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The official website of NFL | Seth Tibbott and Kolb moving video to encourage young | in football (Tim Tebow) - Tim Thibault and Riley - Kolb (Riley Cooper) at the University of Florida with teammates for 4 years, this time they were teammates in Philadelphia Eagle again, this is not only on the pitch. on Monday U.S. time, Seth Tibbott and Kolb made a touching video to Pennsylvania high school, Colin, to encourage him to surgery on Tuesday to brain tumor. Kolb said: "we are thinking for you, you are a man to be strong, and we can't wait to see you." as the young Seth Tibbott, Colin is the starting quarterback in high school, he also excelled in baseball. Seth Tibbott says: good luck to you, brothers, we will pray for you!Doug Malone (Doug Marrone) and the seeds of Bill's discord were buried in May last year when Bill traded in the draft to pick Sami Sami Sammy. Bill picked up the ninth pick of the 2014 draft, the first round pick and the four round of pick up in 2015, and Brown to jump to the fourth place to pick Watkins. Although the entire rookie season in various combat injuries, Watkins Bill played all 16 games, 65 receptions for 982 yards and 6 touchdowns. Bill has scored 9 - 7, the first of their 2004 season to win more than the negative. revealed that Malone was obviously dissatisfied with the deal, according to the news source in the Bill draft conference room cheap nfl jerseys free shipping at the time. The source said Malone did not want Bill to trade a future first round show to Cleveland Brown but did not involve a quarterback in the deal. There are different opinions about how unhappy Malone is, some sources say he fell out of the door, and some sources just said he was out of the conference room. chose to jump out of Bill's contract with Malone last week, and told ESPN according to the news of the New York jet opportunity. Many people think that jet opportunity is a popular candidate for Malone's new business. It is revealed that Malone will meet with the Atlanta falcons on Monday after the jet opportunity surface. The Chicago bears also sent an invitation to Malone, but they haven't arranged interviews yet.Handball | International Olympic Committee's bid for the 2020 Olympics in Lausanne City seminar closing | hand Association Luca during the two days of the 2020 Olympic bid city seminar in November 4th in the Swiss International Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne ended. The symposium was represented by the bid city from all six countries. has proposed the six bid cities to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games: Baku (Azerbaijan), Doha (Qatar), Istanbul (Turkey), Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy) and Tokyo (Japan). The seminar was attended by Gilbert ·, executive director of the International Olympic Committee Olympic Games; Jacqueline and Jacqueline, director of the bid for urban relations; Barrett. The Workshop on integrated International Olympic Committee and successive Host City Olympic Games organizing experience, preparation for the bid of the city provides important data and information in all aspects, so that they fully understand the profound influence of Olympic Games will bring the host city, and help them to start a long-term plan as soon as possible. The seminar focuses on a series of topics such as urban transport and finance, and discusses the valuable Olympic wealth and long-term sustainable development of hosting cities. The conference also held a variety of workshops in half a day, such as sports competitions, athletes' experience, Olympic Village, Paralympic Games, accommodation, Olympic idea, media operation, technology, market and Olympic bidding procedures. also, in addition to the ventilation of organising the Olympic Games and workshops, seminars emphasized to host a successful Olympic Games is a kind of group behavior, a country needs at all levels of government, business partners, public service organizations, community organizations, local people and sports departments in all aspects of cooperation and efforts. Therefore, the establishment of a clear dialogue between the relevant departments is a necessary procedure in both the bid and the future hosting of the Olympic Games. , according to plan, International Olympic Committee will vote for the host city of 2020 Olympic Games in September 7, 2013 at the 125th plenary meeting held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After the seminar, the bidding committee of the above six cities will decide whether to submit the bid report and the commitment letter before the deadline of February 15, 2012 according to their actual conditions. The International Olympic Committee working group will report to the Executive Committee after studying the bid documents. On the basis of the working group's report, the International Olympic Committee Executive Committee will select the candidate city for the bid in May 2012, and the first phase of the bid will be completed. is the most important event for the bid to bid for the candidate for the second and last stage of the bid.The official website of NFL | governor of Minnesota senator: Vikings Football should be suspended | Peterson for the Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) on the governor's office not supporters. Minnesota governor Mark Dayton (Mark Dayton) local time on Tuesday, it is announced that the Vikings Peterson will play this week against the New Orleans saints game issued the following statement: that's a bad decision. Yes, Mr. Peterson should go through legal procedures and be innocent until 'proof of guilt.' But he was a public figure; his behavior, as described earlier, was publicly disgraced by the Vikings and Minnesota. The act of beating the child to the naked eye to see the extent of the scar should not be tolerated in our state. Therefore, I think the team should be banned from the Peterson display until the child abuse charge is resolved by the criminal department. but I won't give up Vikings and their fans as some people suggest. The Vikings belong to the people of Minnesota and Minnesota, and this is the only home of the team. Our people, including me, are their most loyal fans. Minnesota Senator Al Franken (Al Franken) and later also issued the statement: Peterson heard that what happened on this child was heartbreaking, Senator Franken said. I'm a Viking fan, and it's one of my favorite things to do on Sunday since I was a child. But the behavior of child abuse is wrong, and I think the Vikings made a wrong decision on this. This should be the law enforcement departments to deal with, it must be through legal procedures, but I think that until the program before Adrian Peterson should not be allowed to play. Many children adore these players, and the Vikings can't signal that what's happening now is acceptable. It's more important than the game. Peterson was accused of being injured by recklessness or negligence last Friday, and then he did not play on Sunday in a game in which the team lost to the Patriots.

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