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before the Steelers star outside linebacker Lamar Woodley (LaMarr Woodley) for the Raiders only for a year. The Raiders will be officially announced this week cut him and Blanche tyone Qiang Wei (Tvyon Branch). last year at the age of 30 when the Steelers released Woodley after the Raiders signed 2 year contract with him 12 million. But Woodley failed to play the second spring of his career. As a defensive end front, he had only 5 times in 6 games to repay the two muscle season. And if he left the team this month this will activate the contract list of bonus. The free agent market will be opened in less than 10 days, when the Raiders are expected to have more than 60 million wage cap space. The Raiders also have the number fourth sign, the defensive front side will be their key reinforcement position. Last season, the Raiders' defensive front side only had 7 hits and the lowest was the alliance cheap nfl jerseys free shipping . The team's 22 capture is only the last second.The official website of NFL | Jaguar trading No. 3 overall open views of | football Jacksonville Jaguar won a quarterback in the third place of last year's draft, which made them have different attitudes towards the 3 ranking this year. The Jaguar general manager David Caldwell (David Caldwell) revealed in an interview that the team may deal with the first round of the year. Caldwell said: we have not made mistakes in the past two years, and we will be more open to the draft this year. The number 3 of Jaguar seems to be valuable. If Tampa Bay pirates and Tennessee Titans did not choose to take a quarterback, the team with the number 3 sign would have the chance to win one of the best two quarterback. Caldwell added: I'm looking forward to having a team to contact us, but as you know it is not easy to predict the position of the quarterback. As last season, the quarterback fell to the first half of the first round, so many times you didn't really know the value of a certain position. , there are many other places in the current Jaguar. It is necessary to reinforce Caldwell's position. He hopes to exchange high rank for multiple valuable ranks so as to upgrade the team. On the other hand, jaguars also need excellent punching hands. If they can't get a deal, No. 3 will ensure that they can take the next top hand.on Thursday U.S. time, the Seattle Seahawks 22 to 16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, but the team starting cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) the season of Achilles tendon rupture. in the game, Sherman left the field in the third quarter and was identified as an injured player. According to the field staff from Sherman and teammates in the dialogue, Sherman himself judged that he was a tendon tear. later, the Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) confirmed the news that Sherman will miss the entire season. Sherman was injured obviously for the Seahawks for the tremendous impact, the Seahawks original defense is the core of the defensive line, but now Sherman Earl - Thomas match reports, (Earl Thomas) for the injured. reported that before the injury, Sherman had repeatedly said he had suffered a pain in the Achilles tendon throughout the season, so he was not surprised at his injury after the game. After the , Sherman wrote on his social platform: "why I hate Thursday night games so." The title of the article.The official website of NFL | Eagles rookie cornerback Seford injured his right knee | football Philadelphia hawk's sixth round rookie this year, Cory Shepherd JaCorey, was injured in the training of her right knee on Sunday local time, and is scheduled to undergo magnetic resonance imaging today. According to the daily news reports, Schaefer is likely to have injured the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. Schaefer is on the sidelines and ran Wei Darren's Rawls (Darren Sproles) injured against practice, once the MRI results are torn anterior cruciate ligament, so Schaefer will no doubt miss the entire 2015 season. The original Eagle hopes it can fill Brandon (Brandon Boykin) - Boykin left in the slot left vacant, it seems this year's four round pick Jielun - Watkins (Jaylen Watkins) is expected to assume this position. In training on Sunday, Watkins came on as a slot guard in the five point guard formation. He said in an interview that he had planned to let two people take turns before Schaefer's injury. although the hawks in the offseason huataijiaqian signed Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell), but the lack of depth in the cornerback position on or people are very worried about

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