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The official website of NFL | beautiful 12 year old girl to raise money to run around the 7 continents | football , according to the daily mail of July 31st, July 31st, Ramirez, a 12 year old girl from Calgary, Asia, and Blanca (Ramirez), plan to complete the marathon in 7 continents before her 13 birthday. So far, she has 4 continents from her final goal. as a student in Grade 7, she set the goal not only to break the record and honor, but also to raise money for the international smile action organization, and help the children with facial deformities like cleft lip and palate to regain self-confidence. in May this year, she participated in the Kigali international peace marathon in Rwanda; in July, in the Mongolia grassland Tiemuzhen International Marathon; October, she will participate in New Zealand the barrier island wharf marathon...... Success is getting closer to her. In an interview with the Losangeles times, Blanca said: in this process, I can reach a lot of new things. For example, meet all kinds of people and make friends all over the world. In the Cbs Broadcasting Inc in an interview she said: I hope to encourage more people to do the era of beach goers. He would rather cry and sweat in the run than to laugh in the video games. girl's father, Ramirez demars &mid cheap nfl jerseys free shipping dot; (Dimas Ramirez) told reporters: every time she travel costs about $5000 (about more than 30 thousand yuan), but at the last station, Antarctica will spend nearly $10 thousand (about more than 60 thousand yuan). as for the exploration of running skills, Blanca is Nadia Ruiz of learning, a woman from Italy who took part in hundreds of marathons at the age of 28. However, we have reason to believe that will The students surpass the teacher. rather than blue., for Denver wild horse, whether Payton Peyton (Peyton Manning) stays or not, they will try their best to retain de Marius Demaryius Thomas. Thomas will become a free agent in the offseason, the team look forward to extend his contract as soon as possible. NFL official network reporter revealed that if the two sides can not agree on the new contract, the Mustang will not exclude the possibility of using Thomas's privileged label. The reporter also said that the two sides have begun negotiations on the New Testament, but there is no progress yet. If the Mustang chose to use the privileged label for Thomas, it would have a 13 million dollar impact on the team's salary cap. Previously, there was a message that wild horses would prefer to use the privileged labels on the Julius Thomas, the Julius Thomas, the same contract. in addition, or will choose the Mustang and the Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker) part company each going his own way. The veteran's injury and time had a sharp decline. He will not be in the team's plan for the new season. Horse general manager John Elvis (John Elway) to retain two of Thomas, Iman and Nur shine collocation of the season - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders), the Mustang ball lineup is still strong. If Wilke does leave the team or will allow Saunders to return to the slot on the outside, enabled the 2 round of the season rookie Cody Lydia mo (Cody Latimer).The official website of NFL | Ryan Mallet missed | rugby team flight because of the traffic jam Houston, Dezhou's quarterback, Ryan Mallet, told reporters that he missed the team's flight to Miami on Saturday because of traffic jam. It is reported that he finally took a business class plane to Miami. In the defeat to Miami dolphins after Mallet told reporters: I met a traffic jam, this is not a team in the public event the quarterback. Coach Bill - Obrien (Bill O'Brien) said the team will be Mallett punishment, but this is not in order to cater to the requirements of the fans. Mallet and the late star running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) the injured are currently not good for the people of Dezhou. news: the Dezhou Achilles' Achilles' Achilles' Achilles' torn season reimbursementBuffalo Bill may not rush in the new year before the start of the League cut Tailuode - Taylor (Tyrod Taylor). Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a reporter on the NFL official network, reported that Bill had no intention of cutting Taylor. "now at this time, it looks like they won't get rid of him without knowing who can replace him," Rapoport said. "Bill is willing to pay 6 million dollars worth of team bonuses to keep him in the game." 's previous mainstream opinion was that Bill would give up 28 year old Taylor, either to cut him or to deal with him. Although the transaction is still one of their options, Rapoport said Bill will not let the starting quarterback. Taylor will receive a $6 million bonus to keep the team in the new season of the year third days, he reached $10 million in base salary in 2018. He rebuilt the contract last season, but he won't accept it this year. when coach Sean Mcdermott (Sean McDermott) decided to make Nathan Nathan Pittman Nathan Taylor instead of Taylor in the eleventh week competition against Losangeles, it seemed that Taylor would not stay in Bill anymore. In 5 Taylor Pittman steals back after passing by the starting position and helped Bill into the playoffs. is reported to have been dissatisfied with his performance since Taylor became the first team member of the two coaching team in 2014. Bill's fans were frustrated by Taylor's habit of failing to pass the ball and miss the empty catcher. Bill may hope that other teams will be willing to pay a draft to deal with Taylor. Perhaps Bill is waiting for the team that lacks the first quarterback for the Denver Mustang or the New York jets. Bill may also realize that there is no better choice than to let Taylor stay in the team. They only have Pittman except Taylor, and unless they make great progress in the second years of his career, Pittman doesn't seem to be a starter. Bill may not have enough space to sign Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins). They may choose either Case Keenum or AJ- Macallan (AJ McCarron). It is also possible that Bill thinks Taylor, who has a $18 million contract on the back, is a better choice than other free agent quarterbacks. Bill has a lot of chips in hand to allow them to pick up a top quarterback in the first round. They have twenty-first CIS and twenty-second CIS show rights, and there are 2 second round picks. Let Taylor keep the team and let them have insurance when they can't choose the quarterback they want. It's not a bad thing to let the rookie quarterback have a veteran like Taylor as a teammate.

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