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the Seattle Seahawks in the 2018 season will look different from before. , according to informed sources, the Seahawks defensive end Michael - Bennet (Michael Bennett) and seventh round pick traded to the Philadelphia eagles, hawks in exchange for a fifth round draft picks and Marcus took over Johnson (Marcus Johnson). if it was a surprise that the eagle was Bennet's new owner, the deal was not the case. There have been rumors for weeks that Bennet may be traded. 3 years in the case of his contract, Bennet will leave for the Seahawks to save about $5 million 200 thousand salary space. But at the same time, the salary limit beyond about $10 million, which means that last season to help win some members of the eagles will have to leave. defensive end Vinny curry (Vinny Curry) and took over the Torre Smith might leave (Torrey Smith), while the veteran winger Brent Selek proximal (Brent Celek) may be another players. do not doubt that Bennet is still capable of doing well. In his career, Bennet was one of the most undervalued players in the league. He is one of the 12 players who have made at least 5 escapement in the last 6 seasons. in the past 5 seasons, only J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) and Carlos Dunlap (Carlos Dunlap) the quarterback hits to more than. Bennet is the backbone of the members in the squad to win the seahawks. as for the Hawks, the deal rem cheap nfl jerseys free shipping inds us that they won't lie in the last season's work book. Bennet will continue to strengthen the front-line seven defense that already has Fletcher Cox (Fletcher Cox), Brandon Graham (Brandon Graham) and Drake Barnett (Derek Barnett). is one of the most active teams in the league, and the Hawks have begun to build their lineup to prepare for the next playoff.The official website of NFL | who is defending Gelon crow '? Safety Hill | Rugby since the new England patriots and Baltimore crow in the playoffs last too much had changed since I saw you, that there is little need to compare the two teams. Only 36% of the players remain in the lineup, and the strengths and weaknesses of both teams have changed dramatically. the last patriot in the playoffs beat crow, now as a patriot wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) have a lot of time as a cornerback... The last crow in the playoffs beat linebacker ray Lewis when the Patriots (Ray Lewis) and safety Ed Reed (Ed Reed) is still in the team. But perhaps the biggest change is: tight end rob Gelon Patriot (Rob Gronkowski) 'health. G Ron Kowski missed the two teams in 2013 and was injured in the 2012 patriots' victory. He also missed the playoffs last season, which means that the last Gelon really healthy for the playoffs' is the 2010 season of his rookie season. Now he's going to face a second line of ravens with a lot of problems on Saturday. line C.J. (C.J. Mosley) David Mosley and Darryl - Smith (Daryl Smith) could not keep up with the pace of Gelon sikorski. Safety Matt Elam (Matt Elam) - the physical quality is not enough to guard him. This means that the new safetys will Hill (Will Hill) will be a lot of time to check Gelon sikorski. I hope so, it feels like, 'what are we doing here?' Hill told the media that baltimore. We are in NFL to achieve our best and face the best player, and he is one of the best players. I have to play my best to face him, so I will enjoy the opportunity. it's not just a person's job, it needs the strength of the team, Hill said. He is not slow. If you keep a distance with him, you will let him anything. If you have the power to close tightly, he will break through the defense. He is a wild beast. He is very aggressive. can expect a lot of interference in the crow 'tee line near gloon. They knew that he was free to start running as a suicide. We have praised the crow's defensive front for the ability to create pressure, but quick hands can counteract this. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) in last week's game. The crow can't find on such advantage, but no one than Brady in fast reading defense and fast passing do better. Can look forward to the Patriots in the early game often to gloon.The official website of NFL | Duhem Jordan ban ended by the Dolphins Football | activation The second grade Miami dolphins defensive end Duhem Jordan (Dion Jordan) this week the ban ended Saturday when dolphins announced Jordan would be the active list in this week, he is expected to play against the Jacksonville jaguars. In order to make room for Jordan on the list, the dolphins cut off the Damian Williams (Damian Williams). Duhem - Jordan because of drug abuse and drug policy in violation of the official NFL was suspended for six games. Dolphins are so quick to activate them. Some of them are beyond expectations. At present, the two defensive sides of the team, Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon (Olivier Vernon), have contributed 8 times to kill and kill Cameron, which is much better than Duhem Jordan. , of course, the downturn of Jordan's rookie season can be attributed to the inadaptability to the formation. The former star of University of Oregon has been playing the 3-4 formation in the university period, and it is not enough for the dolphin's 4-3 formation. However, whether the 4-3 formation is suitable for Jordan, he has to play a high quality performance as soon as possible to return the team to his the four point guard Drew - Stanton (Drew Stanton) on Thursday night game due to a knee injury after the exit, the Arizona Cardinals got his good news on Friday. NFL official Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) said the quarterback had a sprain knee and needed to be examined every week, according to an insider news report. Rapoport also said Stanton's season was not thought to be over. A source that knows the results of MRI shows that it is "relieving the weight". coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) told reporters later said Stanton does not need to undergo knee surgery, there is no timetable for his return. "(Stanton) must have the opportunity to return in the season, we just don't know what time," said the arians. this might mean that the Cardinals not in the absence of veteran quarterback in the case in the playoffs. In game 12-6 victory over the Saint Louis rams, as long as this week Philadelphia eagles and Dallas Cowboys draw, then the current 11 wins and 3 losses to Cardinals playoff spot. Stanton has taken 3 wins and 2 losses since the first quarterback Carson Palmer Palmer took over the team offensive team after the season's reimbursement of the anterior cruciate ligament tear. The last game, the Cardinals sent to the six round of the 2012 show Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley) to lock the victory. Arians may make Lindley as a starter, may also send this rookie Rogan - Thomas (Logan Thomas), this week the young big quarterbacks are doing, and decide who depend on how long Stanton will be out.

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