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The official website of NFL, running back Gore career to punch the ball code number is about to overtake Jim Brown, rugby wo Frank - Gore (Frank Gore) almost gave up rugby after second times of knee cruciate ligament tears in college. On the contrary, after the 12 NFL season, the runner will exceed the number of Jim - Brown (Jim Brown) career flushing. will rush out 20 yards in the next match against Chicago bears. Gore's career will be more than Brown, who is considered by many to be the greatest player in history. it's crazy, isn't it? Gore said to ESPN. I have a good career, especially after I've been in college. I was doubted because of the injury. I've been playing some excellent teams, working with some of the best players, and having some good players for me. Now I'm still playing and I want to go on. , 33, of , has been a reliable runner in Indianapolis's pony. Despite the bad performance of the pony's attacking fronts, Gore cheap nfl jerseys free shipping continued to play a strong shot at the ball. Before 's next game, Gore had hit 12293 yards in his career. He is a reliable and stable pronoun. He has not been absent since 2010. if he had a better opening player, he might have passed Brown early. Gore has not scored more than 100 yards in a single game since 2014. It's not Gore's fault, it's the horse's fault. But in the face of the weak Chicago bear defense, Gore had a chance to get more than Jim - Brown and get more than 100 shots. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Chongqing hong'ao | Bowling bowling alley third week of January 2016 with 1371 points to win the match player Mou Jinsong curve! Chongqing honglink bowling alley January 2016 third week tournament held last night at 19:00 last night, the game is very competitive, very exciting game players, after intense competition final arc player Mou Jinsong with excellent play in this week's game to score 1371 points won the title. Lu Yi, the women's arc player, won the second place. Cui Jie won the third place with the two handed curvilinear player, and the arc players, Yang Jin and UFO players, won fourth and fifth respectively, and the arc player Li Jun won sixth place.The official website of NFL | and patriots kicker Guest Kowski continued under ca. | football the new England patriots kicker Stephen kousky gesite (Stephen Gostkowski) will become the highest paid kicker in the league. According to the NFL official, the patriots have agreed with Guest Kowski for a 4 - year contract worth $17 million 200 thousand. Guest Kowski, a 31 year old , has a 86.8% career shot. He has been regarded as one of the most stable players in the league in the past 8 years. In the past two seasons, the hit rate has reached 92.7% and 94.6%. In the new season, the league has introduced an additional new rule to extend the distance of the free kick to 15 yards, which also means that the stability of the kicker will be more important. over the past 3 seasons, Guest Kowski lost only 1 balls when he tried more than 50 yards of free kick.The official website of NFL | Benjamin: measurement of intentionally slow down let me | Panther football is generally not a college player who can freely control the NFL team picked them clearly, in addition to ban Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin). The Carolina Panthers rookie wide receiver on Tuesday in an interview with ESPN he said in February 40 when the test code intentionally run slower: because I want to play for the Carolina panthers. Benjamin in the May draft was selected as one of the fifth receivers, twenty-eighth overall, he ranked fourth in the Sami - Watkins (Sammy Watkins), seventh Mike - Evans (Mike Evans), Twelfth Odell - Beckham -Jr (Odell Beckham Jr) and twentieth bit brandin Cousteau (Brandin Cooks) after. , the 4 pick up hands in front of him are faster than him in the 40 yard test, and Kukes's score is 4 seconds 33. Benjamin's official score was 4 seconds 61. And if he could be faster, he was not sure he would be chosen earlier, but apparently he didn't want it. Back in August, he said he was faster than most people thought, just because his 40 yards were not very good. and what information does this reveal? Benjamin may have led to a union aversion to the momentum, for example if the Jacksonville Jaguars have a top five pick, they need a cornerback speed, so if you don't want to go to cornerback jaguars, may be in the test when deliberately run slow. Of course, it is also risky to deliberately reduce yourself. If Benjamin said he could run to 4 seconds 41, it might be higher that day, and of course there would be more pay. so why now say he's running slowly? Perhaps only he knew it himself.

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