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The Italy giant Juventus unexpectedly released a brand new 2017 mark. The whole logo is very abstract, the release of the new logo can be said to set off an uproar, which will be used in the 2017-18 season's shirt.Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) is a huge fan of the rainbow. recently gave him a rainbow candy vending machine to thank him for his long love. on Tuesday, US, Brown showed his new machine at home on his twitter. It is reported that this vending machine has received 125 pounds of rainbow sugar, and Brown has signed his name on the machine. Brown put a video on how to use the machine on his instagram, in addition to releasing his own picture with the mac cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hine on twitter. Brown has a good relationship with rainbow sugar company not only this season, but earlier in the season, he received a rainbow candy gift of rainbow candy gloves. ? on Wednesday, Washington, Robert, Robert Friffin III, a red quarterback in Washington D.C., returned to the court to take part in training. He participated in personal training with members of the team. coach Jay Gruden told reporters that Griffin had missed the start of the second week's game because of ankle injury. Now he looks good. Gredon said he would return to the start if the team doctor decided his injury was good. "Once the doctors say Griffin is healthy and can be trained, I will be happy to see him and make tactics for him. He will be the first one. But I don't know how long it will be. It's hard to give a plan, maybe two weeks or five weeks in a week, but I don't know. His recovery looks good. He is working hard, as we all know, he is such a person. But training in the training room and on the court are two different things. We need to make sure that he has recovered physically and mentally. finally said Kirk Gruden - Kou Sensi (Kirk Cousins) will serve as the starting quarterback Griffin know back, from the beginning of September 23rd Gruden opened a door, for He Kou sensi said: "any crazy things can happen in NFL, so I decided to do what is not.", a gathering of Chinese Americans in the north and San Francisco, is also the home of Jinzhou warriors. The latest version of the warrior team's special edition Jersey is integrated into the Chinese elements such as dragon's image and so on, so as to convey the tribute to Chinese Chinese and its historical culture. Warriors team logo, color is yellow and blue, according to a press release pellet, special edition Jersey also adopted the yellow and blue color, the most striking part is the middle belt with red "warrior" Chinese words. As for the shirt designs, original San Francisco landmark Golden Gate Bridge, to China dragon eye blue collocation; Chinese culture has always attached great importance to the thriving and prosperous, the English word prosperity in embroidered coat hem; the chest badge on the edge of the The Bay words, the symbol of the team and China are inseparable. The warriors 27 in store to sell this special shirt, and also announced 9 players wearing this shirt matches at war with rivals, respectively, in January 25th next year for the Minnesota Timberwolves, home court in February 24th and 28 respectively against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Washington wizards. In March 8th March 17th, against the Sanantonio spurs against Feinikesi and the Suns March 19th battles Sanantonio spurs, against Milwaukee in March 29th, the Bucks against Sacramento in March 31st and April 3rd Zaizhan king, Oklahoma citythunder.

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