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"We have some ideas about this point. If we are to win the Champions League game on Saturday, many Chinese audiences will stay up late to watch it without worrying about the second day's work. But considering the time of the league matches, there are still many problems. After all, the team not only takes part in the Champions League competition, but also the domestic league is very important for them. Let's take the Premier League, it's hard for you to get a team to make trade-offs. Of course, it's just an idea. It's too early to say any change. "NFL's official website, let the hand of the Falcon defense crash, hand over the victory football nest Atlanta Falcon blew a 25 point lead, the achievements of the Brady and new England patriots shaking reversal. Dan Quin's defensive team only got 3 points in the first half, but it was 31 points in the rest of the time. rookie linebacker Feng Delu de Campbell believes the Falcon defense lost control in the second half, because Brady opened the reverse mode. Afte cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r the game, he said: being a defensive team, we lost a bit of aggression after the midfield, but I think we just lost a little. In the first half of 26 pass Brady in 16 to take 184 yards, no touchdowns, sent a steals. At the end of the game, however, his data was 466 yards and 2 passes. People with a bit of common sense can see the difference in the data. said the second half Brady passionate performances, Campbell said: I can not say a specific moment, I just feel the second half after we lost the destiny of this. We have lost some quite simple grappling, and they (patriots) are worthy of respect. They go back to the dressing room, when they come out... I think they have changed the game strategy, they just changed a way of attacking. The patriot completed a total of 95 offense through frequent and efficient air strikes that dismembered the falcons. Looking back on the falcons, the attack group only appeared in the 46 gear. Campbell did not think the lack of experience (4 in the defensive team was a new show) was the cause of the collapse of the second half of the game. He did not think it was the right punishment for himself to be interfered with the passing of the pass. I think it's a wonderful defense, but it's clear that the referee doesn't think so. despite such a difficult way to swallow, Campbell revealed that coach Quin in the locker room encouraged his men to love: don't be depressed. We played very well, but the process was not what we wanted, but that was the reality. Sometimes things are not developing according to your expectations The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The NFL website will | Seahawks receiver Norwood traded to the Panthers Football | The Carolina Panther's weak outside hand lineup will have a new help. The team announced in the local time, the completion of the transaction and the Seattle Seahawks, Kevin - Norwood (Kevin Norwood). The Seahawks original plan, the team will cut back the 2014 season of the four round picks, eventually the former University of Alabama player to panther. has a height of 6 feet 2 inches, 199 pounds last season, Norwood played 9 times, ball 9 times, 102 yards. During the pre - season, he finished only 2 times a total of 18 yards. For the Panthers, with Kelvin - Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) because of injury in the season, rookie Devon Fangqiesi (Devin Funchess) has also been plagued by injuries, the team hopes to further strengthening the receiver depth. is currently the Panthers in the squad, and Cory took over the position of Brown (Corey Brown), Jericho Cocchiere (Jerricho Cotchery), Ted King (Ted Ginn), Blanton (Brendon Bersin) - boissin, Garrett (Jarrett Boykin) - Boykin and Mike - Brown (Mike Brown).The official website of NFL | Colin Capet Nick return to San Francisco 49 train | football 49 people in San Francisco's quarterback, Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) formally returned to the team training camp for personal training on Tuesday. , the 28 year old quarterback, has completed 2 hours of training, except for the final rehearsal. On the same day Capet Nick completed a small number of passing training and participated in the 7 - to - 7 confrontation. Capet Nick was absent last season with his left shoulder, knee and right thumbs, and his movements seemed a bit rusty at the start of the training. coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) said that his training, he will slowly adapt to all the training, I will take him to adapt slowly, he was now to some personal training, and they took over the running route, all follow the prescribed order. does not mean that Capet Nick will continue to stay in San Francisco. He may still be traded before next month's training camp. But for him now, the most important thing is to adapt to Kelly's high frequency mode. Blaine - Garbutt (Blaine Gabbert) is still a quarterback to attack the first team. Garbutt said: I think Capet is doing well, his pass is good, we are more focused every day.

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