of the sword. The New Jersey

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