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's 25 - point patriot, who was once behind, completed a fantastic reversal of the big score - and it was all known to all. In addition to the well known hero win Tom Brady, count on the right-hand man Julian edelman. Edelman completed a catch brilliant history of the super bowl. After Robert Alford smack in the NFL, Edelman magic ball fixed in their own hands, and then the body floor. the ball make twitter shocked, but after the game Tom Brady also praised the Edelman, said: "this is the best I have seen". "I don't know he caught the ball. I thought he was out of hand or what." Brady said.NFL's official website, in the Green Bay Packers touchdown zone free Benz squirrel, rugby nest , on Sunday, the United States on Sunday, at the Green Bay Packers in the match against the Indianapolis pony, the packers wanted to advance to the area, but it was very difficult, but a little squirrel didn't think so. in the third quarter of the competition, the packers pushed to the 10 yards of the pony line. Before the packers opened the ball, the offensive line players moved ahead of schedule, which led to their fouls. , in fact, the referee blew up the race because a squirrel broke into the packing area of the packer. It appeared for 15 seconds on the scene until he found himself in the hole on the wall. the final packer lost 26 to 31 to the pony. ? The above content cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.time: January 19, 2002. location: Foxborough, Massachusetts, Foxborough stadium. weather: snowstorm Hero: Tom ·, Charles Brady; · Woodson, Walter · Coleman, Greg Biekert, Adam; Vinatieri event: NFL 2001 season American League Division second round of the playoffs, the new England patriots in the old Fort Dix stadium home court against the visiting Oakland raiders. background: that season, the Patriots, as the two seed of the United States Union, took 11 - 5 in the regular season. That season is our future alliance 15 years of super star Tom · Brady's famous season. At the beginning of the season, the Patriots only scored 0 wins and 2 losses. Meanwhile, they lost their first half, four points guard Drew ·, Bledsoe in the match against the deadly New York jet. Is the so-called "one shouzhisangyu", this is also a chance, as the team's backup quarterback, Tom · Brady led the new England patriots played a great season, and eventually win. rule science: in 1991, the famous "Tuck Rule" in NFL was born after that. The rule is brief, if the player obviously moves forward, then even if he loses control of the ball in the process of recovering his arm, it will be regarded as an unsuccessful pass, and it will not be defined as a drop. we put our eyes back on December 29, 2002, the classic Blizzard battle (Snow Bowl). As the Midland No. three seed, the Raiders in the wild card race with just 38-24 victory over the New York jets, with this momentum to Foxborough, nature will not let Tom · Brady and his patriots. The first half of the game also confirmed this point, in the snowstorm raging Foxborough, the Patriots in the first half was completely suppressed but the Raiders, Raiders apparently also affected by extreme weather, in the first half with only 7-0 leading. In the fourth quarter of the game and eight minutes, the Raiders still took the lead of 13-3. in 3 seconds. Then, Tom · Brady himself rushing touchdowns, the Patriots play with additional points, will score 13-10. At this time the Patriot defense team made full work and returned the ball in a few minutes. At this point, the Patriots will start to attack from their own 46 - yard line, and the game is only 2 minutes and 6 seconds left. During a pause, the Raider team Eric · Alan's an unexpected steal.In the base of | international athletes at the end of the forum called for greater efforts to combat doping | , according to International Olympic Committee website: in October 11, 2011, the International Olympic Committee athletes forum was successfully concluded. The conference called for more efforts to crack down on doping and strictly manage the team around athletes. fifth international athletes forum in Colorado springs ended and the formation of a number of proposals, suggestions for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to take positive actions to effectively solve the practical problems faced by athletes. International Olympic Committee President Jacques · Jacques Rogge (Jacques Rogge) attended the meeting, and the 8 special working groups discussed a series of proposals. in the last plenary meeting, on behalf of the athletes on a series of issues to the general assembly made a summary report, including: the athletes team (around the surrounding staff, responsible for providing auxiliary or advisory services for athletes and coaches such as doctors, to contact) social media International Olympic Committee, occupation planning, athletes the athletes' health and security, Anti Doping, gambling, Olympic Games experience and Athletes Committee work etc.. The conference calls for strict control of the number of athletes around the team, while coping with the investigation and possible punishment of the staff. The athletes they serve usually face similar situations. but the strongest proposal by the working group remains on the issue of Anti Doping. One of 's recommendations is to require athletes who are deliberately and severely violated to take stimulants to impose a lifelong ban on the Olympic Games. In addition, once a coach, a doctor or any other athlete's staff member participates in the incident of illegal doping, it is necessary to pronouncement the disciplinary actions and enforce punishment measures. The representatives of attending the athletes forum are from the international single sports federations, national committees and regional Olympic committees, International Paralympic Committees, intercontinental associations and the World Anti Doping Agency. The purpose of organizing the athletes' forum is to fully listen to the strong voices of the athletes in the Olympic movement. The proposal of the General Assembly will be submitted to the International Olympic Committee Executive Committee for final approval. Frank, chairman of the International Olympic Committee athlete Committee, · · (Frank Fredericks), highly appreciated the hard work of the delegates and the many proposals they had finally discussed. In the Olympic movement, the growing voice of the athletes should be given high attention, which is crucial, Fredericks said. Taking all athletes as the basis is the right choice. When athletes make clear and effective proposals for those problems that are pressing on their own interests, we should take corresponding actions. (show product)

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