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Effect of NFL | football attack on Saint Thomas injured website | pass Pierre - Thomas (Pierre Thomas) is the latest victim of the latest series of offensive players from the New Orleans saints. Although the saints were very deep in the lineup, there was no one that could replace Thomas's role in passing the ball. as the first runner, Thomas has already taken 18 passes to cover the saints. He has the largest number of saints in the running. Only the whole Austen Johnson (Austin Johnson) has more times to pass the ball than he did. However, the saints often do not run to cover. Their offensive frontline players only have 2 seasons pass pass cover and get a positive score, so the lack of pass protection will cause more concern. is much more concerned about passing. Thomas scored 5.1 points in the season. He is the tallest of any member of the saints. He runs at 1.77 yards each time. He is the eleventh in the league who has been passed over 14 times. But after he was injured for his running ba cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ck Telaweilisi - Kedit (Travaris Cadet) code number for each run route 1.97 yards, ranked seventh. , however, Kedit was exposed to the problem of unstable performance. In the 19 times of passing the ball to him, he took off one time and dropped the ball once. The good news was that in the past two games, Kedit had been scored on the ball. He will continue to make great efforts to make up for the loss of Thomas.New Orleans saints general manager Mitch Loomis (Mickey Loomis) claimed that the team won't trade four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees), but not to the exclusion of selected quarterback in the draft may. Loomis said: "we have been trying to get a young quarterback. If opportunity comes, we may pick a quarterback in the draft." Loomis also stressed that the team is very fond of the present substitutes for the quarterback Ryan Griffin, and it is a firm denial that Bracey will be traded. According to the NFL official, the saints are very likely to choose a quarterback. At the same time, some people have revealed that the saints' management thought they should have acted earlier in the past few years. The saints hold 2 first - wheel swabs, but they don't try to trade up. The team said the team could pick up the quarterback in second days. As for the substitute quarterback Griffin, although he showed the potential, it was still not enough to move the team. In fact, after having many years of quarterback such as Bracey, it is almost impossible to find a replacement for the team that is completely satisfied.middle school curriculum provides a platform for students to improve basic skills and sports mode in primary school, and students can be widely applied to sports activities. Through the middle school course, students will learn a complete set of rules, tactics and tactics. At secondary school, students will learn more complex and specific skills, concepts, and tactics to win in the various related events. It mainly trains, improves and grasps concepts and tactics and advanced movement skills, including basic attack, basic defense, kick-off line, attack and code number, player's position and tactics, passing, catching, throwing, holding, running and defending. point this download complete tutorial training content 1: pass training content 2: passing and catching training content 3: running route training content 4: holding training content 5: kicking and abandoning training content 6: basic offensive training content 7: basic defense training content 8: team tactics training content 9:5 to 5 exercisetiger news July 3rd Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) will be the Dallas Cowboys 2017 season run first, but he is still one of the core members of the attack group. over the past two seasons, cowboys had suffered a change in the quarterback, injuries and so on, but their run - back Mcfadden was in the spring of his career. In the 2015 season, he finished 289 shots, 1089 yards and 3 yards, which was another season of more than a thousand yards since 2010. Mcfadden has been injured in the early career of the Oakland Raiders. He has only completed 3 games in the 2016 season, and 87 times in holding the ball 24 times. But in the recovery phase of injuries, he showed enough patience, because he knows that when he returned after he will be gathered in Iraq Seoul - Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott) substitute. At the beginning of 2017 season, Mcfadden will be 30 years old. Maybe his 1000 yards data will not appear again, but he can still provide 4.2 yards of advance for each team by holding the ball every time. If Mcfadden can stay healthy in the new season, as long as he can beat Alfred Maurice (Alfred Morris), enough rest time he will give Elliot, when encountering third and long code number, Mcfadden playing for Elliot to say is the biggest help. He can also use his own experience to help Elliot adapt to NFL. but all the premise is that Mcfadden can keep fit, as long as he is able to keep fit, then he is an existence that can't be ignored in the new season.

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